Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ted's Diary

Greetings, friends. Long time no woof.

I apologise for my absence but I have been very busy of late keeping control of Poppy and simply haven't had time to put paw to keyboard.

How are you all? I hope everyone is keeping well? Poppy and I are feeling the cold, despite being Rather Woolly. This morning it even snowed. A handful of flakes. Poppy made a rude comment about me being more yellow than white at present and therefore unable to vanish seemlessly into a snowscape, which I though Rather Unnecessary, but then we all know what she's like.

In the event it didn't prove applicable because it never settled. I do have one silver leg at the moment, because I rolled in fox poo on Monday and had a Isolated Leg Shampoo in deference to the temperature, but perhaps we won't get too close to that.

Today, I have been out Patrolling The Garden for illegal visitors. 

I checked under the holly thoroughly but there was no one there. I found a hedgehog there once so you never know. When I had completed my Security Patrol, I stood at the back door and issued my I want to come inside now bark. I have trained Mum well; she came almost immediately and opened the door for me. (Incidentally, I am not responsible for the crack in the glass, that was a table's fault, in case you were wondering. Or possibly Poppy's, which seems more likely).

There were no illegal visitors in the garden today, just birds.

Last night we did have a visitor inside the house. Mum was making the fire when a honeybee appeared out of the log pile, all sleepy and covered in fluff. Pop wanted to help by licking the bee but Mum wouldn't let her. Instead, Mum picked the bee up and took it into the kitchen to give it some honey. It ate and ate and ate. It must have been starving. It ate for so long Mum wondered how she was going to get anything done at all. Dad rang in the middle and laughed when Mum told him she couldn't get on with anything much because she had a hungry bee on her hand. Dad is used to Mum being caught up in animal rescues in the summer but it doesn't often happen in the winter.

In the end she moved it back onto the log pile and gave it some more honey there. We don't know what happened to it after that because we fell asleep by the fire and by the time we woke up it was bed time and we'd forgotten all about it.

Yesterday, we had a small amount of excitement when we met two the dogs on our walk. This doesn't happen often so Pop and I raced ahead to wag tails and sniff noses. When Mum caught up the lady who had the dogs was wrapped up in some impressively complicated dog knitting because her two were on leads and we'd all wound ourselves round her. 

She said to Mum: Mine's on heat, she thought her lucky day had come, to which Mum replied: I'm afraid she'd have been in for a disappointment: Ted's a eunuch. 

I've no idea what any of this meant but Poppy told me afterwards she thought it was a joke about sheep, because I am small and white and woolly. Although what is funny about a female sheep's neck I don't know (good enough to be a Dad Joke, that one). Anyway.

Not much more news from here apart from to say that I am embracing Hygge, because as you know I am a On Trend type of Dog and more importantly I like feeling cosy, warm and comfortable... in that vein, lots of sleeping ahead....

Best regards as always,



  1. Winterwatch had a honeybee about yesterday as well, which seems odd as the temperature doesn't seem anywhere near enough to falsely waken them from hibernation

  2. Your mum is very kind to nature indeed, wish there were more like her, you are very lucky to have such a kind a caring mum, stay warm x

  3. Ted, at the risk of ignoring you I must say that Poppy and my Tess look so alike that I can't help feeling they are related.

  4. Oh Ted Ted Ted. . . . . I love you.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Dear Ted,

    on the subject of rude comments about colouring, it was mentioned a few weeks ago (when we still had snow) that i was looking rather dingy in comparison to the expanse of whiteness. I found that to be a bit personal.

    i'm all about the hygge these days. it's cold and damp and i race around our walk, just so that i can get back to the house fast and have my post-perambulation treat.

    stay cosy, dear Ted!

    love, Emma-dog

  6. It is always lovely to hear from you Teddy. I had heard about the leg from Mum in her last post, it is good that you didn't have to have a full shower in this weather. Isn't it funny how your Mum has to rescue so many bees, I am sure they head for her because they know she will rescue them. Glad you are feeling Hygge, I have been feeling that way too! Hugs to you my little doggy fellow and make sure that you pass one on to Poppy too because she is a lovely sister to you! Aunty Amy xx

  7. Oh you do do hygge so very well, you and Poppy look so deliciously cosy. I was visiting a puppy the other day and the thought crossed my mind that I wished I had a scrumptiously cosy basket like his. It was all fleeciness and padding, honestly, I need something like that. Well done mum on the splendid bee rescue, it must have been very satisfying. And well done you and Poppy on tangling up the dog lady, nicely done. CJ xx

  8. Hi Ted - you must look rather jaunty with your one silver leg! Colds still abound here, so we're all embracing hygge at the moment. Congratulate mum on her sterling work resuscitating the bee and well done to you and Poppy on the dog knitting! xx

  9. Thank you Ted with keeping us all abreast of your news. That ws very good of your Mum to give the Bee honey.

  10. Sounds like you have been having a bit of a smelly week. You will empathise with Ebby my three legged cat. He managed to step his paw into something unmentionable and had to have the paw washed. He was very cross and scowled at me for the rest of the evening. Your mum is very clever with her bee ministering, not sure I could do that. Stay cosy by that fire. B x

  11. Hey Ted,
    Funny you should mention bees; my human pet saw her first bee of 2017 while we were out for our walk earlier this week. She got all over excited about it, as you can imagine. I was much more interested in sniffing the grass, but each to their own. The big news around here, is that I am now allowed back on the sofa. I knew she'd relent in the end. Even better, I have a very cosy blanket to lie on. Mum says it's because I'm getting in a bit, and need care and comfort. I'm only 10!!!
    Good to see that you are keeping that scamp, Poppy, in line. Pups,eh?
    Honey xx

  12. Ah Ted, you always manage to view life in perspective. I like that about you. Poor honey bee, so glad it managed some may well survive now. Enjoy being cosy Ted, and maybe the snow will settle, or maybe not.
    Keep on keeping on. xx

  13. What a beautiful and fun post! :)
    Thank you for popping in today. The crested tit should be rather common where I live, but it's the first time I have managed to photograph one. Such a charming little bird.
    Stay warm!

  14. Olá adorei as suas imagens.
    Prazer em conhecer seu blog.


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