Friday, 10 March 2017


I think I've got everything. Frankly, if I haven't it's too late now!

Following everyone's advice, The Kit consists of:

1. x2 pairs of running shoes, (Fell and Trail)
2. Shorts (with zip pocket at the back- this is meant for keys but mine will be housing a small family of jelly babies who may not live to see the end of the race. Their brave sacrifice will be duly honoured)
3. Long leggings (ditto zip pocket)
4. 3/4 length leggings (also with zip pocket)
5. Waterproof (from Ultimate Direction, extremely light, breathable and with properly sealed seams. Probably more than I'll need but I'm erring on the side of caution)
6. Vest top
7. Short-sleeved T
8. Long sleeved T
9. Thermal T
10. Race Number (and the all important x4 safety pins!)
11. Pack of Jelly Babies
12. GPS
13. Patella Bands
14. Hat
15. Gloves

Needless to say I won't be wearing all of this :o) At the mo the forecast is for mild weather with a few rain showers, so it'll likely be shorts or 3/4 leggings with a t-shirt and waterproof just-in-case. I'm thinking Fell shoes, because the fields here are very soggy and I don't fancy slipping off any cliffs! Thoughts from the runners among you please? There is some road, but most of it is off road. And I do love my Fell Shoes :o)

M is under strict instructions as regards recording the start (with around 2000 people taking part all crammed into the seafront it's quite a spectacle) and taking some photos to illustrate the race. He is Most Amused about the specific nature of the instructions but having experienced his videos before I am taking no chances. He keeps asking me whether I want an Interesting And Knowledgeable Voice over. I have said no, but I am very much afraid that he will do it anyway. 

The boys are aware they need to get up/ be hoiked out of bed in time to leave by 7 (L: What? on a Sunday?), and that they'll be out on the seafront to see me off and back again, regardless of the weather (L, with a mixture of hope and suspicion: Exactly how close is that to the cafe?), and the dogs know they are on Guard Duty at home.

There have been various manifestations of encouragement from friends. The nature of this divides broadly according to whether they are male or female. Shauna sent me a lovely encouraging email; Jo sent me some special muscle-recovery gel; M's friend Rob keeps teasing me about getting to Branscombe (4 miles in and where the Cub divides from the Grizzly) and deciding to run the Grizzly instead (at 20 miles and through various bogs he clearly has a higher opinion of my fitness than I do, either that or he's suffering from running-induced delirium); Lovely Matt has regailed us with stories of the first time he ran the race a few years back when he made himself so sick with nerves beforehand by looking at youtube videos he almost didn't run it, and Mike has said if he can run it, anyone can. Several of my friends have said I am mad, but I'm more than used to that :o)

Other than that there isn't much more to say. I ran a gentle three miles on Wednesday and had the last Physio session that afternoon and, apart from a few aches and pains, The Knees have been given the all-clear to run, so, baring any last-minute sick children or other disasters over which I have no control, we're all set to go.

I will report back afterwards....

Wishing you all a great weekend, whatever you are doing,

CT x


  1. think your brave, hope you enjoy.

  2. I think it's brilliant, I'm so excited for you. Very impressed that you have GPS, is this so you don't get lost on the run? Personally I would definitely go for the voice-over, there's nothing like a well-delivered commentary to add that extra little something. Wishing you good luck and that you have a fantastic time. CJ xx

    1. I think we may get the voice over, whether we want it or not 😆 . The gps is in my watch - it records my speed in kms per minute so I have an idea of pacing, and also distance covered so I can count down the miles! Hoping not to get lost. I haven't packed flares or a whistle.... perhaps I should! Think of me at 10.30 as we set off (and again at 12.30 when I'll probably be crawling across the finish!) xx

  3. Good luck, hope all goes well x

  4. Go Girl! I've a feeling fell shoes are your best bet; those cliff paths can be tricky and you need grip. Weather is looking better as long as fog doesn't come down 😉 . I will be willing you on and look forward to hearing all about it. Good luck. B xx

    1. I'm thinking fells too 👍. Thanks for the encouragement- it really helps out on the course. Xx

  5. Good luck with it, seems like it will be an awesome challenge!

  6. I can't wait for the voice over! Wishing you all the best for the run - I have every confidence in you and look forward to reading all about it. To paraphrase from 'Cabin Pressure' (John Finnemore's radio 4 programme): 'Jelly babies to manual and you go girl!' xx

  7. oooooh!! i'm so excited for you! and so incredibly proud to say that i know you. ;)

    have a wonderful time -- ENJOY YOURSELF --- and have a safe trip*.

    look forward to hearing all about it! xoxoxo

    * wot we say to jockeys as they start the post-parade. :)

  8. This year the cub next year the grizzly...who knows...have fun! x

  9. Good luck, good luck. Looks like you're prepared for anything. I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos. x

  10. Oh yes, we must have a David Colmanesque voiceover please. Good luck CT and hoping for good weather, good views and not too slippery underfoot.

  11. Good luck , I will be thinking of you. We all know how hard you have worked to get here. I was hoping to come down and watch but it is clashing with the community orchard. Hope you have some good running weather. Best wishes. Sarah x

  12. Good luck! Enjoy!
    You are running my old stomping ground! Xx


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