Friday, 18 May 2018

And, Breathe Out

yellow archangels in the woods

Holly Blue laying an egg by our gate

The egg is the tiny blue spot under the flower bud

While out on our run this morning

May blossom frothing in the hedgerows

Well I feel much better for that. Ten miles round the lanes with Pop through the sunshine this morning. It was easy, comfortable and straightforward: a super confidence boost ahead of the marathon in eight days' time.

I have not especially enjoyed this week. The week itself has been fine in fact: it's the reduction in running I've struggled with, or perhaps more accurately, the perceived reduction of running, because I have been doing it: Monday 6 miles with the club, Tuesday trot round with my C25Ks, Wednesday evening a 5 mile cross-country race. What I haven't had is my normal routine, or my longer runs, and that is what I have missed.

This morning's run was lovely; the weather was perfect, I felt fit and strong, had a really good pace and in fact felt I had just about warmed up and was getting into my stride when the ten miles was up and we found ourselves back at home (much to Ted's relief- he was shouting his head off in the house and sniffed Poppy all over when we got in, before bustling about in a self-important, I'm in charge, type of way).

Before we left, a small drama: the male great spotted woodpecker had got himself stuck in the greenhouse. He was not AT ALL happy at being rescued: he pecked me several times, screamed the place down and would not unstick his feet from the table leg he was holding on to. We got there in the end and he flew off into the trees by the lake looking none the worse for his human encounter. I doubt even he would have chosen living in the greenhouse over a brief few minutes being held by a human. Of all the wild animals I've had the privilege to be that close to, woodpeckers take the prize for wildness. They HATE being near people.

Are you watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I am, much to M's bemusement (but you don't know them. You wouldn't go to any old stranger's wedding, would you?). I've told him he's an old cynic, that there is plenty of horrid stuff in the world and this is a chance to celebrate something lovely. So I am running parkrun first thing then rushing back so I can see all the guests arrive. I love Windsor too. I am tempted to raise a glass of the ice cold bubbly stuff to Harry (I've always had a soft spot for him) and his lovely Meghan, but it would be a terrible waste to only have one glass and even I draw the line at downing a bottle of champers before midday. I might be able to inveigle M to join me, because he has said he will pop in from time to time just to see how it's going :o). Better put one on ice, just in case....

Have a great weekend, and here's to a really lovely day for the happy couple tomorrow.

CT :o)


  1. The wedding starts at 7 am here with the coverage starting at 4. I think I'll just be content with the recap later in the day. I did get up to see Prince William and Miss Middleton get married but that was a bit more historic so I did make the effort.

  2. I'm looking forward to the Wedding too, it should be a great day for them. x

  3. I am going to a wedding breakfast at 11am, our sign class is getting together to watch it on TV. I'm glad you are feeling fit and healthy and on course for your marathon.

  4. As yes, the men don't understand do they? The flowers, the dress, horses and carriages, teeny tiny bridesmaids and a beautiful princess. I have told the fam I shall be unavailable should they need me. Of course, we know they will completely ignore that. I have strawberries and cream in the fridge and some very dark chocolate. I may or may not share. CJ xx

  5. Luckily the Swedish tv is showing the wedding so I'm definitely watching it. Having lived in England for over ten years your Royal family has a special place in my heart. I lived in England through the awful time of Lady Dianas passing for exemple...

  6. Excellent sleuthing to find the egg!

    I've just noticed your Lao Tze quote at the top of the page. Is he the inspiration behind Lu Tze from 'Thief Of Time'?

  7. R can't understand why I want to watch the wedding either. I tell him that it's history in the making and we used to live near Windsor - L learned to ride a bike on the long walk, so I have fond memories. You do get close to the wildlife don't you! :0) xx

  8. Wedding is at 1 AM here so I will watch the recap at 7PM.
    Windsor is so wonderful, hope it is a lovely day.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Glourious green photos! This time of year is just divine. Your runs sound refreshing now, isn't that amazing! We won't be watching the wedding as Saturday is busy but I will take a peek at all the fashion later. Eight days will fly by. xx

  10. Beautiful time of year. I can imagine running along those lovely lanes.
    Lovely encounter with woody...….well done you with the rescue.

    I loved the dress, she looked amazing. Simplicity itself, sometimes less is more.

    Good lucky with your training.

  11. I love seeing all of your wildlife!
    The wedding has made me feel a bit bah-humbug as it just isn't for me (weddings in generally aren't my favourite). I feel a bit worry for them that their day has been shared across the world instead of being a bit more private.

  12. Hey CT,
    That's a fascinating shot of the egg laying flutter. I watched the wedding with my Mum, while Olly wandered in and out protesting all the while. I love a bit of pomp and circumstance. And thank you so much for your email of the spider crab. Olly and I are on a mission! We think we may find one at The Wink!
    Leanne xx

  13. A lovely post CT. love the flutters. Caught up with the royal wedding on the boat this afternoon. Lovely. Bet you are getting excited about Sunday. Not long now. B x


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