Monday, 11 July 2016

Ted's Post: When The Doggy Cousins Came To Stay

Last week, our cousins came to stay. We were Four Dogs In The House for two days and a night :o)

Dougal is my age (a noble seven), and Dylan is Poppy's (a puppyish two and a half). The best bit about them coming to stay is that they always bring their own beds, which are softer, cleaner and fluffier (and more tartan) than ours. We always make a bee-line for them, even though we weren't especially tired when they got here and I could hear rats and pigeons outside..... 

Dylan and Dougal were far too busy sniffing interesting smells in our garden to notice that we'd fallen asleep in their beds...

Which was lucky. After a nice, restorative nap, we joined them for a sniff about (even though we already know all the garden smells really well. It doesn't do not to stamp some authority on your own garden when Other Dogs are about, even if they happen to be your cousins and you know them really well)....

Poppy decided that she wanted to play ball. She doesn't want anyone else to have her ball though and generally keeps a very beady eye on it at all times, even with me...

Dylan (who follows Pop everywhere) and Dougal wanted to join in the game. Pop makes her feelings about this known. She is Very Clear who the ball belongs to and explains the rules at the outset, least there be any confusion. And if there is Mum is there as umpire to mediate.

I don't think it was much of a game for Dylan and Dougal because they weren't really allowed to get near the ball, despite their best efforts, as you can see.....

She is very possessive of it.

I find the whole ball-game thing a little beneath my dignity, frankly. I'd much rather snooze on the grass, while keeping a weather eye on things, just in case....

After a while even Dylan got bored. He unearthed a tennis ball from beneath the apple tree seat instead....

Poppy was relieved and took the opportunity to hide her ball in the flowers when no-one was looking....

Then when Dyls and Doog went to look for it, she distracted everyone's attention by larking about and finally leaping on Dylan. I have tried to explain that this isn't ladylike behaviour, but what can I say? She's a Jack Russell (say no more)....

I'm still more interested in lying on the grass in the sun, to be honest. I feel it befits my status as Senior Dog of the Family....

After that we were all Very Tired, and we all went indoors for a nap. No prizes for guessing where Pop and I slept.....

Dylan and Dougal didn't feel the same way about our beds and slept on the floor under the table. 
Sadly, when Grannie came to collect them the next day, despite my best efforts (ie staging a protest lie-in on one) she took the beds away (after Mum had tipped me off. Which I thought was very below-the-belt to be honest).

Hope you are all well my friends? Perhaps you could encourage Mum to buy me and Pop a new bed each via the comments :o)

Love, Teddy XX


  1. How funny to see them together. They look like they get along really well. I do love the tartan beds, they look very snuggly to me. Time for some new beds, before they revolt on you? Haha. Fun post.

  2. Oh now come on I whole heartedly agree with you buddy, mum MUST get you and Poppy new thicker and comfier beds...

  3. I am pretty sure that Mum could sew you and Poppy a new cover each for your beds! Then you could get your lovely comfy bed just with a new fluffy cover! That would be good wouldn't it. Glad you had a fun time with your cousins and that they were polite about sharing their beds. xx

  4. softer and cleaner? - oh yes! - that's only fair ...

  5. Well you definitely must have new beds exactly like those, you are absolute perfection against a tartan backdrop. How fun to have a sleepover with your chums and cousins. Glad they enjoyed a full range of new smells in the garden. Maybe someone will get them a ball like Poppy's. It's not likely they'll ever get a go on one otherwise. Sharing is such a tricky thing isn't it. Plenty around here who cannot bring themselves to do it. Hope you have a good week. I hear it is a good year for pigeons. You're in luck! CJ xx

  6. Dear Ted,

    When viewing the beds side-by-side, it's quite clear that yours and Pop's are really more *mats* as opposed to *beds* and so really, you'd be quite within reason to suggest new ones so that you could choose the softness level required for your particular napping needs at any given time. Also, I quite understand Poppy's need to keep a close paw on her ball. After all, what belongs to a dog, belongs to a dog and really, cousins or not, it's just not okay to try and hone in on a dog's stuff and it's, quite frankly, a bit off of them to even imagine they ought to have a turn with the ball. Just saying. love, Emma-dog.

  7. Hey Ted,
    I'd offer you my doggy bed, but it's rather floral. I never sleep in it AT ALL.It's washed very regularly, and always smells cotton fresh. I much prefer the sofa, but apparently there are new ones coming, and I won't be allowed on them. The cheek! Watch this space, dear Ted. I intend to scupper their plans.
    Honey xx

  8. Those beds do look really comfy. Nice to be out in the garden messing about with chums. :-)

  9. dear ted and naughty poppy your nice tall person who doesn't get you gud beds needs' to talkin' to nice tall person who feeds us
    i thehamish is havin' lots of gud pillow to sleep on
    if i thehamish is wanting to sleep on the same pillow i thehamish just snuggles in
    you come to i thehamish home

    cheers i thehamish

  10. You lucky things to have your cousins to stay. What fun and games you had and sleeping on such beautiful beds...well you had to send them home with something...your smells!
    What a great sleepover you all had. Love xxx

  11. Dear Ted,
    I'm with Mel. Frankly I'm appalled at the lack of squishiness in your beds. Someone should have a word with your mum, as I've heard she's pretty awesome at sewing and could make you something much more comfy!
    It's lovely to hear from you
    Love Rachel X

  12. What fun to have so many Westies together. I always recognise my fellow dogs and go up to say hello. Poppy was right in guarding her ball, to share it would be unthinkable. The cousins beds look very comfortable. I think you should help choose a new one. Tavi xx

  13. Hi ted So lovely that you took the time to tell us about your time with your cousins and I am glad you enjoyd their visit. Now I deffinitly think you Mum SHOULD either buy or make you and Poppy tartan beds. I am sure shsse will read these comments and enough pressure will be applied to shame her into it!! let us know the outcome as I see everyone about say basically the same things. We are routing for you both.

  14. Well Ted, I was just thinking this morning that i hadn't heard from you lately regarding pigeon watch. But I see you've had a lot on your plate recently, plus you had to get some decent rest on a comfy bed whilst you had the chance. It must be awful to have to sleep on thin scraps of fabric which you normally do. I'm sure Mum must have taken the hint now and will get you and Pop a plumpshish new bed each very soon.


  15. Dear Ted,

    Fergus here, checking in all the way from Canada. I definitely think you should get a new dog bed. Then when I come to visit I'll have a nice place to sleep. I don't blame you for staying out of that silly ball game. Poppy is never going to share, but then, after all, what can you expect from such a lowly breed? :-)

  16. More Westies! How lovely. I have to concur with the others – your beds do look rather on the flat side and I'm sure your mum could easily whip up a couple of deluxe beds as she is so handy with a sewing machine :-) xx

  17. Hi Ted, perhaps you should ask Santa Paws for a lovely new tartan bed for Christmas; they certainly look very snuggly. I'm so glad that you had such fun with your chums. Happy snoozing. xx

  18. You write the best blog posts in blogger land, Ted!!! Congrats on your new beds, by the way:))) Glad mummy got the hints:)))


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