Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ted's Diary: October So Far

A Mixed Bag is how I'd describe October so far. This is because it's so far mainly contained a weekend, and weekends can be hit-and-miss in terms of how much Poppy and I get out and about.
You'd think having all the family home would mean more walks not fewer, but alas it doesn't translate that way. Mum and Dad are up and out early running and the teens are fast asleep in bed until they get home, and then they spend the afternoon doing dull things like shopping for furniture in places Poppy and I aren't allowed to go, or pottering in the garden where we've already spent the entire morning anyway.

This past weekend is a case in point. Saturday, despite the terrible weather, they left the house soon after eight so that mum could run a Parkrun and dad could be a marshal. Mum says I have to tell you all that she did her best time yet, under 25 minutes, despite the pouring rain. She was listening to music so she didn't have to hear all the heavy rasping breathing from 700 other runners :o). The last runner came in at about 55 minutes and everybody cheered him on like mad.

Then on Sunday it was the Clarendon Marathon which goes between Salisbury and Winchester. This meant they left the house early again and weren't home till mid afternoon. Dad was running that one and he did very well, finishing it in a little over three hours. Mum ran the last bit with him and shouted at him a lot, apparently, but it worked because he said he thought someone else was about to overtake him so he ran faster to make sure they didn't. At the end he had his photo taken with the Lord Mayor. He thinks he probably made her pristine white gloves a bit sticky because an energy gel exploded over his hand half way round and he couldn't wipe it off. Poppy laughed at this, because she is naughty.

So basically, they took care of their own exercise needs all weekend long and ignored mine and Poppy's completely. All we got was a two mile run on Sunday afternoon with mum while dad was easing tired muscles in the bath. I think you'll agree that for a pair of peak-of-fitness type hounds such as myself and Poppy, two miles is nothing. We could run that with our paws tied behind our backs for heaven's sake (figuratively speaking).

We made sure they realised we were fed up by rampaging around the house all Sunday evening, throwing shoes around and biting each other and growling and dragging the beds about while they were trying to watch The Walking Dead. In the end, mum got out the dreaded clothes spray water bottle and squirted me with it. Oh, the indignity! Poppy sniggered because she avoided getting sprayed, but I happen to know she's got a hair cut and shampoo coming up with Mrs D next week and I haven't, so the snigger will be on the other paw then, heh?

Today, things have improved significantly. Poppy and I were berserk with excitement at the thought of a proper walk. Last week we went out for a run with a new friend called Alfie who is quite slow because he has arthritis. It made me feel quite sleek and fit, being able to bound casually ahead of someone. Because usually on our runs, Poppy is way out in front and even mum can out run me towards the end. But then I am 7 and a half and that is Quite Considerable. I wondered hopefully whether Alfie might be coming again today, but as it turned out we went out for a longer run than usual (over 5 miles) as part of mum's training for her 10k so it was just us three.

We started off going down the lane where the badgers have been digging holes in the verge and putting their poos in them, we ran past the place where the cat sits and spits at us (no manners, although we enjoy rushing at it and making it fear for its life), past the gate that has a Mystery Jack Russell living behind it (I know this because it always barks at us and it sounds just like Poppy. Two of them on the lane, heaven help us) and along Chaffinch Alley where they all fly around squeaking. Then we went up the long hill where two tractors and three lorries drove past, and two people on bicycles that Pop growled at. Then we ran down a steep hill Very Fast where I stopped for a quick poo, and on through the fields at the bottom where Poppy said she saw a squirrel jumping into the hedge. We looked but couldn't find it and then had to run like mad to catch mum up. We went past the pigs, who rushed off  looking ridiculous and shouting at the tops of their voices with their funny squiggly tails held over their chubby bottoms, round the corner along the muddy track, down the nettly path between the hedges (mum and I both got stung), along the track where two badger holes and one rabbit front door are, and back out onto the lane then round another loop up the hill and down the hill before we got home.

We're both a wee bit tired now but it's good to get the tickle out of your paws after a slightly lazy weekend, isn't it?

Hope you're all keeping well? There was a dead squirrel on the road today but I couldn't stop to sniff it because I wasn't allowed to.

All the best,

Ted :o)


  1. With all this talk of running I am feeling worn out. I knew they wouldn't forget you sounds like you had a good time x

  2. Some very exquisite flowers you found there, the purple and white has incredible patterning

  3. Your parents are very committed to their health so they can be around a long time for you, Ted. You can be very proud of them. How nice that you had the chance for such a good walk, you must be feeling great!

