Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wind, Rain, Sun



Today the weather decided to remind us that it is November. Here in the UK it's been unseasonably mild for the time of year. Too mild. Because, much as I don't like unending days of cold, I also feel this warm weather is all wrong, and I'm fretting over the small things that need a burst of proper cold to carry on next year. And thinking about all the germs that are rubbing their hands with glee at the perfect breeding conditions of warm, moist temperatures and rotting things.

We woke to a blustery rain storm which soon turned into a full-blown gale interspersed with heavy driving rain and now the wind has dropped right down and the sun is out. A changeable mistress, English weather.

We've been into Winchester to get L's Christmas present (now all I need is to organise M's and four sets of stockings and I'm done, bar the wrapping) and I spent the earlier part of the morning working. By lunch time there doesn't feel much left of the day now it gets dark so early, but at least it's yellow outside instead of grey.

I've had a virus this week which knocked me out. I make a Very Bad Patient. No running :o( No walking :o( No college :o( and no teaching :o( I am starting to feel better which is a relief but now comes the uber sensible bit of Not Over Doing Things for another week or so to make sure the recovery is real. This I am also Not Good At.

I did manage to sneak outside and peer admiringly down the lane which was all washed clean and lit with sparkly sunlight glittering on what's left of the very colourful leaves since the wind spent the morning tearing them all down in a fit of pique. I admired and felt wistful and sighed, then shook myself and promised the lane I'd be back soon venturing down his ancient ways.

I also have a new TVBF whom I paste here for your appreciation/ approval/ admiration. It helps brighten up the long dark evenings. So far I have managed to keep him all to myself by sneakily watching The Last Kingdom before M gets home from work. Well, if I have to be sensible and remain quietly on the sofa there has to be an inducement to do so, no?

Other than that, not very much has happened here this week. How about you all?

I'll leave you with T and P who have also had a Very Boring Week, much of which has been spent asleep on the sofa with me (shh- don't tell M) or passed out in front of the fire. They have been sheeping today in the rain which explains why they both look like drowned rats. They enjoyed sheeping, apart from the part where they had to go past a herd of cows - apparently they were both very worried about this and M ended up having to carry them one past one at a time. Luckily there were no other dogs out on the Down to point and laugh. Brave Terriers.

Hope all are well,

CT :o)


  1. I too have had some sort of low grade bug this week - nothing catastrophic but not quite up to scratch. Also I have had vivid and pretty horrid dreams, always a sign that something is wrong with me.
    Weather sounds pretty similar here too - pouring rain this morning and wind strengthening, then this afternoon what the farmer calls a glishy sun and brisk wind. Now it is still, dull, getting dark and quite chilly. Pure November weather at last.

  2. I thought I was going to get blown off the hill this morning it was that bad. Plenty of time for the weather to get cold yet though!
    Sorry you've been down in the dumps, take care.

  3. Everyone here has felt a little lousy lately. It's hard when there's so much else going on and you can't seem to get enough rest to feel better. I love that you have TVBF's because I do too! Some of mine are really unlikely and I think people would be horrified if I shared them, but I might start. It's too much fun not to share. :)

    1. Oh, do share your TVBFs Jennifer! The more unlikely the better I say :-)

  4. Coming clean with our TVBFs sounds like a jolly good game to me. I saw one of my old flames on the big screen playing Claudius to Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet. He's a bit old now :-( but I can still appreciate his voice. Talking of voices my favourite RBF is Julian Rhind-Tutt, especially when he's playing an American character. Hope you're back to full strength very soon.

  5. Sorry you've been ill, make sure you take it easy until you're completely better. It's been ridiculously mild hasn't it. I still have sugar snap peas and runner beans growing in the garden. How cute your doggies are looking today, sheeping sounds like quite the adventure. I hope you feel better soon and that you have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  6. I thin we may have accidentally sent you our weather...sorry. Glad to hear that you are also a bad patient! Hope you feel better soon..I have an image of shaking ,shivering ,dogs,whimpering as they passed the cows...aaaaah (I'm not smiling....honest ..well ,maybe just a little).
    Jane x

  7. My coconut feeder attracted no birds last year. My fat ball feeder hasn't picked up any customers yet, I'm sad to say.

