Monday, 1 June 2015

A Round Up Of News From Ted

Hi everyone,

I was Determined not to leave it so long between my posts so I'm grabbing half an hour now while mum is eating caramel ice cream to celebrate getting through her interview in one piece.

Here is a Rather Nice picture mum took of me last week. No sign of Poppy anywhere :o)

I'm a bit cross with her at the moment- I gather you all heard about how she tried to blame her weekend indoor wee on me- that backfired on her, but she tried again this morning by doing a poo AND a wee on the floor. Luckily, Dad was wise to it and knew straight-away that it was Poppy and not me :o)

We've both been out running with Dad this weekend- we did 5 miles on Friday and 7 miles on Saturday. Annoyingly, this barely tires Poppy out so I have to endure her jumping on my head and chewing my ears when we get back when all I want to do is sleep (not that I'm getting old, you understand, even though I am nearly SIX).

I have been active in the garden on Rat Watch. This is different to Pigeon Watching, although I've been doing that too. Rat Watch takes place at garden level for one thing and rat's can't fly for another. Although some rats seem to think they can by climbing up on the bird table and leaping down again. This one just sat there eating for TWO HOURS until all the bird seed had gone. 

With my superior knowledge of Rat Ecology I realised that no amount of barking, whining or jumping up and down or even balancing on your back feet to stare was going to shift him so I went and had a lie down and left Poppy to make a fool of herself on her own....

I actually caught a rat this week, and although Poppy grabbed it out of my mouth, ran off with it and then sat with it in the garden licking it, Dad knew there was no way she'd caught it herself and said well done Teddy instead, which I was pleased about :o)

Here is the Classic Rat Watching Stance, in case you want to try and replicate it at home..

It helps to get right into the hedge and you may need to hold the position for quite some time so make sure it's sustainable.

Poppy hasn't the patience for real serious Rat Watching (or pigeon watching either, come to that) so it's the one time of the day I'm left alone and can get some peace. Otherwise, it's like this.....

1. Trying to push me in the pond

2. Being ferocious

3. For once I am in charge

4. But not for long

5. A slightly more peaceful run out doors

6. But that doesn't last long

7. Getting a good head start is helpful

8. As is hiding under the bench by the apple tree

9. An early morning run helps tire her out a bit
10. Mum loves it when we both walk through muddy water

11. I do sometimes get my own back bu chasing Pop
12. And on frosty mornings it's generally not too bad trotting along behind her

With only rare occasions like this....

I know I complain about her a lot, but I do love her really, even though she annoys me most of the time. Yesterday, for example, she wasn't feeling very well when we got back from the woods. Mum knew straightaway because she had her tail stuck between her legs and she was giving mum a funny look, which is what she always does when she doesn't feel well. Dad only knew because she refused to eat some of his left-over hair after his hair cut. Mum gave her a bath and she felt better afterwards, although she hates baths. I didn't laugh at her because I knew she hadn't felt well and I do miss her when she's all quiet and sensible.

I can't really remember what life was like without her, and I do especially like night time when we all go next door to the sitting room where we have a choice of three beds, all in front of the fire, and snuggle up together...

I think she might be getting a bit more sensible, but I'm not sure. She's definitely more sensible than one of our cousins, Toffee, who stole a bunch of grapes from her kitchen and had to be rushed to the V.E.T.s to be put on a drip and monitored last week. According to my aunty, if they hadn't realised what had happened and got Toffee to the V.E.T. ASAP she might have died!

We don't have grapes here, but if you do and you have doggies please remember this :o)

Anyway, life has been Pretty Good here this week, if you ignore all the baby bird dramas and the fact we had to share our house with a baby owl for half an hour last week (mum says she's hoping to be seeing Bop tomorrow and will post pictures for you all and an update). 

This meant we were shut outside while the owl was indoors. Poppy said something had gone wrong because surely that was the wrong way round? Owls are supposed to live outside and dogs inside, so I had to explain about Mum and her propensity to collect small injured things in need of help. We very nearly had a baby Nuthatch to look after this morning when one woke Mum up at 6am by sitting on the windowsill of her and Dad's bedroom squeaking. It nearly came indoors, but at the last minute decided not to and soon after the parent came to collect it. Thank Goodness.