  4. Tell your mum she needs to do some pruning in her greenhouse. It looks like a triffid is growing in there. Glad you got some proper excerise finally and so sorry you weren't allowed to sniff the squirrel. Are those carrots for you I wonder? They look delicious. Glad mum is improving her time at the park run. Tell her to keep at it! B x

  5. What a lovely post, Ted and I'm so glad that you had a nice long run to make up for the restful weekend. Congratulate your mum on her running for me - I think I may need to listen to some music whilst running, but it's my own heavy breathing that I'll be trying to block out! Wish Poppy luck with her haircut! xx

  6. Tess got nettle stings on her feet too and spent the whole evening licking them.

  7. I'm worn out just reading about all your exercise! Glad it's all going well. x

  8. Hey Ted,
    Your human pets sound very committed.ine went for a run today, and I have been reliably informed that she huffed, puffed, moaned and groaned the whole way. I'm just glad she didn't drag me out with her. She's very undignified and looks like a beetroot. She did walk me for over an hour beforehand though; she's not a bad pet really. I met a dog a bit like you on the beach on Sunday. His manners were exemplary. Not once did he try to take my pebble, or sniff my rear end.
    With fond regards,
    Honey xx

  9. As a sleepy and mature dog of nearly 13 Harry is very impressed with all these tales of running. We both send congratulations on a great Parkrun and Marathon.
    The fresh fruit and veg all look delicious, although I am reminded of Jack and the beanstalk looking at your greenhouse! Lovely to see the autumn flowers, too.

  10. Sounds like a fantastic run, and well done to mum and dad on their brilliant times. I'm impressed and any day now I shall get on my running shoes and do some too. At the moment I'm saving my energy to battle the allotment though. That must be equivalent to a slow mile or two. It's very nice to collapse on the sofa of an evening feeling properly tired isn't it. Although I do know of course that you would never be ON a sofa, but on your dog bed equivalent (and I know I'm not speaking for Poppy here who knows very well what it's like to collapse on a sofa, I've seen it done). Shame you didn't get a decent go at that dead squirrel. Maybe you'll find the opportunity to get a bit closer to that nice badger poo this week to make up for it. CJ xx

  11. Well Ted - Murray and I are drinking our morning tea ( well he isn't - he is just curled up beside me) and I'm exhausted from all this talk of running! I hope you are proud of mum & dad, they are doing really well but of course will never be as fit as you!!!!!
    Enjoy all the sniffs! Murray found a dead bird on the cricket oval... I couldn't get him away! He looked pretty chuffed with himself - as if he'd killed it himself -
    Happy days ahead Ted and be kind to Poppy after her trip to Mrs D - but you can snigger abit!!!!!
    Love to you all xxx

  12. No wonder you are all looking and feeling so sleek and well with all that hill work Ted. The garden produce is also clearly playing its part in those super times posted by M&D. Please tell Mum that my running shoes are still hanging on a hook in the garage but I see I'm in good company with CJ in suffering from total allotment exhaustion. Please don't talk to me about badgers. They are still digging up my front garden and I think I need a Poppy to bark at them fiercely.

  13. Oh My goodness what naughty people you had to deal with.
    How did you stand it and then mum squirted you with water when the people should have been squirted.
    But you tell your "tall person who loves bugs" that I loved the photo of the tomato plants growing out of the green house.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. Your parents certainly do a lot of running but then i am susre you want them healthy for when they do have a minute to take you 2 out!

  15. Hi Ted, Sorry to hear about your slow weekend. It's all go here - my mum has started running again (only twice in the past week but that's pretty incredible!) so I get less time to do proper sniffing (slightly annoying) and my dad takes me out each weekend morning for longer runs. He has to make up for sitting on his bottom at the computer all week. Your run yesterday sounds like fun [well done on your 5k time and super motivation, CT!] apart from not being able to sniff the squirrel. Sniffing is my favourite thing, second only to showing off my Very Fast Running and leaving my mum way behind. Wag and sniff, Cassie xx

  16. Hope that Mum and Dad take you out for a long run soon Teddy! xx

  17. Ted, please tell your mum that I love the photo of the flower, second one down, that looks like it's been drawn on by felt tip. I love hearing from you and Freddie the puppy has taken over my blog!

  18. Dear Ted, please be glad that you don't share your home with Hunting Cats (FIVE of them!) Otherwise you might be blamed for the Dead Squirrel Under The Table . . . They said we humans needed lessons in Hunting . . .

  19. Gosh Ted I feel quite exhausted.....all that running Mum and Dad do.
    Glad you managed to get some much needed exercise, long may it last :)


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