Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Question Of Hardware

I don't have a good track record with computers. They misbehave around me. I've been through three in the past year alone. I've tried (semi) expensive, I've tried middle-of-the-road and I've tried cheap and they've all gone the same way. The last-but-one kept shutting itself down mysteriously and completely without warning. It was in grave danger of being thrown at the wall so I passed it on to L with dire warnings of how rubbish it was. It's not misbehaved once since.

This brings to mind an old builder who once did some work for me when L was a tiny baby. He had a shock of red hair, a Father Christmas beard, a huge belly and was permanently covered in brick dust. He never wore a watch because he said every single one he'd ever owned had stopped working within a week of him putting it on. He put it down to his energy interfering with the battery.

My enduring memory of him is tied up with the health visitor arriving to see L. The visit didn't start well- the door knob came off in her hand and she tripped over a pile of bricks stacked up in the front room. She'd barely regained her footing before this hairy vision in brick dust leapt over the bricks, scooped her up in an enormous bear hug and planted the biggest lip-smacking kiss you've ever seen on her cheek. There was a long moment of startled silence before I explained that she was the health visitor come to see L, not the friend he'd mistaken her for.

M is on at me to get a MacBook. I have resisted so far because of the price, but when you tot up how much has gone on the ones that have stopped working I probably should have just got a Mac in the first place and been done with it.

I'm tempted because the only bit of hardware that has worked consistently for me for four years is my iPhone. It's getting rather elderly and the battery has just begun to misfire. My sis in law recently splurged on an iPhone 7 and sings its praises, especially the camera. Which is another consideration, because I find I don't use my SLR camera all that much anymore- it's just too easy to put a small phone in your pocket rather than lug a big piece of kit around. If I got an updated iPhone and a MacBook the two could talk to one another and there'd be no more cursing when photos refused to upload to computers..... My resistance to the idea is being worn down by circumstance.....

L likes to shake his head sagely whenever we discuss Apple, conveying in one worldy-wise gesture the superior tech-savvy knowledge of a teenager for whom Apple products fall way beneath the cool/ reliable/ value for money criteria he holds dear. No longer being a teenager and therefore long ago having abandoned cynicism-chic, I've been sitting here this afternoon while M trundles down to Exeter to return J to uni, looking at the various financially-painful Apple-Related options.

It's a good excuse to sit down. Although my legs have recovered from the 13 miler on Thursday (a reasonably-paced Parkrun yesterday proved it, during which time I made friends with an old boy with a Father Christmas beard and a barrel-chest - I'm seeing a worrying pattern developing here - who gave me some sage advice about marathon training), the rest of me hasn't. I'm feeling tired so an easy afternoon seems just the ticket. M did a cross country championship race yesterday and fell over in the mud. They announced it on the loud hailer. Several hundred people heard. Honestly.

Maybe if I write some more nice things about Apple they'll give me a phone and computer for free?

Hope all are well,

CT :o)


  1. I'm in the apple basket already...mac book iPad and phone...but they work...eldest was sceptical once upon a teen ogre but she now owns an iPad and iPhone. Big sigh! x

  2. We have been an apple family since the nineties. I always hated my school computer ( not apple )because it wasted so much of my life. I now rely on cast offs from my children. Both iPhones and MacBooks. It says everything that their old hand me downs still work every time with me. Do most of my posts on an iPad but obviously upload camera photos onto MacBook. If you can afford it you won't be sorry. B x

  3. Pssssst because you have a child at Uni, they get student discount at Apple - just need them to be with you when you buy it to show their student id x

  4. It's definitely worth a try, it wouldn't matter quite so much if it went wrong if it was free. x

  5. Hey there!
    I have an iPhone as do both our children but my husband has some other random phone!
    We love our iPhones and the cameras are v good! I take all my photos with it!
    However the quality you get with your photos is excellent with your camera!
    As for computers- my son has an iPad and daughter some random and both been faultless!
    Matter of personal preference!
    Enjoy the search! Xx

  6. i have, in the past, drunk the Apple-flavoured Kool-Aid...i was a devout convert, i scorned all things not-Apple.

    As far as the hardware goes -- they are extremely long-wearing. I had a third-hand, refurbished MacBook and i loved it with all my heart. It soldiered valiantly on....until it suddenly dropped dead without warning. At which point, unless i ponied up the dosh for another Apple device, I lost everything. Trapped in the Cloud, or something. There, and yet, utterly unattainable. i can still see my photos...i just can't get to them...

    The beauty and the menace of Apple is that it's deviously exclusive. It quietly corrals you into this exquisite software prison....locking you into eternal servitude to all-things Apple.

    I suppose i could've avoided my own crisis by a) not only backing up to the Cloud or b) sucking it up and handing over the dosh for a new Macbook. As to option (a) - it's rather more difficult than it ought to be to back up things like photos to anything other than the apple photostream <-- convenient?(thankfully, my writing files are backed up in about a trillion different ways) and with option (b) it was sorely tempting...oh, so very tempting...but then it was a matter of principle. I didn't enjoy feeling *forced* into brand loyalty. Especially as i'd already been feeling the chafe of the Apple software chains elsewhere.

    I think the company started to slide after the demise of Steve Jobs, to be honest. The whole Constant Newness and Latest Versions really grate my cheese..thinking of the huge and growing pile of discarded electronics lying in a great toxic heap....


    i didn't quite mean to Go On. Anyway -- don't let me deter you, if you've got your heart set...i still use my ancient and doddering old iPhone 4 (despite it's inability to update the current software....see what i mean?). I'm probably just bitter or something. ;)

    As an interesting aside, girl-child has a similar issue with headphones/ear-buds...she's gone through several pairs of ear-buds (including a set of mine which i'd had for years and worked just fine) and then her new bluetooth headphones she just got for Chrimbo. The right side seems to just stop working. I told her she must have weird electric impulses shooting out of her right ear.

    happy decisioning!! xoxo

    1. Using Apple I have photos on the cloud but the important ones I send to my photo folder which is just on the Mac and then I regularly back that up onto a separate hard drive. Most devices now have some type of cloud sharing . It's just up to us how we save it . B

  7. It takes me a long time to send a photo to Gmail then download it and then blog it. I know there must be an easy way to do it but so far I haven't found it. This is something I want to try to do this year.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Technology going wrong scares me. I had to perform the "Turn It Off Then Turn It Back On Again" manoeuvre the other day when my laptop had a glitch. I have had two HP laptops (since about 2001 I think) and they've done well. Good luck with whatever you decide on. CJ xx

  9. I agree with CJ - turn off and back on ....... and if that doesn't work, try thumping it! My grandmother couldn't wear a watch either - they invariably stopped working within a few days and it was nothing to do with the winding. I've just returned from dropping E off at Bristol uni too - the house suddenly seems far too quiet. I think I'll go and pop the radio on and bash a few pans around whilst making dinner. Good luck with the technology. xx

  10. I also have tried all the other tablets, pc's, etc.....however I can tell you this. I teach basic phones, computers, tablets to seniors......I am talking people in their 80's.....easiest thing to teach and so user friendly are Apple products. Yep, yah pay more, but you will never look back...and yes, interface each other so and video alone are so lovely...I hardly carry my big ole camera with great lenses any more, when it is so easy with my iPhone 7 plus.....if we were neighbours, I would so enjoy dropping over and telling you so much more. My Mum always said....." you get what you pay for". My Seniors love their iPads 😀

  11. Loved your blog and have made it Haynets Blog of the Day! Come and take a look:

  12. Hope you get it all sorted, tech is wonderful - and at times wonderfully irritating isn't it!


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