Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Fruits Of My Labours

We go through phases in our house of favourite things to eat. At the moment, it's scones and jam tarts and a new chocolate brownie recipe I found which produces confections of  proper gooeyness in the middle with contrasting thin wisps of paper on the top. We literally can not get enough of these at present. I blame the cooling weather; L blames being a growing teenager and M blames cycling to and from work every day. Whatever the reason, by today we had run out so I spent a couple of hours replenishing the tins this afternoon. I couldn't find room for the final tart on the cooling tray once they'd come out of the oven, so I was forced to eat it. I forgot, until I took a bite, quite how hot jam gets when it's been cooked. 

It was our running club's AGM and skittles night last night- 85 of us crammed into the local golf club eating, drinking, chatting, playing skittles and discussing 2018 running goals. They're a lovely bunch and it was a super evening. 

This morning, M and I went off to help out at parkrun, as we're both doing a hilly half marathon tomorrow. It's up on the Chalk, so I am especially looking forward to it. My knee has been much much stronger over the past fortnight with no pain in it at all, so I'm hoping to get round the race with no issues, in which case it will be full steam ahead for marathon training.

Parkrun had a ukulele band playing in the rain this morning to celebrate race director John's 250th run. They were great, really energetic and had everyone dancing and singing along to some cracking tunes.

Despite this morning's rain, the weather this week has been really beautiful at times, golden autumn days, and I've had some lovely runs and walks out through the fields at dawn and dusk and enjoyed them all....

The dogs have new beds (half price at Scats). M (who feels we have too many already) returned from work, took one look and exclaimed: Thank God we've got two more dog beds!  Because six shared between two small dogs really isn't enough. I love the casual way Pop has her back paws crossed in the photo. Ted is on the old beds, which have been piled up one on top of the other in preparation for washing. His expression, however, seems to be daring anyone to remove them :o)

Hope all are well?



  1. Yum, jam tarts. Love jam tarts! Once I have lost weight, I am going to make some. I bet the ukulele band helped a great many runners, it is always good to have a fun distraction. I completed my virtual race last Monday, running two minutes, walking one, to stop my foot from getting too sore. Enjoy your half marathon tomorrow, hopefully the weather is good for you. Your dogs are very sweet. x

  2. Ted is a bit like the princess and the pea with all those beds and Pops reminds me of wizard with his crossed paws. Prima donnas the lot of them :). Good luck on tomorrow’s HM. I’m sure all will be well. I’m now up to 6.6km and hoping for 7 on Monday. Will do another park run next Saturday hopefully a little faster. Hope your mouth has recovered ! B xx

  3. Thank Goodness for the Ted and Pop photos ! I loved your running posts as you take us along with you through hills and mud. BUT I need a dose of the sweet baboo's also.
    Thank You Thank You ! Thank you
    Tell M that in my studio I have 6 pillows for the Square Ones. 1 in the kitchen/dinning room. 2 in the living room. 3 in the library. 2 in my bedroom not counting the ramp up to my bed which makes the biggest pillow of all.
    Tell him to count his blessings. hahahahahahahaha !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Lovely baking, lovely photo's of the mist, good luck for tomorrow.

  5. Good luck with the half marathon.
    Lovely photos of the scenery. Capture well the time of year.

    I did a hilly 7.5 kms mixed terrain training run with my comeback race next weekend in my sights. Not racing fit yet. Be happy to get round without disgrace!

  6. Your baking looks scrummy. Lucky dogs. The beds look very comfy.

  7. Those jam tarts do look particularly good, as do the brownies. Love your mouse chopping board as well, delightful. How smart dear Ted is looking and as you say, Poppy is all elegant insouciance. I have a new bed for Bertie stashed away upstairs. He has made holes in his original one and when he gets the wind in his tail he pulls the stuffing out. Pulling stuffing out of cushions is in fact one of his very favourite things. The bed gets confiscated most days, and returned once he is all sleepy in the evening. A long walk up on the common has tired him out today. He will get the new bed when he has learned to respect the soft furnishings. M's comment made me laugh. A pile of beds each might be just the thing. Good luck tomorrow in your half marathon, I shall be looking forward to hearing all about it. CJ xx

  8. You can't beat a scone! Glad you had a jolly time. x

  9. Your baking looks delish; which brownie recipe do you use? I'm making the girls some this morning but have never tried them without real butter before, I'll see how it goes. Is that a Mouseman breadboard? It's lovely anyway. As are the new dog beds. I've tried Hamish with a stylish comfy bed in the past, but he much prefers either just a mat or his cardboard box! The ukulele band looks great fun. Good luck with the HM.xx

  10. The jam tarts do look particularly tempting, as do the Brownies, which sound just right. At least you can earn them with all your running. Unlike some {me}

  11. Yummy baked goods! Fab new dog beds! Everyone is happy!
    I had my first mince pie yesterday! Yum! Xx


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