Friday, 21 October 2016

Ted's Diary

Hello Friends!

How are you all? I am Very Well and so is Poppy (although she is still naughty- of course).

We have had an Eventful Week. Mum and Dad abandoned us. I knew it was coming because I watched The Bags being brought downstairs and got that sinking feeling that every dog and cat knows when their people are about to abandon them. I have told mine lots of times that I don't like it when they go away. I really thought I had made the point sufficiently well last time for them to understand (I cried all night long and kept my Boy awake) and that they wouldn't do it again. Clearly, I was WRONG.

Poppy and I went to stay with Grannie and our Westie cousins (Dylan and Dougal) and my Boy came with us. Before Mum and Dad left, I made certain to lie right in the middle of doorways looking disconsolate staring at the wall. It didn't work. Dad just said oh dear Teddy and ruffled my head before stepping over me and Mum told me to man up! Can you believe it?!

I spent the first night crying in Grannie's kitchen (until she came downstairs and asked me to stop). On the second night I only cried a little bit, but on the third I trod on a dying wasp and it stung my paw and boy did it hurt! I sat on Grannie's lap (on the sofa- don't tell Dad) with a blown up paw and cried and cried and shook and shivered. I was so beside myself I couldn't even eat supper and said no thank you very politely to Grannie in a small, sad voice when she brought me my biscuits.

My boy texted Mum in Ireland to tell her about the sting and the Supper Refusal but it was still another day before they came home!

When they got back I decided the best way to show how cross I was about them going was to continue my hunger strike. Dad didn't notice at all so that would have been hopeless except luckily Mum was there, because, as we all know, Mums notice absolutely everything. This can sometimes be annoying, like when you've accidentally caught a pigeon and don't know what to do with it and there are tell-tale feathers in your beard, or when there is Something Interesting dead in the verge but you aren't allowed to stop and sniff it.because Mum knows you'll also try and roll in it. 
She asked Dad to sit with me and give me a reassuring cuddle while she carried on making their supper. Dad said will that work? in a sceptical sort-of voice but Mum just smiled and said yes in a knowing sort-of voice that made me determined that it wouldn't.

I was enjoying the attention and worse still my tummy was starting to rumble terribly and I really thought I was going to give in and start eating. I had just strengthened my resolve to hold out at least till morning when Poppy, who had gulped her food down in one go (because she never worries about anything), appeared and started nosing about my bowl making I'm going to eat this if you don't type noises. Well I wasn't prepared to carry the point into ridiculous territory was I? So I made a small growl, licked Dad's noise and quickly ate my supper. I was quite hungry by then.

I have now fully recovered from being abandoned and am back to shouting at the postman, and anyone else who comes within barking range and eating whatever's put in front of me straight away. I'm confident that this time, I have made my point clearly and there will be no further abandonings.

After all that was out the way, we went out running with Mum, who did her second 10k this week after a couple of runs without us in Ireland. Dad was competing in the Skibbereen Adventure Race in Western Cork- it took him nearly FIVE HOURS to run, cycle and canoe the course and Mum was convinced he'd splatted himself on the roads, which are very lumpy bumpy and full of hills. Mum was marshalling so she enjoyed watching and encouraging the athletes and as a result, wasn't too exhausted to enjoy her Murphys in the pub that night :o) Dad is half Irish and his family come from Western Cork which Mum says is the most beautiful place on Earth. She fell in love with Dad's cousin's puppy while she was there. She said it looked just like Pop and that she was tempted to bring it home. I am glad she didn't because I think we'll all agree that one Poppy is enough, frankly.

Pop has a special harness everyone calls her Bra for when we go running. This is to protect her neck because she is Eager and likes to rush about in front. Mum suddenly announced on her return from Ireland that she's brought me a harness too, because I get distracted on runs and like to stop for a wee or a poo or to sniff interesting smells and she's worried about my neck getting wrenched. I am in two minds about this. On the one paw, I always try to put my head through Poppy's bra (harness) before she can, and have wanted one of my own for ages. On the other, I am very much afraid that everyone will call my harness a Bra too. Can you imagine the mortification? Imagine if we're going running with friends and Mum calls out Ted! It's time to put your Bra on. I am in a slight sweat of dread about the whole thing. Can I ask you, my dearest Bloggy Pals, to encourage her not to tease me about it, please, and just to call it a harness and not Ted's Bra?

Anyway, that's about all the news from here. The badgers have dug up a bee or wasps nest by the side of the lane. It's miles underground so how on earth they knew it was there Lord only knows. Poppy has just got into trouble for trying to eat a bee and Mum says can I tell you all that she did her first proper Yoga class yesterday and as a result can not lift her arms up today :o) We hope you are all well.

