Wednesday, 13 July 2016

An Update From Ted: Good News And A Video Of Me And Pop Playing Football Last NIght

New Beds!!!

My Dear Friends, the Best of news: Mum returned from the school run this morning clutching two bags of food (hopeful sniffing revealed the contents were disappointing- watercress, rice cakes, apples, ice cream, croissants, olives and August's Country Living magazine) and some fat balls for the birds. Her second journey back from the car was more exciting. She came in with two NEW BEDS for Poppy and me!!!!!!

All your cajoling on my last post worked! So Thank You Very Much Indeed. Pop and I will sleep snug and comfy tonight. 

We have already had a play fight on them....

Trying them out for Durability and Bounce...

Nice to see Poppy looking suitably worried for once at my Inner Wolf...

The beds stood up to it well. So, we'll no longer be forced to share the one marginally comfy bed that we hadn't squashed into a *mat* (thanks Emma Dog)...

Instead, I shall be enjoying more of this....

It goes some way to making up for the fact that I had a haircut with Mrs Danning yesterday. It also means we now have comfy beds to offer Fergus, Honey, Emma Dog, Tavi and thehamish should they ever find themselves in Hampshire.

I'll leave you with a short video of Poppy and my football game in the garden last night. You'll be able to hear for yourselves the gremlin-like noises she makes over her ball, but I think I did quite a good job of wrestling it from her and my barking definitely made it plain I was in charge (for once) :o)

I must dash- I've got hours of comfortable snoozing ahead, interspersed with the odd bit of pigeon watching and rat chasing.

Hope you're all well,

Love from Ted xx


  1. Those new beds look comfy Ted, me and Nelly convinced our servant 'John' to get us a bed each but when he's not looking we snuggle up in the same one. Good look with the snoozing and chasing I'm still figuring out how to John's new wallet after we ate his last one the other week....Love from Bramble Bear

  2. Great new beds Teddy!! Hope you enjoy snuggling on them - and playing with them too! Looks as though you and Poppy had great fun in the garden together, but gosh, you are right, she does make a lot of noise about her ball doesn't she! xx

  3. I saw a lot of hand-balls going on. Oh well, I suppose it is better than the other sort of fouling.

  4. HI Ted I am so glad your Mum listened to us you new beds and bought you new bed adn theylook very comfy and I do like the design. You 2 look cute resting together and I think you can play very good football.

  5. Looks like you both love your new beds :) and I loved the video!!

  6. Fabulous :-) x

  7. Good news, I'm sure you will enjoy your new beds! I thought Ted didn't like the big ball. He looks very smart after his hair cut we just need some warm weather now!

  8. Dear Ted and poppy love the new beds !
    Thank you so much for the video of the wonderful football game.
    So much fun.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  9. Fab beds, you'll have to watch out when your doggy visitors come round again! :-)

  10. Oh my, those are very nice beds indeed, well done you. And such a sleek smart haircut to go with the new bed. You are certainly living the high life. Re the shopping, I wouldn't rule out the croissant and a fat ball. Excellent football skills, I can see there are hours of fun to be had out of that. Imagine if a rat and a pigeon joined in too. CJ xx

  11. Hurray for new beds! They look super-comfy and very stylish; just like your new haircut! xx

  12. Ok Ted n Poppy,
    What would you like us all to campaign for next?!!

  13. Dearest Ted & Poppy

    I think you should forward your video to the England Soccer Manager....he will sign you up for sure!!!
    Better than the daft lot who got beaten by Iceland!!!
    Comfy beds should help with the after match aches!
    Loving your work..
    Sally, Ed & Murray xxx

  14. Oh Ted you're beds look very fancy and I'm very impressed with your football skills - Poppy too. Rocky hound scampered after a pigeon this morning, he would just like you to know xx

  15. Hey Ted,
    Thanks for the offer of a comfy spot to rest if I visit. It appears my human Fad may be going back to Poole to work in September, do you never know.
    Leanne xx

  16. Wow, I think you and pop should join the England squad; they sure could have done with some of your football skills!


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