Friday, 25 November 2016

Guess What......?

I'm back to running! I did a mile and half down the lane with the dogs just now. I went steady and it was fine! Not out of breath, not coughing like mad, not tired. I am sooo tempted to do Parkrun tomorrow, but I will be good (I expect) and take the dogs round the three mile off-road field loop instead.

I haven't had time to reply to comments from the last post, so thank you all for leaving them. Well dones are due for Leanne (regular 5 miles is brilliant, you'll smash six before you know it), Veggie Mummy (go, girl! So glad your back is better and you're back at it), CJ (woop! woop! Out running! And who cares how fast, running is the thing!), Shauna (excellent! I'm so pleased it's going well!).

I'll leave you with two things. 1) My friend Katie has got a sewing machine! She said she was inspired by the sewing sale :o). I have been through my stash and sorted her a huge bag full of odds and ends of fabric and a few zips for good measure. 2) here is a divine choc brownie recipe that I have been working on for years by refining and adding various tweaks. It's gooey and fudgey and keeps for ten days at least (if it lasts that long). Let me know what you think if you try it.

225g chocolate bar (I use milk but you could do dark if you want it richer and more bitter)
4oz butter
2 eggs
2oz plain flour
1tsp baking powder
1-2oz cocoa powder (depending how rich you like it)
4oz muscovado sugar
1-2oz chocolate drops

1. Melt chocolate bar and butter in a glass bowl over a saucepan with boiling water in it until combined.
2. Off heat stir in all the other ingredients.
3. Add the choc chips last and stir slightly to make sure they're all covered in the mixture but haven't melted.
4. Pour into a lined 22cm square tin.
5. Bake at 165 degrees for 20 mins approx. (Don't over cook. It should be springy in the middle and a skewer stuck in should come out clean).
6. Cool on a wire rack and cut into bars.
7. Gorge!

I'm a little grumpy about the changes Blogger has made to the dashboard. I can't see your new blog posts or comments without clicking through three different stages. Grrr. What does everyone else think? I suppose I shall get used to it.

Wishing you all a nice weekend,

CT :o)


  1. I'm not impressed with the blogger changes either. What was wrong with the way it was?

  2. Good on you to get back out there. Something tells me that park run is beckoning. Wish I was at home to try the brownies but I'm having a quick 5 minutes feet up before I head out on the town! Try clicking on reading list at the bottom of blogger menu. That takes you to your blog list. I don't think it's as good either! Good luck tomorrow. Take it steady :) B x

  3. I have not come across any blogger changes - have they not reached me yet?
    Dare not try that choc recipe - I have to keep my weight stable because of my bad ankle and would definitely not be able to resist it.

  4. Why are they always messing about with things which are fine already? The banks are just as bad. x

  5. So glad you're back running, and thank you for the encouragement. I am intending to go running again tomorrow. Hope you get on well with your off-road loop. How lovely that your friend has been inspired to get a sewing machine. I had a bit of an altercation with mine earlier but all is well now. I'm on the home stretch of a double quilt, just the binding to do which is my favourite bit. I love taking the pins out at the end and having it all soft and scrumptious. I view blogs via Bloglovin so I don't think I use blogger in the same way as you. Sounds annoying though, I do hate when things change but not for the better. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. Hi CT; thank you for the mention. I'm so glad that you can run without all the coughing. Yes, I'm also very cross with the changes to Blogger. I want new posts from others to appear as my default page, not my own posts! I have sent them some very grumpy feedback. Hopefully, if enough people complain, they may put things back how they were. Grr! xx PS. The brownie recipe looks delicious - I may have to try it this weekend!

  7. So so glad you are back running again!!! I hate the new blogger, my reading list pops up in giant type on my phone screen. Now I may be having hot flushes but do not need this large print quite just yet. I may have to console myself with those brownies..;)

  8. Happy your back ! just be careful.
    Was surprised by blogger but then I am always surprised by blogger.
    I looked at mine and it is on Dashboard, all my post show up but on the left is my list of stuff you can do, at the bottom is the Reading list. So for me it is only 2 clicks. Thank Goodness.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. At first I thiought wh make changes to a good system and I thought my dashboard had disappeared, then i found by 1 click on reading list we were back in business and I like the way yu can quickly click back uinto view you own blog. Take the runing easy love the legs shot. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. A friend of mine runs for 60 minutes 100 times a year. He's 75 and still going strong.

  11. Impressed with the running. Blogger is driving me nuts. They have discontinued the app for IPad, which means I can't blog when we are away. And as you say, messed up the dashboard. They no longer post a notification red blob when someone leaves a comment.. Am thinking of getting computer man (why always men) to help me migrate to Wordpress but sounds so scary...

  12. Yes, I am upset with blogger too, dont fix what ain't broke!!!!! Good to hear you are out and about. Do not stress your system just yet - recovery is more important. RIGHT

  13. The brownie recipe looks delicious and perfect comfort food for a cold and wet winter afternoon.
    (I don't like the blogger changes either).

  14. I'm trying to play catch up so nice to see that I come back to you running again!!

    The brownee recipe sounds lovey!!

    I really struggled when I opened up blogger but I think I am getting the hang of it now...I guess we all have to adapt to change but doesn't mean we have to like it!!

  15. I am most dismayed with the blooger changes I couldn't find you so had to google you! Well done on the running and the lack of coughing. x

  16. It must be good to return to running. I will be trying that chocolate brownie recipe. I don't like the changes blogger have made either. I don't why they have to change things! Sarah x


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