Friday, 23 June 2017

Return To Running

The heat has finally broken and we woke this morning to a cool breeze. Very welcome by me: I'm a Northern Hemisphere girl, unashamedly fond of jumpers.

I got back to running on Wednesday. After a week off I felt fat and unfit so I was very glad to get out with the club to the latest RR10, 5 miles through the woods and tracks of manor farm country park, which some of you may remember from BBC2's Wartime Farm. It was a lovely course, out into the countryside and back along the river Hamble, with its unique tidal mudflats smell hanging warmly on the early evening air.

I took it steady and enjoyed it immensely, running the first couple of k's with my buddy Mike who is doing the Clarendon with me in the Autumn. We had a good old natter as we trotted along- he's retiring next year and we discussed potential Marathon Ambitions, which I am going to encourage of course! I didn't have a great deal of oomph, which is not surprising given the cold bug and it was, at that point, still tremendously hot. I ran with a water bottle, which I don't usually do, took swigs of it along the way and tipped lots of it over my shoulders which really helped. I was about ten minutes slower than I would normally run 5 miles, but to be honest I was just so pleased to be out running again the time was immaterial.

Everyone was saying how hot it was and there were a lot of shiny, sweaty conversations at the end. My nemesis, Ray, who at present beats me over 3 mile, 5 mile and 6 mile distances, and I caught up and discussed what we usually discuss: at what point I will be beating him. As Ray is in his 60s, he thinks it will be down to his increasing age not my increasing ability :o) This is a conversation we have every time we see one another, it's good natured banter and it really does spur you on to improve. We always have a giggle about tripping each other up as the rivalry between us intensifies. We have mulled over how nice it would be to cross a finish line at the same time. I've told him he's got a year to prepare for handing the crown over :o)

Two of my friends fell over, one managed to do this in front of a Rather Handsome Man who gallantly scooped her up - she said the fall wasn't therefore a total disaster :o), - the other friend fell in the woods and got a nasty shock as a result. She said she felt like crying, poor love. Falling over as an adult really isn't much fun, is it? Anyway, she picked herself up and carried on to the finish where we all cheered her in.

The other bit of news is that I've got a Half Marathon booked for this weekend! Yay! Another reason to be glad the weather has changed. It should be a deal cooler, possibly even ideal running weather. It's a gnarly, hilly, off-road challenge, so will be right up my street. I'm not focused on the time as I'm still in tail-end-charlie-bug-mode, I just want to get round and have fun doing it. M isn't running this one; he's my support crew and is planning on running to certain points on the route to cheer me on. I think I will probably need that!

I'll let you all know how it goes.

Have a great weekend everyone,

CT x


  1. Ooh is that the Ridgeway Revenge? Good luck with that, it looks awesome :-) So nice that the weather is a little cooler too. I'm off to do hill training on Butser hill. Gulp xx

  2. I really hope your run goes well and you're not too affected by the tail end of your cold.
    Thankfully the weather is going to be much more favourable. X

  3. Oh good luck with the run, I think the cool weather is due to last through the weekend. I'm hoping to run this weekend over a measured stretch of 5 k to see how I get on:) B x

  4. Fantastic- good to hear!
    Sorry to hear your friends fell over... it's a real shock at our age!
    Good luck and glad weather cooled!
    My mum said she'd been melting!
    Love ❤️

  5. It's so cold here in west Wales today I've put the heat on! I know that feeling well, although I don't run when I was able to either walk 5 miles each day or get to the gym, it was a real downer when I couldn't. Glad to hear you are back in the proverbial saddle again.

  6. Good luck over the weekend, glad your back running.

  7. Did 10km on wednesday evening - very hot that was! Much cooler and breezier today, might get a run in but struggling with an twinge of sciatica

  8. I've adapted training to fit the very hot weather. Yesterday's so-called dawn run, actually a 6:45 am start was a city trail 10km covered in 61 mins. Just a minute slower than planned, even with waiting for traffic lights to change and other hazards, but the last 2kms felt very hard.
    Maybe I've to start even earlier!

    Good luck with your rescheduled half. Hope it goes well. it took me a few days longer than two weeks before I felt in race form after my last cold.

    Maybe take it easy and see how it goes! You are allowed to stop before the end if you've had a cold.

  9. I can visualise EXACTLY where you ran. I used to walk my dogs there and in the grey days just after WWII, my parents lived in Cricket Camp with dad's mum and dad. I used to ride my pony around that way too so I can see it all so clearly.

    Glad you are able to run again and I hope you do well in this weekend's event.

    A fall does shake you up rather, though with my boobs, I wouldn't be falling quite flat on my face . . .

  10. First of all I finally figured out how to get you on my Blog list and not just my reading list. So the first thing I see today was Ted and his Smile. Yea Me !
    Good news you are feeling better and your running.
    We will only be 104 today down from the 118 on Tuesday.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  11. Some bugs just like to go on giving...I hope you can fully shake off yours very soon. x

  12. Ooh, exciting, glad you are back in the saddle and I hope you're back to full strength very soon. Good luck in the half marathon, I hope you enjoy it and it goes well. A good thing it has cooled down I think. CJ xx

  13. Good luck, hope the weather's good, great to be out and about, I bet.

  14. Good Luck - glad to hear you are back running :)


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