Thursday, 9 March 2017

The World Turns

Photos from top:
1. Badger hair caught on barbed wire
2. Badger Paw Print
3. Buff-Tailed Queen Bee on Wild Daffodil
4. Engrailed moth
5. Carpet of Wild Narcissus in the woods

There are signs of Spring across the land now. At the Badgers' Wood carpets of wild narcissus bloom, sparking across the woodland floor and spilling out over its margins into the field edges. Once a common sight, these beautiful wild flowers are now a rarity thanks to habitat loss. The insects are stirring with the warmer weather and longer light: Queen Bees buzz close to ground level seeking holes to nest in and honey bees fill their pollen baskets on the flowers that are blooming.

Although there is still some cackling going on in the trees, the large flocks of Fieldfare I've been watching all winter are departing and my ears are now set for White Throats, Swallows, Cuckoos and Blackcaps.

The Dawn Chorus is growing in richness as the light seeps back into the world around 6am, and the dusk chorus at about the same time on the other side of the day is also thickening, with the beautiful, liquid voices of the male Blackbirds often the last to fall silent as they usher in the night. This morning, as I lay awake listening to the birds a little before 6, the voices of Blackbirds and Robins were mixed in with the low hoo, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo of a male Tawny returning to his bed after a night's hunting. Great Tits and Blue Tits are investigating the nest boxes on the walls of the house (which got a good scrub and clean out a fortnight back, so just in time) and in the trees Greater Spotted Woodpecker boys are busy drilling to detail their territory.

A couple of nights ago an Engrailed moth (the first biggy of the year) arrived on the window. I went outside and put my hand out and he deigned to settle there for a moment before fluttering into the house. I transferred him into a pooter and took the photo. For anyone newish to the blog, I am Rather Fond of moths and they tend to feature Quite Heavily here, especially during the summer moths :o)

The weather has warmed here the past few days with 14 degrees forecast today. We've been keeping beady eyes on the forecast for Devon for the weekend. So far, so good: mild with a few rain showers. I can live with that. 

Hope all are well?



  1. Isn't it fabulous seeing all the Spring happenings. x

  2. I was out listening to some of the blackbirds last night before it was dark it was lovely, this morning I woke up around 6 and went to the bathroom and I could hear my sweet little Robin singing away, I popped out and gave him his food before going back to bed for an hour, I actually have a Dawn Chorus cd, which I put on to help me relax when I don't sleep well.

  3. I have notice the dawn chorus is getting louder, and I love to hear the birds, our bedroom curtains do not have liners, so as the sun rises, the light helps us to wake up. It's a good start tot the day.

  4. So lovely to see spring on the way! Beautiful photos and much going on in and around The Wood!
    Autumn 🍂 has not quite happened here, late summer has arrived! 34 coming down to 25c! Hot hot hot!
    I had to rescue a black bird and a dove from under the veggie net! Both relieved and happy!
    Enjoy CT and happy wandering xx

  5. The birdsong is wonderful here too, and growing day by day. It is still Siskin and Goldfinch central here - they bring me such pleasure. I saw the first Marsh Marigolds in flower on Tuesday (see blog for photo). Yay!

  6. The birds are really singing their hearts out here. We heard and saw a couple of greater spotted woodpeckers drilling the other day, a fantastic sound. There are only six Bewick's swans left now, the rest are on their way to Siberia. I'm hoping for nesting in our or our neighbours' nest boxes, don't mind which. Theirs is a lot classier than ours, beautiful silver birch. The weekend weather is looking pretty good I think. Not long now! CJ xx

  7. What a clever way to capture moths; a pooter. That's a new one on me. The birds are singing their hearts out here too despite very low grey skies and drizzle. My fingers are crossed for the weekend; I guess you don't want it to be too hot lol! B xx

  8. It's been a glorious day here today and I saw my first brimstone this morning! The pond is full of frogs, toads and newts all getting busy, busy, and the bird song has gone up a notch. It's blinking fantastic. Good luck for The Race. I hope it is the best type of running weather. Sam x

  9. we're not quite out of the winter woods just yet, but there are little signs emerging and the bird-people are slowly upping their game.

    how lovely to see flowers blooming....*sigh*...all in good time :)


  10. yes it has been milder here as well and it is lovely to see all the spring flowers bring out their colour. HAve a great weekendin Devon

  11. Yes, it has been glorious. I saw my first brimstone yesterday morning too on my way to planting my first row of potatoes (100 days = Midsummer or thereabouts). The newts are swimming and yesterday evening walking home from an emergency meeting (the developer who wants to build 300 new houses on fields in our village has bought a £3m house on the common and has spent the day felling ancient trees without permission or a licence in order, we believe, to create a car park - it's a long and convoluted sad story but we're on it, thank goodness I cycled off-road to the allotment yesterday) I heard the screech of an owl and saw him too. The first time I have seen the owl in the village. I'm guessing he was patrolling for bats who live in the churchyard and all the old buildings. Sorry to bring politics in but it seems to me as if my corner and especially its ecology is particularly under threat at the moment. Hope you have a wonderful time in Devon and enjoy your clifftop race. Best of luck CT.


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