Anyway. that's about it from here for now. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the warm weather that's meant to be coming if you live in the UK. If you live elsewhere I hope you have Good Weather Too because that sort of thing matters to humans. It only matters to dogs if you've a favourite Warm Lying Down Place, as I have, like on our front step.

It's my birthday on Wednesday. Poppy and I are having cheese to celebrate (this is a very special treat as I'm not often allowed it since I ate half a coconut filled with suet and gave myself pancreatitis). I am All Better Now but Mum will worry....

Best regards as always,

Ted :o)



  1. Super post Ted. It looks like you've had lots of adventures, what with rat watching, catching a rat, walking with Poppy and exploring the mud. I hope Mum wasn't too cross. You and Poppy must have been snug as bugs in rugs in front of that lovely wood burner. I look forward to reading about your next adventure, take care x

    1. Thank you, Ian. We were in a bit of trouble for the mud, but as it gave us both small black socks it also made mum laugh so she didn't stay very cross for very long! Ted x

  2. Ooh, that Poppy. You are a martyr to her naughty ways Ted! What a lovely post from you, and it's good to see that you are both friends REALLY, at the end, despite all your moaning!

    1. I am Bovey Belle, I really am. Who knew having a puppy was such hard work? x

  3. Ted, you do look nice and clean and fluffy. I bet that suet was tasty, what a treat, managing to get it all down before you were rumbled. I had no idea about the grapes. Was it the stalks that were the problem? Glad that mum got through the interview okay, the caramel ice-cream was well deserved. In fact an interview almost deserves a suet-stuffed coconut don't you think? Well done on the rat-catching, wishing you a very happy birthday and enjoy the cheese. CJ xx

    1. Hi CJ :o) I also feel perfectly clean and fluffy but for some reason Mum's booked us in for a hair cut with Mrs Danning again soon.

      I think it was the whole grape that caused Toffee her problems. She is a greedy golden retriever and her paws are still way too big for her, so I think that may have been half her problem really.

      I suggested the suet filled coconut to mum in place of ice cream but for some reason she wasn't keen.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. I will send you some cheese too. Love Teddy xx

  4. Hey Ted,
    Honey is useless at catching things like rats and mice but my cat Skarloey has had a second wind in that department. He has managed to bag a whole nest of mice. He sits very patiently for them. It's a strategy that obviously pays off. Many happy returns for Wednesday. Enjoy the cheese.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hey Leanne :o)

      Skarloey is a wicked cool name for a cat :o) Although I am a little disturbed about the second wind.

      I will send you some cheese too xxx

  5. It is great to catch up on your news Teddy. Sorry to hear about your cousin Toffee, I hope that he is alright now. Make sure that you keep Poppy away from anything that she isn't supposed to eat. I know that you are always very careful now with what you eat. Although I am sure that like most doggies you will enjoy your birthday cheese! That is a good treat isn't it. How did your Mum's interview go? Do they love her and want her to start straight away? Well it is late now and still so cold so I guess that you will be snuggling by the fire and not blogging so I will leave you now! Happy Birthday for later in the week! I hope that you have a good day and that Poppy is nice to you! xx

    1. Dear Aunty Amy,
      Poppy is ALWAYS eating things she shouldn't but so far nothing that could harm her, just things that are revolting (or that's what mum says anyway). We are both looking forward to the cheese :o)
      Mum's interview went well (she thinks). They said they are letting all the candidates know the outcome on Friday.
      Love Teddy xx

  6. Ted, I think you should write a book. Fergus would be the first dog waiting in line to buy it. He has to put up with a dachshund, which isn't a whole lot better than you having to deal with Poppy. I did feel a bit sorry for your mom when I saw the picture of the two of you running through the mud.

    1. Hi Kristie :o)

      Thank you for the vote on confidence in the author- department. I shall have a long hard think about writing a book. If I do I will send Fergus a signed copy (with a muddy paw print, of course). Love from Ted x

  7. Hi Teddy, your posts are my favourite. That Poppy is so naughty, I do t know how you put up with her! I can't believe Toffee would eat grapes, I hope she's better soon. Can I ask why you ate the coconut suet? It must have tasted RANK! I've had pancreatitis too - but I didn't get mine from scoffing bird food!!

