Saturday, 21 December 2013

Poppy's Diary

Thursday December 19th 2013
Hi Everyone!

Wow! I am really excited at being allowed to write my first ever post on mum's blog! (but then, I am really excited about everything, being a) a dog and b) only 12 weeks old).

Today was actually Quite A Boring Day as mum was at college, L was at school and dad was at work, so I was Stuck In My Crate. This is essentially unfair because Ted (my big brother) has the run of our room when everyone is out and a choice of three different beds to sleep in.

I weed in the crate to make my point and then did a poo on the mat for good measure when I was let out (it was raining outside).

So I haven't got very much to say for today- hopefully tomorrow will be a a more exciting day.

Friday, December 20th 2013

Wow! It has been a more exciting day! Loads of stuff happened. 

In the morning I went for a walk down the lane with mum and Ted on my new extendable lead. I am now very brave about cars (they were very frightening to start off with) and I just sit down and watch them as they go past and don't wobble too much. 

We met a dog in a coat called Teddy (he was nothing like my Teddy). He growled at me so I woofed at him. Then we met another dog called Meg who snapped at Ted so I growled at her my biggest bestest fiercest growl. And finally we met our next door neighbour dog who is called Milly and she didn't growl or bark. We sniffed noses and wagged tails so I think we will probably be friends.
I got Soaked walking because the road surface was wet and I am only a few inches tall. Still, I was careful to shake all the wet mud, twigs and leaves off in the house when we got back, getting a goodly percentage of it on the walls.

I had a nice time running up the stairs when the coast was clear and stealing the small socks mum keeps tucked into the very bottom of her running shoes. She thinks I don't know they are there but a dog can always locate a sock by the orange mist coming off it.

I took one of the socks into the garden and chewed it underneath the bird table, then the birds came and dropped some seeds on the floor for me and I forgot all about the sock. By the time Mum found it it rather wet and dirty. 

I played with all mum's patients, they were very encouraging when I bounced and licked them, so I made sure I did plenty of that. Apparently I am now famous because my photo has been texted all round the world (whatever that means).

Later on I gave mum heart failure by squeezing under the gate and taking myself off for a nice walk down the lane. I don't really understand why but I got into Quite A Lot Of Trouble for doing that- even Ted looked disapproving when I was returned to the house. But he was probably just jealous that I'd been out and he hadn't.

I rounded off the day by biting L's toes, unravelling a scarf mum is knitting for someone for Christmas, shredding one of our toys, getting a ball of fluff stuck in my throat and doing a poo in the sitting room. 

All in all a Good Day.

Saturday December 21st 2013

Wow! It's completely pouring with rain here today! And so windy I think I might be turned into a kite if I went outside, so I have remained indoors with Teddy. Our fire broke yesterday so we have blankets on all our beds to keep us warm and mum even gave us a piece of Cleo's fish this morning. Cleo wasn't pleased. I liked it so much I rushed into her room and helped myself to some more. Mum was furious with me but I don't know why seen as she'd just given me some herself.

Anyway, mum had a patient this morning and dad was out at a running competition, so I decided (in view of the rain) that it would be much more comfortable to do my morning toilette in the sitting room and accordingly left a poo trail and quite a few wees round the Christmas Tree. I also found a tissue wedged down the side of a sofa and entertained myself for a while by ripping it into Very Small Pieces and distributing bits of it all round the house. 
I could tell Dad enjoyed this by how much excited yelling he did when he discovered it. He also told mum all about it so he must have found it Very Funny Indeed.

We are going to Dylan's house for Christmas. All my doggy cousins will be there, including Ember, who seems Enormous to me being a black lab. I haven't met her yet so I expect I'll have my tail tucked under my bottom to start off with. I hope she likes puppies and will want to play. If not Dylan will have to do. Last time I won all our fights which is embarrasing for him because he is a boy but good for me because I am a Jack Russell and we don't take prisoners. I'm also going to meet Lucie M over crimble- she is a Cocker x Lab Puppy and a girl too, so I expect we will be able to have lots of fun together, which is what life is all about, isn't it?

Ahh, such a busy social time!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas too,

Poppy XXX 




  1. Poppy I'm delighted to hear you are keeping up your doggie duties of poo, wee and dirt. It's a dogs life indeed.

    1. I know! My mum is beginning to think I will never learn to go outside.... XX

  2. Ha Ha "I am a Jack Russel and we don't take prisoners " too cute !

    Happy Holidays to you all !

    1. And to all of you at Willow's farm- mum showed me crusty's card and I was very envious x

  3. What a lovely first post Poppy - tell mummy she must let you write lots more :)

    Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas.

    1. Dear Auntie Caroline,

      Thank you very much- I will tell mummy exactly that. Merry Christmas to you all at Ragged Robin (and especially to Rosie the Stick Insect) X

  4. Dear Poppy,

    Firstly, I should like to say how impressed I am with you overall literacy. Never mind about the poos and pees all over the shop (and, quite frankly, if people put trees in their houses I don't know what else you are supposed to do other than use them as a convenient indoor toilet facility) the ability to write in coherent sentences and spell correctly are skills way beyond many of my much older students - congratulations!

    Secondly, you are not the only one to practice the Great Escape this week! Flora Bijou Mybug TWICE got past me into the garden when I was bringing in logs! There must be a sense of intrepid exploration in the air. But I am glad you are safe. Take care - it's a rough world out there.

    And thirdly, I hope you have enormous doggy fun over the Crimble Hols! It sounds like you have many pals to play with and I am sure they will teach you lots of new puppy tricks to add to your ever increasing repertoire. Your Mum and Dad will be thrilled!

    Your Much Malarkey Chum, Denise xx

    1. Dear Auntie Denise,

      Thank you for the compliments on my writing. It took me ages so I am very glad you liked it. Being a Teacher Of English, your praise is Highly Prized.

      Tell Flora she should try to leap for the fence next time she's in the garden- that way she'd get to stay outside for a bit longer plus it would entertain your neighbours to see you trying to get her down.

      I hope you all have a lovely crimble at MMM,

      Love from Poppy XXX

  5. Dear Poppy
    What a clever puppy you are to write such a lovely funny post for your first blog post. I only found your Mum's wonderful blog recently and I have very much enjoyed reading all about your adventures since you came to live with Teddy and the rest of your family, especially because we are hoping to have our own little puppy in the spring. It's called a Cockapoo and will be our first ever dog. I expect he or she might be a little pickle too and will leave puppy surprises round the house for us!
    I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas and I look forward to reading all about it soon.
    Caroline in Sussex xxx

    1. Dear Caroline,

      Thank you very much for your comment on my first ever blog post. It is VERY exciting to get them! Mum says to say good luck with the new puppy- she is sure you will love it because we are all tremendous fun, even when we are leaving presents all round the house and eating people's shoes.

      I hope you will write about your new puppy when she/ he arrives, so I can read all about it too.

      Love Poppy XX

  6. How lovely to read your first post Poppy. You sound all ready for Christmas leaving presents around everywhere!
    Love Daisy and Sarah x

    1. Dear Aunties Sarah and Daisy,

      Dylan (my cousin small westie) has been leaving the same presents all round his house and now Grannie is worried we will both do it on Christmas Day! Tee Hee. Love Poppy xx


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