Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Sewing Sale And Almost Back To Running

Last night was the Sewing Sale at my friend Kate's house. She'd made some gorgeous cakes (chocolate, carrot, apple) and I'd done lemon drizzle and chocolate fudge. When I arrived, the fire was lit, the kettle was on and at 6.30 our friends began to arrive.

I've known Katie since our children were babies (they now range between 15 and 20) and we both know each other's friends and families so it was really nice to catch up with so many of them last night.

M can not understand ladies inviting one another round to their houses to buy things one of them has made/ is selling and to eat cake, drink tea and chatter, but we were all happy as bees round a honey pot. There were lots of jokes about hot flushes and poor memories and the need to do regular yoga in order to be able to get out of bed without clicking and crunching each morning, along with the wry acknowledgement that when we first all knew each other our idea of a good night out was boozing and clubbing. Sewing, tea and cake came way a long way down the list (if indeed they ever featured at all.) How times change. 

When we decided to do the sewing sale back in the summer we agreed we'd use it to support the Samaritans as I have a connection with them, but a couple of days ago Kate texted me to say a friend of hers had been killed on her way to work so we decided to split the proceeds between Sams and the Wiltshire Air Ambulance who'd airlifted her to hospital. It's so sudden, something like that, isn't it? So arbitrary. One minute on your way to work the way you've done it for years and the next, gone. We explained why we were adding the second charity and people were generous and left donations as well as buying bunting, bags and pencil cases, so we have a reasonable amount to give to each.

When I got home L asked me to make him some gingerbread biscuits. He is eating me out of house and home again (must be a growth spurt) so I've spent this morning doing that. 44. I wonder how long they will last? Bells, Christmas Trees and People. You're never too old (or too cool) for shaped gingerbreads, eh? I don't think I put enough spice in them as they're a wee bit sugary for my taste, which doubtless makes them perfect for a teenage lad :o)

I have a poorly husband at home. M, who never gets sick, came down with my bug over the weekend and has been running an on/off temperature ever since. He makes a worse patient than me as he hates sitting still. No running or cycling for him all week and he's about ready to climb the walls.

Fortunately, I think the lurgy is at long last leaving me. It's two weeks today since I started to go downhill so it's about bloomin' time. I am hoping to pick up running again over the weekend. Still coughing a bit but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting back out to pounding the fields. I have my first 5 mile race coming up in three weeks and I was expressing concern to running chum Sue last night about my capacity to do it. She said I'd be fine, given where I'd got to recently. Coming from someone who does ultra endurance runs and skips round the 3 mile Parkrun in under 22 minutes barely pausing for breath and then runs home afterwards I'll take that as set in stone :o)

Hope you're all well? The weather's improved in the UK. Still windy but no longer dark and gloomy, hooray!

CT :o)


  1. Much lighter here too today although very cold and also cloudy.Glad to hear your bug is going - these tings have to take their course - tell that to poor suffering hubby.

  2. I must say your sewing sale sounds like a lovely idea, especially in support of a charity this time of year. I am down with the lurgy too, feeling very bored and down with myself-that is until I read your post. Terrible to hear about your friend's friend, so so sad. Time to get things into perspective, methinks. I can't wait to hear about your run-you will glide round I an sure!

  3. I know how he feels, I myself hate being confined to barracks. I'm trying to run, but struggling with the dark and cold at night, and the terrible weather by day

  4. Hey CT,
    What a lovely evening you must have had! I'm off to Nacledra craft fair tomorrow evening with Olly. Like you, the idea of being out boozing past my bedtime is a thing of the past. I maybe over indulge once a year, and suffer for weeks. Glad to hear you are picking up, but sorry for hubby going down. There is scarlet fever doing the rounds here. Hopefully Olly won't succumb; he's been picking up everything going lately. Growth spurts all round here too. Eat, slouch, eat, sleep is the mantra around here at the moment. You'll ace the five mile run. I'm now running a steady five miles three times a week, and a couple of shorter, faster ones too. Aiming to build up to six miles by Xmas..
    Leanne xx

  5. Your sewing sale looks wonderful, something there for everyone. Your charities will be super pleased. I've been to an art/craft sale for cystic fibrosis today with some fab cakes also and if I'd had a bit more time, I might have had some soup. Love all this homemade aid. x

  6. Wait til you see my biscuit cutter, it's shaped like a sausage dog! It's a new thing, haven't tried it yet. We will all be squealing when the biscuits are done. Sorry your other half is ill now. Hopefully he'll be on the mend very soon. I went for a run yesterday morning, quite pleased with myself. Although the boys always tell me they can walk faster than I run. Sigh. I need to try a bit harder I think. The cake and sewing sounds brilliant. Glad you had a good evening. CJ xx

  7. What a fabulous looking sale - sounds a bit like an old-fashioned bring and buy but with extra special cakes. Good to hear you're almost better -take it easy on the first few runs, especially the uphill bits which can be quite taxing on a poorly chest.

  8. Your sewing sale and cakes sound perfect to me - I'll take that over an alcoholic binge any day. Glad you're feeling better and I hope hubby improves soon. I had a week off running owing to my bad back and I had to force myself to get out there again; it seems really easy to get out of the routine. I'm glad that I made the effort though. I have no doubts that you will romp the 5 miles easily. Enjoy those delicious looking biscuits. xx

  9. Glad you were able to raise so much, but sad , sad news. It's lovely when a gaggle of women get together. Bet there was lots of laughter. Good luck with your next run and hope your husband is up and about soon. B x

  10. I am quite envious of your sewing sale! It has all the good things - cake , err cake and oh yes cake! Besides that your money raised goes to two great charities! I'm sorry to hear about the lady that died! V sad and tragic! Kind thoughts to all those involved!
    I do hope M gets better soon and quite right about teenage boys..... eating machines!
    I went to a Twilight Market at C's school - with C! Beautiful craft and jewellery and clothes dyed organically! ( I splurged on a new shirt) - but best was fresh cooked calamari and a stall selling rocky road made with Oreos! 👌
    Enjoy all the festive fun and I do hope you are attending an eccentric drinks do again! I laughed so hard at last years blog!
    Maybe do it from Ted's perspective this year!
    Love to all and glad you are better! 😘

  11. ooooh! cake and sewn things!! sounds a perfectly lovely way to spend an afternoon! made even more so by the donation to two worthy charities.

    that's horribly tragic about that woman's death. So sudden. it really is perspective-altering.

    girl-child was telling me about a boy in her class who comes from a family of five boys and all i could think was, "good grief! how do they manage to feed them!!" :)


  12. You made me smile to read how times have changed for you and your friends! That's a good way of raising money and enjoying yourselves. Sorry M has gone down with that horrible bug now, hope he is now feeling much better. Sarah x


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