    1. Thank you Rachel, that is kind :o)

      Toffee is a bit silly, like Poppy. Her sister Ember is far more sensible.

      I really think you should give suet stuffed with seeds and meal worms a chance, only don't eat too much because you don't want pancreatitis again. Love from Ted xx

  8. HI Ted a wonderfulwritten post and I loved hearing all about you and the 'naughty' Poppy's adventrues. I can see you really are very fond of Poppy and loved to see you sitting togetther in front of the fire or TV. Have a good week adn try not to get in any trouble

    1. Thank you Margaret. I find the blog a useful tool to help me let off steam about the trials of living with Poppy. Only this morning she got herself locked on the wrong side of the gate and I had to do my special 'Poppy's in trouble' bark, which mum understands so she rescued her straight away. Love Ted x

  9. Hi Teddy, Old man here, Poppy does seem a hand full at times but fun to have around. Went to the vets my self a few weeks back, hurt my back some how ! Had to have a injection and tablets for a week, short walks and lots of cuddles. I'm all better now but mum has learned I need a chip to say who I am by law! never new, so going back soon to have this done.
    Have missed sun bathing on the step this month so here's hoping this month will get better.
    Mum sending wishes and hope the interview went well, let us know of any news. Well I must go back to sleep now, as mum will be wandering round the park later with me for hours looking for stuff I would rather eat than photograph !!
    Old Man XX

    1. Hi Old Man :o)

      I'm glad your back is better- mum told me you'd hurt it a while ago and I was concerned for you. Don't worry about the chip- Poppy and I both have them. I did squeak when I got mine (apparently, I squeak easily according to mum) but Poppy didn't even blink when hers was done so I'm sure you'll be fine.

      I commiserate about the photographs- we have to spend HOURS walking about while mum takes pictures of grass and creatures with wings...

      Mum says to tell your mum the interview was fine thanks and she'll know on Fri if she's got the job. Ted xx

  10. Hi Teddy It's Rocky hound here, my mum is in the kitchen at present pouring a couple of glasses of fizzy stuff & cutting some chocolate cake because it is my aunties birthday today. Daft woman was squealing when she opened her present! My mum said I might be able to have a spot on her blog soon like you do on your mums. I had some cheese last night & it was delicious, she was making cauliflower cheese so I looked at her with big eyes:) Anyway I just wanted to say I really enjoy you blog talk from one dog to another & I still can't join your pigeon watching club. a little birdie got trapped in my dads cabbage cage contraption the other day & I snapped at it when my mum was rescuing it. I nearly got a smacked snout but I only wanted a little taste!! P.s my mum said that's good news on your mums interview & I wanted to say that I'm nearly six & I find that I need more sleep now x

    1. Hi Rocky :o)

      Oh, poor you being told off for snapping at the bird. We get put outside whenever mum has one of her rescues here. I'm allowed to stay indoors when the moths are here but Poppy isn't because she still tries to eat them. I have learnt not to over the years but it does get annoying when they land on me and crawl over my nose.

      My mum says she wishes she was in your house drinking bubbles, eating cake and enjoying presents. I wish I was in your house eating cheese.

      I will look forward to your first blog post- I am sure you will get lots of comments because I always do- people recognise good writing and we dogs write better than our humans, let's be honest :o)

      Love Ted xx

  11. Oh Teddy, I enjoyed reading this post so much that I had to read it to my Jack (Jacqueline) and she listened and kept twisting her head this way and that and did lots of nodding. You have obviously taken lessons from your human Mommy, as you write a great post. I enjoyed your adventures very much and even though Poppy can be a royal pain at times, you are a wonderful chap of a dog to tolerate him. I do love your evening cuddle at the fireplace. lol

    1. Hi Lily :o) Say hi to Jack for us. I am so pleased she enjoyed my post. Love Ted xx

  12. Teddy - I love you! Sorry to have missed your birthday, and I hope you had some celebratory cheese. It is National Cheese Day today (yes, honestly), so we have cheese at work later. Much love to you and Poppy - Lily and Flossy x

    1. Hello Lily :o)

      Thank you for the Birthday Wishes- after all that, my mother forgot to give me any cheese!!!! It's OK though because we're having double the amount tonight to make up for it :o)

      Hope you and Flossy are well?

      Lots of love from Teddy xx


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