Sunday, 1 November 2015

Photo Year Book & Ironbridge On Hols



I've finally got around to putting together the Family Year Book for 2014. Its a compendium of photos printed in a hard-backed book and I am late with it- usually I have this done and dusted by Jan/ Feb. In my defence, it's been a busy year and putting the book together takes hours which I haven't had spare until now.

Anyway, it's all done and the printed copy turned up a couple of days ago. Going back through a year's worth of photos and picking the ones that best represent the year is a long process and by the end of it I have usually had at least one sense of humour failure and vowed never to do it again. But it always worth it in the end as the record is something we all treasure. It is the story of our family.

I have now been uber efficient and picked the best 900 photos for Jan - Oct this year already. They are currently uploading to Snap Fish as I type. Only two more months to go. The 2015 book will appear hot on the heels of 2014's offering.

We spent a few days in Ironbridge this half term. Have you been? It's lovely and fascinating. I last went when I was 14. Too long ago. The B&B was the best we've stayed in yet (a lovely Georgian farmhouse, no fuss, very rustic, delicious fry ups), the weather was fab, the teens mostly behaved themselves and enjoyed it, meals out were delicious and I think I can safely say we are all sufficiently topped up with museums to the extent we most likely won't need any more until next year at least.

I made friends with the lady who works the Shire Horses at Blists Hill (a reconstruction of a Victorian Industrial town) and reminisced with her of my days on a working farm stud with these enormous creatures. One of mine (Arthur, aged 6 and standing about 19 hands) once took off across an abandoned air field with the farmer's son standing on a tractor tyre that Arthur was pulling (supposedly learning how to pull the dray) behind him. I ran back to the farm house to let the farmer's wife know and she grinned and said oh, he'll stop when he's made his point. Three hours later they returned. Another time I was grooming Arthur before a big show and he moved his bottom over to pin me against the side of the lorry. I yelled and flapped my arms and shoved him and told him to get over but he wasn't having any of it. An hour later everyone came back and fell about laughing at the sight of me pinioned against the wall with Arthur contentedly munching his hay and nonchalantly resting one hoof. He was extremely naughty with a very well developed sense of humour and he posed for photos in a way no other horse I've known has. Heavy Horses are very different to other types and once you've worked with them, you fall in love with them forever. They hold a very special place in my heart.

Hope you're all well. If you'll forgive me I won't reply to comments for the time being. But please know I appreciate every single one and will read them all.

Have a good week all,

CT :o)



  1. I lived close to Ironbridge for almost twenty years and never ceased to enjoy wandering round the little town and round Blists Hill Museums. Is there still a coracle maker living close to the bridge? And there also used to be a shop selling all kinds of things for left handed people. I wonder if it is still there.

  2. Heavy horses are quite spectacular aren't they. Well done on the photo book. I've just uploaded mine for October - I try and do them every month otherwise it all gets away from me. Ironbridge sounds fascinating. I like the idea of electrification of the head. I hope you have a good and productive week CT. CJ xx

  3. A cure for baldness would be handy, before it's too late!

  4. Lovely surprise to see a post from you CT. Hope you are very well. S.x

  5. What a beautiful horse.
    The photo books are wonderful but do take a long time to put together.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. There's so much to see around Ironbridge, I must go back but I've enjoyed your post today in the meantime. What a naughty horse! Well done for producing your family albums that's such a lot of work but lovely to look back on. : )

  7. The photo book is a lovely idea - really must look into that - I've only ever had calendars printed using the best of the holiday/day out photos.

    Glad you had a good time at Ironbridge - we've been several times for the day and its a great place to visit with so much to see and do.

  8. Hey CT,
    Olly is fascinated with horses. We have had son wonderful horsey encounters this half term. I think he'd love to see a Shire. They are spectacular creatures.
    Have a good week. A photo book sounds fabulous.
    Leanne xx

  9. I knew from the title that Ironbridge would look fantastic in autumn. I live closeby for a few years and then we returned up there for friend's weddings. You have reminded me that we should revisit it. Sarah x

  10. Looks like a nice place to visit, not sure about getting to close to the horse though, wonderful animals but they are on my " to be scared" list along with cows.
    Have made three of them books now of our holidays as its a great way to remember them, would find it hard to chose photos for o whole year though.. No wonder you needed a little time away, you must have had thousands of photos to go through!
    Amanda xx

  11. I have a vague memory of visiting Ironbridge but can't remember detail, just the bridge. It looks a fascinating place. My daughter is the horse-whisperer in our house. She loves them. I can appreciate them but keep a respectful distance. I'm very impressed that you are organised enough to pull all your photos together into books. Ours, since we bought our first digital camera in 2002, are on a hard drive somewhere! It would be so lovely to have them on paper to flick through. Hmmm. A job for the next holiday :-)

  12. What a fabulous book....and a lovely idea. I can see the books being passed from generation to generation.
    I love the horses and perhaps I could recommend the cure for baldness to my dear husband :)

  13. What a lovely post. I am laughing at the cure for baldness!! Hope all is well in your world xx


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