Friday, 21 November 2014

A Hotch-Potch.....

I've been (broadly) following the low lectin/ stone age diet for a couple of months now and it has become very noticeable that whenever I deviate from it (with dairy, or foods from the nightshade family- potatoes, tomatoes, chillies - or beans and pulses), the digestive problems recur. Otherwise, I am symptom-free, which is Great News after being dogged by discomfort ranging into pain for eight plus years :o)

I'm able to eat bread and pasta which is a relief and drink wine (phew) and the odd deviation off the diet doesn't seem to cause too many problems either, but I do broadly stick to it because I feel better on it and that's a pretty strong incentive.

The Coconut water was immensely helpful at settling things down when I first started, but I find it's generally so under control these days that I no longer need it. I do still get sinus congestion, but I think the culprit there is dairy again as it flares up if I have chocolate or cheese.

I mainly eat: fruit smoothie (banana, blueberries, raspberries, hazelnut milk) for breakfast, homemade chicken and carrot soup for lunch and supper is either seafood/ fish/ chicken, with sweet potatoes or rice, and cauliflower, beetroot and spinach. Snacks are rice cakes and almonds, and if I'm hungry I seem to be able to tolerate bread with sunflower spread and strawberry jam or marmite.

Hope that info is of use? It's always a comfort if you know someone who's managed to track down culprit foods, eliminate them and recover, because digestive woes are so miserable and effect every bit of your well being. I know when mine were at their worst and the docs were offering either intrusive investigations or meds I couldn't think about much else.

In other news, the Long Tailed Tits have returned to the garden....

I haven't seen them all summer so it's lovely to have them back. I was really chuffed with the pic below, which was a complete fluke carefully thought out and taken with precision attention to detail..

Here it is uncropped. I love the expression on the LTT sitting at the top of the feeder as it peers down at the one below swooping off.....

Poppet is also still going strong. She is our one-legged Dunnock who has been around for the last 2-3 years. She amazes me how well she manages. Last week I saw her use the rat hole under the hedge to move from our garden to the area around the lake. I have never seen a bird voluntarily use a tunnel before, but this is just another example of her ingenuity, and doubtless explains why she has survived so long with such an impediment as a dicky leg for a wild bird. She is Marvellous and I love her to bits. Her left leg is wasted and useless- she can't put any weight on it at all. You can just about see the way she holds is up off the ground in the piccy below...

And here is one of her Friends And Relations sitting the hedge keeping an eye on the Robin who was extremely naughty and chased Poppet off the seeds :o(

I'm still persevering with The Moth Box. It was out night before last and held a Grand Total of ONE moth in it when I checked the following morning. A Feathered Thorn. Although there was an Autumn Moth, a Sprawler and two more Feathereds on the walls round about. We also had a Many-Plumed (tiny but very pretty) sitting on the digi-box by the TV this week! I will persist with the Box because we are due some December Moths who are the colour of rich chocolate and very furry to enable them to withstand winters temps.

Autumn Moth

Feathered Thorn (male)

It's a tad gloomy here today, but yesterday the sun shone and the autumn colours were beautiful as a result....

The birds made the most of it....

Great Tit

Mrs Sparrow

And the newly put up weather station was busy whirring away to itself at the top of the garden where it was recording everything from temperature to humidity....

It transmits to a receiver in the house and the info is related to the pc by means of a USB where it cleverly sorts it all out into graphs. The only problem is a glitch in the software which messes the time around by an hour, and I'm not convinced the wind record is especially accurate either, but time will tell on that score.

We've got a busy weekend coming up. I'm cooking for eight on Sat (friends we haven't seen for a while, which will be lovely. Doubtless I will drink too much and giggle a lot). I'm doing fish pie with a forest fruits cheesecake for pud and am going to make some rose petal shortbreads to go with coffee afterwards. I shall post pictures (providing it all works and doesn't end up looking awful).

We're also expecting the arrival of middle son F after an absence of a few weeks. It's been a tad fraught to say the least. He is getting to the age (16 next year) where he thinks he is more mature and capable than he is and therefore considers himself old enough to decide what he does without consultation and with zero notice. In practice this means that I have planned meals, done shopping and cleaned rooms and his Pa, step-brother and I have spent the week looking forward to seeing him, only to get a text on a Friday morning saying can I come next weekend instead? After several weeks of this I have stopped feeling biddable and understanding. Courtesy is such a simple thing to get right and such a big thing to get wrong. 

I found some nice wine in Waitrose last night which helped. I had to buy it for obvious reasons.....

We drank it ice cold from the freezer and it was delicious. So delicious that you'll be astounded to hear I limited myself to one glass. I'm going to do some work for a local Duke of Burgundy project next summer (a flutter who is in major decline nationally so conservation work to improve and preserve its habitats is vital), so you could say this actually counts as revision....:o)

I'll leave you with some shots of the doggy people. Ted, as angelic as ever......

...and Poppy who is currently driving me mad.

We are no further on with persuading her not to do poos and wees on the carpets when she feels like it :o( and when I got back today she'd destroyed a dog bed, pulling all the fluff out and covering the kitchen floor with it. She is also in need of a hair cut. At present, she looks like a scraggly mess of fur that someone's stuck a black button on....

She smells terrible too and so will have to have another pre-dinner-party bath tomorrow. Trouble is, she is Quite Hard To Resist, a thing I am certain she knows.


