Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Day Of Light

It has been a Day Of Light.


It caught the rain drops hanging in perfect suspension on the Down when we went to find the sheep this morning.....

It shone on old, fruiting and decaying plants and its illumination gave them fresh life and vigour....

It shone on the remaining few flowers that grace the Downs at this time...

And it polished the ebony sheen of Belladonna, whose secret poisons are held within the sweet circle of its berries...

It shone too on Crinkle, one of the Wiltshire Longhorn sheep that I help take care of. She went in the night and it wasn't unexpected- she had been poorly- but the speed of her departure was quicker than anticipated. She had chosen her final resting place well and lay peacefully beneath a Yew Tree beside the gate to the ancient Green Lane that leads off the hill, guarded by the Hobgoblin in the Beech tree.

The Yew has long associations with passing and rebirth, and this hill is an ancient one where old customs feel appropriate. It is here that the Barrows of the Old People can still be seen and sometimes, just sometimes, you can feel them watching as you slip and stumble across the slopes seeking the flock. They lean on their spears, sure-footed as mountain goats.

It's not an entirely ridiculous thought that some of these people may have passed beneath the boughs of the Yew that Crinkle lay beneath, because some English Yews are thought to be over four thousand years old. 

The other girls were unsettled by her passing: they kept their distance, and when one of them followed me all the way back to the corral, which meant passing close to her body, she stopped and gave it a wide berth. Animals know.

Although Autumn is closing in, there are still colours to be had in the land. The hedgerows are unapologetic and effusive with Bright Pink Spindle....

In the garden, Verbena is still going strong...

And feathery White Roses bloom, their scent delicately spicing the air around them...


Life is Everywhere and Abundant...

And there is no better way to celebrate this than by the life-affirming qualities of baking, so that is what I have done this afternoon. I have made Lemon Drizzle Cake for my husband and Sticky Ginger Cake for my children.....

I have a number of friends who are poorly at present. Not just unwell - proper poorly. Some are friends that the blog has led me to: people whose photographs, observations, knowledge and interests brighten and inform my days, and some are friends whom I have known for years. I want you all to know that I am thinking of you all and sending you the biggest amount of positive-get-better vibes that it is possible for one woman to muster. 

I'll leave you with a picture that says everything to me about what life is. It's very hard not to smile at their simple pleasure in running free together across a big green wild space...

Wishing you all a good and peaceful weekend,

CT :o)


  1. Sending well wishes and kind thoughts to all that are in need of them at the moment.

    How could I do anything but smile at that last picture with those two spirited little fur babies looking so happy in that field.

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend as well.

  2. Lovely spiritual post. The natural world is so tremendously important to our well being and growth, if only the money chasers would realise.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is good. What am I saying? You have two types of cake, of course it's gonna be good.


  3. Lovely pictures, and my thoughts are with your proper poorly.

  4. Beautiful post bursting with positivity. Sending every best wish for the recovery of all your friends and that you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. A lovely post CT, your words are pictures in my mind.

  6. The 2 Nd & 3 rd shot is Marvellous. Love the flowers and the critters from your garden as well as your lovely dogs.

  7. Sorry to hear about Crinkle, that is no fun at all. Your second photo is so beautiful, that little raindrop, so beautifully captured by the leaves and then your camera. Sorry to hear about your friends, I am sure that you will be there for them and do all that you can to help and support. Life really is rubbish at times when things like this happen isn't it. We are having c"*p at the moment and it isn't nice at all. Take care of yourself too won't you. Hugs. xx

    1. Many thanks, Amy. There does seem to be a fair bit of tough times around for folk right now- wishing you peace from it all too x

  8. Lovely post with some wonderful photos. Sorry to hear about Crinkle and to hear that some of your friends are poorly, wishing them a speedy recovery. Beautiful photo of Ted and Poppy, look at the sheer joy in their faces :o) x

  9. I have to say the thought of sitting under a beautiful tree to pass away is a good one for me, poor Crinkle, but at least it was quick.
    I love this set of photos CT, they are really beautiful.

  10. Today has been a lovely sunny day and I'm sitting here now enjoying your photos after being out taking some of my own, then you got to cake! Oh you can't beat a good home made cake. I have a big smile on my face now. :-) I also read every word and appreciate it. xx

    1. I'm sending you a virtual slice of each one right now... xx

  11. The last photo did make me smile! It looked a magical morning up on the Downs, how sad to discover poor Crinkle. Sarah x

    1. They do love running on the Downs. Thanks, Sarah x

  12. What a lovely reflective post, and some beautiful photography too. Olly's hamster dies a couple of weeks ago. He was very sad. She is buried in the middle of the lawn, with a huge cross made from bamboo. I don't know what my husband was thinking when he arranged the funeral. And I love, love, love the last photo. There is nothing better than a running, smiley dog!
    Leanne xx

    1. Yes, that could be a problem for mowing....

      Those doggy people bring a smile to my face most days, even the ones when Poppy has done something appalling! xx


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