Wednesday, 6 June 2018

All The Small Things

I've never noticed the face on a mullein moth caterpillar before. There it is, as it has been all the time, hiding in plain sight.

It's been a week of the Small Things here, of the quiet and easily overlooked. Some of my very favourite things in nature are small. They go about their lives untroubled and undisturbed by people who on the whole seldom notice them, but they let you into their world surprisingly easily if you take the time and the trouble to seek them out. I find an hour in their company settles the kind of peace that restores after a busy, frantic or turbulent day. So here they are, all the small things. You may have to look for some of them...

Rufous-shouldered longhorn beetle. Rare.

Second window casualty in two days. Baby woodpecker. So sad.

Longhorn beetle of some description (if it's a Golden Bloomed it is very small)

Mullein cat

Mullein cat, with face.

Two woundwort shieldbugs

Spittle bug larvae

bush cricket


Scorpion fly

speckled bush cricket

Alder leaf beetle, female

Alder leaf beetles

Red-Shouldered carrion beetle (always wanted to see one of these and here he is in our garden this morning)

Alder leaf beetles

Hope you are all well,

CT :o)


  1. My favourite small thing is the one in the last photo! So many wonderful minibeasts. Such a shame about the baby woodpecker. We always find that we have similar problems after just cleaning the windows - I assume it's easier to see the tree reflections in the glass. I bet you can guess what my solution is!! xx

  2. Some lovely photographs CT. The last one is so sweet. Such a a shame about the baby woodpecker.
    I finally did it! I managed the 10K at the weekend. Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement. X

  3. I love the Mullein Cat, I will have to look up what the butterfly looks like.

  4. Gorgeous post, fabulous photos. Much sadness re: baby GSW :-(. Caterpillar face and sleeping pup are both beautiful!

    Your second paragraph is quite perfect, sums up how things are here very often. I may have to ask to borrow those words one day . . .

  5. Touch wood the birds cope better with our windows here than they did in the previous house / garden. Poor little woodpecker.

  6. I am putting very small mirrors as big as you little finger nail that are on fishing line up by the windows. They (hopefully) will give enough distraction to stop the birds from flying into the window.
    I really can not tell where the face is on the Mullein caterpillar unless it is the two small dots.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I think you must have really good eyesight or excellent glasses. x

  8. You have a good idea for the barely visible creatures :-) I forget sometimes how many different kinds there are. Today at lunch time I shall go outside and sit in the wildflower meadow outside my window and just spend a few minutes observing. Have lovely day x

  9. The small things are wonders aren't they. I do love beetles so very much. The mullein caterpillar is a thing of beauty, and I do like your fancy ruler. I have been watching a crab spider on a rose this morning. He is waiting, waiting, waiting, with all the patience in the world. Sparrows are pulling the fuzzy bits off of the bird table roof to make nests for their lady friends. We have a new, huge, very tame robin in the garden. He has a bit of an attitude about him. It's busy, busy, busy out there, all sorts of birds eating all sorts of bugs. Nature, full throttle. CJ xx

  10. Hey CT,
    Lots of observing the mini beasts here too, both in and out of the garden. We have seen our first cinnabar moths, and four other day flyers that I haven't had a chance to look up. I love the caterpillar and longhorn most; we have been stockpiling wood from chopped trees in the undergrowth in an attempt to attract more beetles into the garden. Untreated, as per instructions ;)
    Leanne xx

  11. That's such a shame about the baby woodpecker.
    So many amazing photos as usual.

  12. We've had several baby Starlings fly into our windows but they seem to bounce. Was amazed to see a jay on our bird table on Monday. Always love your nature posts!


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