Saturday, 20 May 2017

What Ted Saw

Greetings Friends. Long time no woof. How are you all? Poppy and I are well. This week, while the sun shone, we decided to have a look round the garden and see what we could find. Poppy was Quite Happy for once just to follow me around, because she'd run 6 miles with mum in the morning and, while not quite tired out, was at least not as full of beans as usual. I had only run 3 miles before being returned home and fooled with a small pile of squid chews so I didn't notice mum and Pop going out again. Hmmm.

Anyway, this is what we found....

First of all we found a small fluffy UFO vibrating on the bird feeders.

Turns out it was a baby Coal Tit learning about the garden from his Mum.

Next we found a baby blackbird having a nice sit down on the fence....

Then Poppy suggested we went up to the pond and there we found a love-heart of blue damselflies....

And Mum's crab spider asleep on her flower....

We explored the potatoes growing in their sacks and found a dock bug sunbathing....

And then Poppy screamed, because a very large blue dragonfly had flown into the garden and settled down among Mum's anemones. Its wings waggled in the wind and it bounced up and down. I was Suspicious, and told her it was a bit early for dragons, but she wasn't comforted. She rushed indoors to get Mum who explained that Naughty Grandad had sneaked into the garden and left the dragons there as a surprise.

I calmed her down with a Goldfinch....

Then had to hurry her away before she ate this grey-haired mining bee, because we all know how Mum feels about bees being eaten......

Luckily, at that moment the GSW came in and had some suet......

And Pop was distracted enough to sit down for a bit and watch him.

After that we went back up to the pond and found two large red damels pretending to be one long one (although they didn't fool anyone, even Poppy knew they were two really).

Just as we were discussing this, a huge squawking started from the feeders. We rushed down the garden to see what was happening and found a large family of starlings there. The babies were shouting their heads off and the parents were looking harassed.

We calmed ourselves down by looking at this swollen-thighed flower beetle. Only the boys have fat legs, the girls are a good deal slimmer....

After all that I was exhausted and had to have a lie down on the grass in the sun to recover...

But Pop carried on looking and was Very Smug Indeed about finding this wasp beetle resting on an ox-eye daisy. Mum told her it was a type of Longhorn Beetle who spends years chewing dead wood before it emerges onto the flowers in our garden. Later I found Poppy chewing a stick. Honestly. Everyone knows she's a Jack Russel, not a Longhorn Beetle. The things I have to endure, I ask you!

Well, that's all from here for now. See you soon.

Ted x


  1. Oh My Goodness Ted ... I lurve you ! Look how handsome you are.
    Thank You so much for the tour of your garden and all that is in it.
    You are a great tour guide.

    cheers, parsnip
    i thehamish would be sharin' my chkikin if you ted share your squid

    1. You're on, thehamish. I'll send you some squid in exchange for some chikken. Ted.

  2. That's a busy afternoon indeed Ted. Love the wasp beetle, brilliant. I always learn a little something from you. Squid chews sound excellent, you do live the high life. You're looking very clean and shiny today. Nothing good around to roll in? CJ xx

    1. We went to mrs Danning three weeks ago CJ and I've been shiny ever since. Absolutely nothing awful to roll in anywhere. Ted x

  3. Thank you so much for the tour, Ted; I learnt so much. I must say you look especially handsome in the photos - it must be all those squid chews! Happy minibeast spotting. xx

    1. Thank you, Veggie Mummy. I think it is perhaps because there's been no wet fp to roll in for ages, sadly :o) xx

  4. Well what a treat Ted to see all the wonderful life in your garden! You are a great role model to Pops and you look so handsome!
    Thanks for the up date Ted... frankly staying home and eating treats sounds better to me.... I think you were the winner!
    Lots of love ❤️

    1. I hadn't thought of that, Aunty Sally. But you're right! I had more treats than Pop! Hope you're all well, human and furry family alike xx

  5. Thank you for those photos Ted - fascinating stuff. You are so lucky to live down there is the South. Up here in the North it is still daffodil time and the flowers you show are only in bud - and it is COLD

    1. It is amazing to us, Weaver, that you've still got daffs. Down here they faded a few weeks ago. Love to Tess and to you, Ted x

  6. What fantastic spot and photos, I really enjoyed your feast of nature. x

  7. Ted you are so knowledgeable and a very talented photographer...don't worry at not running the second three miles with Mum and must have been left to guard the house...a very important duty indeed...sending a good old chest scratch to you both...X

  8. Looking at the photos it really is a dog's life isn't it! As ever thanks for the nature notes.


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