Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Highwayman

Thanks to the lovely Mel for pointing me in the direction of Loreena McKennit's version of The Highwayman. I listened spell-bound so thought you might like it too. After that is Andy Irvine's version. Just him on a stage with his guitar and his voice. Me thinks I shall be playing both to the first years so they can see how a poem is transformed by the way you use your voice. And after those, because I love the fact this song has been sung for three hundred years, Planxty's version of Raggle Taggle Gypsy performed at the National Stadium in Dublin in 1973.

Happy Days!

CT :o)


  1. Thanks for these - enchanting. I love both and love these versions.

  2. ooooh! i've only ever heard The Raggle Taggle Gypsy version done by The Waterboys -- which i LOVE, and even wrote a short-story inspired by such....must stretch the limits of t'internets by having a listen to all of these...gigabytes be-damned!



  3. Wonderful, I really enjoyed them, especially Loreena McKennitt. The first years will no doubt benefit from hearing them. It's good that you're getting them more used to public speaking, it's something I wish I'd learned to do. CJ xx

  4. Loved the firstvideo best and the scenery of Ireland was brilliant

  5. How wonderful & I love that you are showing them to your first years. I'm sorry I've not commented on your last few posts life is certainly getting in the way of blogging for me lately but I have been sneakily reading in work. Take care xx

    1. Don't worry my dear- I know you've been poorly and then busy! I've not read as many posts as I'd like to have done in recent days either. Such is life at times, eh? :o) XX

  6. Thank for you for sharing it was just what I needed to brighten my evening! We have Loreena McKennitt version on a CD and it was so lovely to sit and listen while enjoying the images. Sarah x


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