Friday, 13 July 2018

Garden Wildlife & The Week

I was sitting having a cup of tea outside on Monday when this fledgling thrush fell out of the willow beside me. Not in a terrifying oh my goodness, danger! sort of way, more in a comic, not-quite-got-the-hang-of-navigating-among-trees-with-wings way. There followed an undignified clumsy scrabbling to assimilate legs, wings and body into a workable unit and to get a purchase on the fence, after which she sat there quite happily, watching me and occasionally peeping in that soft, baby bird way they have. Her parent flew down and fed her a shelled snail, and then flew off, leaving the baby and I sitting companionably together. She was still there when I went indoors half an hour later.

On Wednesday, Pop and I went for a 20 mile run through the forest, stopping off at various fords, rivers and streams along the way. Seeking out and using natural water in this way reminded me of how much we take our on tap, fresh, clean, disease-free, instantly accessible water for granted. The landscape's water was essential to us on Wednesday as without it Pop would not have been able to do the run. As it was she did 16 miles. Game girl that she is. We did our usual trick of sharing jam sandwiches on the way. She was keen to have a jelly baby too but I decided it probably wouldn't have been good for her. I dropped her home on the way back and did the final four, which were without much shade and by then the tarmac was hotting up, on my own. I felt fine when I got back despite the heat and probably could have gone further. I had a raspberry lolly to cool down and refuel and Pop had a fresh raspberry, some fish squares and a bone made of dried fish which smelt disgusting but she and ted LOVE them.

This summer we invested in a fruit cage net to go over the frame M built in the winter. It has worked, for the first time ever we have fruit! I made an Eton Mess with it which we ate while watching the footie.

This morning, I took myself off for a bimble round the garden to see who was out and about. 

Woundwort shieldbugs are possibly my favourite members of their family. Very pretty, very small, almost always seen in pairs and reliant on this ancient hedgerow/ woodland edge flower which we encourage to grow freely in our garden. They are the poor man's orchid in my view.

The buddleia Globosa has come into flower and although there are none in this picture, it is festooned with bees.

The vicky plum has bountiful fruit this year after producing a grand total of two plums last year :o)

I'm glad to see red soldier beetles back on the thistles...

And this is the seal on a leaf-cutter bee burrow.

As for this fine fellow, he is a dark bush-cricket. Lovely, isn't he?

I thought all the crab spiders had gone from the garden, which just shows what masters of disguise they are. I found this one paralysing a hoverfly on the underside of a columbine flower.

This ringlet has been out for a while, judging from how ragged her skirts are looking. Shades of cinderella, I feel. Doesn't stop her flying though.

The flowers have really suffered in the heat. This photo makes it look more luscious than it is, although the rain has come at the right moment- all the honeyworts have popped out overnight in response and the bees are zinging away happily inside them gathering nectar and pollen. Praise be.

Hope you are all well and have a grand weekend ahead.



  1. That delightful little Song Thrush - adorable.
    And the last photo of your garden is lovely - so natural.

  2. Lucky you to have some rain. Still hot and crisp here. How lovely to have a baby thrush, gorgeous photos. Poppy is so lovely to keep you company on your runs. Glad you find some water for her. Spotted red soldier beetles here too. Was going to post a photo of them and ask what they were, you must have read my mind. It’s lovely to watch them flying. Have a good weekend. B x

  3. Rain here too this afternoon - it was very welcome! I'm very envious of your plums. I think our plum tree is dying; there are no plums for the second year running and it's looking rather seedy. I love all your minibeast photos, and am sending hugs to your valiant little running buddy! xx

  4. I love the sweet baby bird. Darling ! Your garden looks beautiful. I like the wild and free gardens so very much.
    Love the Poppy run.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. What a lovely assemblage, nice to see Pops having a good cool down on your run.

    Lucky you to have had some rain. Our forecast yesterday was for an 85% chance of shower in the morning - we got a light mist for ten minutes which did not even wet the paths. Things very dry and miserable here :(

  6. I love the fledgling song thrush. So pretty and one of my favourite birds.

    Pops is amazing. Good to cool her down in the water, I wish more owners would use their common sense with walking running their dog.

    For all their fragility butterflies are such remarkable creatures.

    Some really lovely bug images in this post.

  7. Lovely photograph of Pop in the stream. She has the right idea. X

  8. Certainly lots going on in your neck of the woods. Loving all the photos and Pops looks cool laying in the water. Pretty song thrush, how sweet. xx

  9. How wonderful to see a fledgling in that way.
    Well done on the 20 miles too- in this heat any running is tough going.


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