Lots of Love,

Teddy x


  1. Teddy, you really do have a tendency to dramatise things. Come on, be a man, Mum and Dad going away? Alright, but they always return, so you just have to learn to put up with it. It could be worse, you could be put in horrible kennels.
    Glad you are recovered though.

  2. Oh Ted I lurve you !
    Thank you for all the news.
    A show I watch, Midsomer Murders, the people were going on a trip and was going to leave their gud dug at a borders. At the first one he barked so much he kept all the other dogs upset. He was told not to come back.
    At the second borders he escaped and was waiting at the front door when it was opened. Do Not Do This but they ended up all going on a car vacation together.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. is not a bra...Mum has probably just told Poppy it is to make her feel all grown up...It is a harness that will stop your head popping off if you stop too suddenly and Mum keeps running. Don't tell this to Poppy though...she might get upset. x

  4. Oh Ted I understand how upset you've been. My two cats who I'm sure you would love to tease have been missing me too while I'm away. Sorry about your sting but I'm glad you are now eating. Think how grown up you'll feel to have your own harness. Glad your mum is keeping up the training and I empathise with her yoga aches and pains :) B xx

  5. Oh dearest Teddy, I'm soo glad that you manage to grab the keyboard every now and then to tell us all about your amazing adventures! You always makes me smile and laugh; thank you <3
    My furbabies send their greeting barks too!

  6. Poor poor Ted, it is terrible to be abandoned so! Im glad you have fully recovered from the trauma.Anyway, its not a bra but a manly harness to protect your poor neck. Hope your Mum has some pics of Skibber to share once her arms get better, West Cork is one of the most beautiful places in all the world especially when accompanied with the Murphy's! :-)

  7. Wow Ted you poor thing, abandoned and stung. Can it get any worse. Glad you are A okay now!
    Yoga...good for mum...tell her to just keep on keeping on with it and the aches will go. Downward dog is one you can show her with authority. Enjoy it all xxxx

  8. Ted I a glad now thngs are more or less back to normal and i DO HOPE your Mum is clever eough not to call your harness a bra, that would be very embarassing

  9. Goodness, that was a week full of drama. I'm very glad your people are back, how appalling that they went off without you and Pops. And the wasp! Poor you. I had a particularly bad incident with a wasp once so I can sympathise. I don't remember stopping eating though. I probably had extra to make up for it. Well done Dad on the triathlon, I am massively impressed, and well done Mum on the second 10k, ditto. I had a bee's nest on the allotment a while back and the badgers dug the most amazing deep and narrow hole, a u-shaped one, to get at them. Their digging skills are second to none. I do hope the new harness doesn't hinder your ability to roll in the good stuff, and that Mum doesn't embarrass you in it. I am certain you will look elegant and dignified. Have a good weekend. Get a bit of cheese if you can. CJ xx

  10. Oh Ted, wasp stings are horrid - your poor paw! I'm so glad that Mum and Dad are now back to give you all the sympathy you deserve. Congratulate them on their amazing running for me. Have fun over the weekend and I'm sure you'll rock that new HARNESS! xx

  11. Oh your poor paw. Ouch. Glad you're back to full strength. Now, my mum says you're not to listen to me but I have a new bright orange harness (so my people can see me in the bracken) and I am Not Impressed at all. Mum took me out for a Dry Run yesterday at home and it felt all funny. Last night we all drove to the Lake District, one of my favourite places, and just now Dad tried to take me out for a run in the harness. I Was Not Having That and refused to budge until Dad brought me back and put my proper walking collar on! That showed him. Mum tutted at his Giving In. My mum says a big Well Done to your people for all their sporting achievements. Woofs, Cassie x

  12. Dearest Teddy - I have read your tale of woe to my Jack and he says, he didn't last as long as you with the abandonment issue, but is glad you are all back to normal. Unfortunately, my Jack also has a "Bra", as problem is same here and it all works out well....Mommy here calls it a super harness, cause i am in such a rush to GO :) lol

  13. Harry sends huge sympathy about the wasp sting and knows all about The Signs of going away, which is always done without consulting him. Harry also has a harness and hopes the name for Poppy's won't give any ideas to his household, but then he's too old for long walks now, so there's not much chance of being embarrassed anymore. Congratulations on all the running - and in such a beautiful place, too.

  14. really sorry for your trouble dear and hope you feel better soon .
    your dog looks very intelligent


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