Sunday, 28 December 2014

Review Of The Year Part Two: Moths & Butterflies

Winter is a Tough Time for Lepidopterists- we are literally starved of our favourite insects for months on end, so I have really enjoyed looking back at all the fantastic moths and flutters I was privileged to see this year. It has made me long to see them all again. 

I keep records of all the species I see, and this year managed 36 butterflies out of the 58 that are classed as British species. This is a record for me and I was really chuffed to see so many. I managed to get pictures of all of them except the Silver-Spotted Skipper and the Clouded Yellow, both of whom led me a merry dance on more than one occasion, so I am determined to get their pictures next year! 

411 individual moth species were recorded in our garden in 2014, about 70 more than in 2013 (largely because my ID skills have improved I think!), so I am keen to see how 2015 does by way of comparison. 

Moths and butterflies remind me of summer- I hope you enjoy all the photos below.


A Trio of MDJs!

6 spot burnett moths

Angle Shades

Barred Sallow Moth
Bordered Beauty Moth

Brimstone Flutter

Burnished Brass Moth

Common Blue Flutter


And again
Chalkhill Blue

Chocolate Tip Moth

Clouded Border Moth

Clifdon Nonpareil Moth


Chalkhill Blue
Mating Chalkhill Blues
Canary-Shouldered Thorn

Black Arches moth

December Moth

Dark Green Fritillary
Early Thorn moth

Emperor Moth in Dartmoor
Eyed Hawkmoth at home
Brown Argus

Frosted Orange moth

Garden Tiger moth


Frosted Green

Green Hairstreak

Garden Tiger

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Hummingbird Hawk
Sallow or possibly Poplar Kitten moth

Light Emerald moth

Marbled White flutter

Merveille Du Jour moth

Muslin moth
Marbled White

Poplar hawk

Mrs Purple Emperor

Mrs P E
And again....
And again.....

Pink-Barred Sallow

Painted Lady
Mrs Purple Emp
Puss Moth
Rosie Footman
Ruby Tiger
Small Copper
Small Copper
Small Blue
Small Copper (different form)
Speckled Wood
Silver-Washed Fritillary
Vestal moth
White Admiral
White Muslin moth
Yellow Shell moth
Yellow Tail moth
Adonis Blue
Adonis Blue
Brown Hairstreak

Hope you enjoyed that taste of warmer days :o)

More to come tomorrow....

CT x


  1. I tried to recognise these, but failed, although I did recognise them once I saw the names if you know what I mean! I remember you spotting and sharing so many of these - especially the purple emperor! I hope that 2015 will be another wonderful spotting year and that I might perhaps learn a few more mothy names! Hope you have a wonderful new year! xx

    1. I thought about you and our quiz while putting the post together :o) xx

  2. It's great you had such a variety over the year :)

  3. What a fantastic year you have had CT as regards butterflies and moths. The Purple Emperor is simply stunning.

    1. Many thanks RB, the Purple Emp made my summer (along with the Water voles) :o)

  4. More great photos I've missed.. I blame Christmas! hehe.. Wonderful selection of butterflies and moths :o) xx

    1. It does get in the way of blogging doesn't it?! Many thanks, Julie x


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