  8. Our weather has finally turned here too. It was weirdly warm at 18* last week. Our Mad Wee Dog was afraid of a toad this summer. I'd hate to see her with a herd of cows.

  9. Hope you are fully recovered soon. The caterpillar book looks interesting! I'd noticed how dishy your new TVBF is - not sure though if I am going to continue watching the series (its very gruesome!!).

  10. I love Winchester. Yes it's all a bit weird weatherwise but at least the leaves know it's time to fall off now. Have a good week :-)

  11. Sorry you have been ill CT. The weather has been totally bizarre, hasn't it? I can't remember watching firework displays in a cardi before. There are banks of enormous clover flowers in the fields near us. Hope you are back to your full health very soon. x

  12. Hey CT,
    Sorry to hear about the virus. I think I have toothache. I say think, because I've never had one before. I was trying to get to 50 without a filling, but I suppose 45 isn't so bad. Weather mild here. Disconcerting. The climbing rose has bloomed again, and the Cosmos refuse to set seed. I'm torn between pulling out the annuals and tidying, or leaving it a bit longer. My tvbf is Idris Elba. No one else comes close.
    Hope you have a good week. That book looks interesting.
    Leanne xx

  13. I totally understand.....I am a terrible patient.
    I hope you are feeling much better now :)

    I do not like the unseasonal weather. I saw honey bees and bumblebee queens in the garden yesterday. Fortunately I have winter flowering shrubs in the garden, they were feeding on Mahonia charity.
    Wildlife can be so affected by this type of weather........

    Great series.....The Last Kingdom.....enjoy.

    Love your dogs.....hope they are out and about with you soon..

  14. Hi sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope that you make a speedy recovery.
    I do so love of my favourite places...M & S sarnies in the cathedral grounds is a fave past time when I go home to the UK.
    All good this end...fully into my Uni course...brain is fried but enjoying it...though a whole day on the autism spectrum reminded me yet again the joy of having children with no real learning issues. Feeling thankful.
    Recover quickly and enjoy the lead up to the Silly

  15. I hope that you are all better now or at least on the mend, I have had a horrid cold and still seem to have the end of it, nasty time of year for bugs. I totally agree with you about needing some cold, it is too too warm right now, we need colder temperatures - not snow though! I hope that T&P are looking after you well and giving you lots of love. You are so organised with your Christmas shopping!!! I am wildly impressed!! Actually, I am impressed, but I am jealous of your organisation! Must get myself moving!! Well, take care of yourself and hope you are all OK very soon!! xx

  16. Glad you are back from your hiatus and the virus - I wonder which came first, the virus or taking a break from work and blogging. It usually catches up with you when you stop pushing yourself!
    I love the caterpillar book - what a great idea. I always thought you had a butterfly ID guide and worked backwards from that.
    I am also watching The Last Kingdom. He is very decorative, isn't he?
    Did you recognise Alfred as the actor who played the seedy reporter in Ripper Street?
    I hope to keep up more with commenting on your (occasional?) blog posts in future, as I have just (semi) retired.
    Good luck with the book! Nanowrimo month seems a good time to get on with any kind of writing.
    All the best :)

  17. Sorry you have been unwell and I hope you are feeling a lot better by now. In a way I wish we could have a good old frost but then I enjoy looking at the nasturtiums which are still flowering their faces off, so.... nope, I can't decide! xx

  18. It's no fun being ill and it's even less fun in the not doing too much phase. Hope you are feeling better by now. I agree about the mildness of the weather but it is definitely several degrees colder up here now and somehow the better for it!


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