Wishing you all a peaceful weekend,

CT :o)


  1. Hi CT, have managed to get out to day and thank you for getting in touch...looking back at your last post we are really down on Sparrows this year but up on the tit family.. are you still using your new camera, are you still happy with it as I am looking to get a new bridge camera for Christmas.
    Loving the weather machine, we have some at the Aviation collage and have always fancied on for home..
    Have to say teenagers are hard work....
    Lovely post.. Amanda xx

    1. Glad all is OK. I'm still getting to grips with the new camera. I don't like it as much as the old model but it may be that I'm not using it properly. The jury's still out I guess. The weather station is fab and again I'm still getting used to how it all works but it's great to have records that update every half hour and do everything.
      Thanks for the moral support re teens- they are patience trying to say the least! Have a good weekend xx

  2. Aww great to see the pups Ted does look angelic indeed, and poor little Poopy , err I mean Poppy ~ just looks a bit misunderstood at the moment ;)

  3. Great post. I was very interested in your Paleo-diet roundup. I have had success with cutting dairy out (but oh, I still slither down the slippery slope when it comes to having a chocolate bar far too often, and of course unless it's dark chocolate, it doesn't help my peak flow levels). I have come to realize that my diet CAN control my asthma, so it's going to be back to the grindstone and looking at foods which are high histamine and eliminating them . . .

    Sorry to hear that Poppy still needs a nappy - could you try clicker training with her? It works really well with recalcitrant horses. Either than or a dog flap for Poppy or an Outside Kennel (warn her!!)

    The wildlife roundup always fascinates me. I hope you find your furry December moths.

    1. I'd be very interested to hear how you get on re changes to diet and asthma. We are what we eat.

      Pop's has been potty trained, and was doing fine until the weather turned. We need to catch her in the act because she's a smart little thing and I think she'd realise then. She has been threatened with an outdoor kennel and she licked my feet in response! I will bear clicker training in mind- thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated :o)

      Furry Dec moths should be coming out any day- such lovely things. I will get pictures! xx

  4. A dunnock! I have been seeing quite a few of these lately and could not remember the name. Teenagers and naughty puppies! Thank goodness for beautiful wine. Really glad to hear that you had success with the diet too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.x

    1. Also known as Hedge Sparrows :o) Wine is a saving grace at the end of a long day :o)
      Have a great weekend too, Shauna xx

  5. I'm glad your change of diet is still working for you. I'm in town next week so I will be able to visit a Waitrose I shall have a good look for that wine. I was sampling Prosecco last night for Christmas, it has left me distinctly groggy this morning. Perhaps I should of had the one glass of that! Ermmmm teenagers what can I say, they don't get much better when they reach the age of twenty either. Hope your dinner party goes well tonight. I was planning a fish pie this evening but the fish is residing in the freezer still!!

    1. Prosecco gives me after effects too- I prefer champagne :o)
      I know it's hard growing up and staking your claim to independence, I just wish they'd do the responsibility bit that goes with it!!
      Nearly forgot to get the fish out the freezer here too- would have been a disaster, they'd have been having spaghetti and melted cheese :o) xx

  6. A lovely post - glad to hear the stone age diet is working so well for you.

    Love the LTT photos - haven't seen any in our garden for months. Great moths too - I haven't put out the moth trap for weeks and weeks but moths are still around - a LBAM and Chesnut on the garage window last week! I've spent hours in the last week entering my Garden Moth Scheme records into Excel - sadly, despite all the resolutions, yet again my wildlife records are totally behind. Moving onto butterflies next!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. It is a huge relief re diet. Occasional wobble reminds me why I need to stick to it!
      Lots of LTTs in the trees here (and Goldcrests too) and I've just put some fat balls out which they like so hopefully more will appear. Such sweet little birds.

      I've been excelling as I go this year which has made things much easier- I gave up on last years - there were just too many records to enter.

      Have a great weekend- just popping over to catch up on your blanket.... :o) x

  7. Lovely photos, CT, especially the LTT in flight. Poppy looks sweet,even though she's scraggly and Ted looks an absolute dote!
    I hope she stops messing on the carpet soon. :-)

    1. Thanks Deb :o) Ted is the nicest dog you could wish to meet and Pop doesn't have a nasty bone in her body, just no concept of carpets being for walking on not pooing! :o)

  8. I'm glad to hear that the diet is going well - as in what you are eating, not weight loss! - and I hope that the dinner party was a success last night and that the four leggeds behaved themselves!! xx

    1. Lovely dinner party and doggies behaved. Phew! x

  9. That weather station looks pretty posh. By the way I could swear I commented on your post about the birds (the one with the pic of the Bearded Tit) but I don't see it there. Maybe something went wrong when I clicked publish, or I did my usual of typing the comment then going to another tab then closing down and forgetting..... oh well never mind!
    Love all the garden bird pics and I don't know how you manage to get so close to them - wish I could - even with a super zoom I can't get anywhere near them to get pics that good. Glad you are still finding some moths and as for your naughty Pops :-) She's so cute though!

    1. The blogger gremlins must have eaten that comment :o)

      The trick with my pics is that I position all the feeders very close to the window and the camera also has an impressive zoom. It's very dependent on light though- I take masses of pics and chuck out a great many! xx


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