Monday, 29 December 2014

Review Of The Year Part Three: Birds and Mammals

Bird sightings are (broadly) best here in Winter and Spring and 2014 was no exception. Maybe I get more distracted by inverts and plants during the Summer and Autumn, I'm not sure? Anyway, plenty of feathered friends were around this year and garden highlights included the HUGE sparrow flock who emerged at the end of the year and now live in the hedge, and a close encounter with a hunting Sparrowhawk who dived before my nose, as well as the Tawny Owl who glided silently down out of the dusk one evening while I was out running. Out and about sightings were made extremely exciting by my first every Peregrine (no picture, sorry), the Marsh Harrier we watched hunting dragonflies over a wetland in Surrey and a late sighting of a Dartford Warbler in the Forest a couple of weeks ago.

Juvenile Blackbird

Chaffinch and Bluetit
Coal Tit

Mrs Sparrow

Great Spotted Woodpecker



Long tailed tit

Willow Tit


Mr Sparrow


The next three pics are ones I haven't published before - they show one of our Nuthatches attempting to stow an acorn away for the winter in a hole in the pergola. Evidently, she didn't consider it a suitable enough hiding place as she flew away to look elsewhere.......

Parakeet in Richmond Park

Poppet, our one-legged Dunnock

With moth in beak!



Mammal-wise I saw my first Watervoles this summer, got close to lots of beautiful deer and also watched Hares out in the huge chalk fields that dominate this part of the world. I've yet to see Otters, but am hopeful for next year.....

Tomorrow it's the turn of the Reptiles, a Dragonfly who hatched out on my finger, A Bee Orchid, A Fairy Longhorn Moth and the Countryside in general, in all its gorgeous beauty.

After that Ted and Pop get a blog post all to themselves and by then we'll hopefully have caught up and be ready for 2015 :o)



  1. Lovely selection of photos, how richer we are when we can stop to notice the beauty all around!

  2. You really have had some great wildlife sightings this year CT - love the water vole photos. Hope you have a really Happy 2015 filled with wildlife :)

  3. More wonderful photos! :) All so beautiful. I think birds are adorable. Well except the raptors. They're powerful and magnificent, but not exactly
    cute. lol Peregrines are awesome. We have many here in the west US.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I am envious of your Raptors, they aren't the most common of sights here in the UK so I'm always excited to see them :o)

  4. Hi. This is a wonderful selection of shots you have taken over the year. Lovely memories also. Happy New Year. To you and may 2015 be a good year for You.

    1. Many thanks, Margaret. Best wishes for 2015 to you too.

  5. I seemed to have missed this wonderful post.. Fantastic photos CT... now if I'd have spotted it sooner I would have known that my photo was of a Dunnock!.. at least I know now. :o) xx

    1. Dunnocks are easier to spot when on the ground by their habit of flicking their tails and wings. You'll be seeing them everywhere now :o) x


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