Thursday, 12 June 2014

Flowers In The Garden, A Knock-Out Pudding Recipe AND....Moth Quiz

Boiling hot here today. I was in Alresford, a charming market town in Hampshire which definitely has elements of Relentlessly Posh (M's expression) about it. I was helping man (woman) the Butterfly Conservation Stall while at the same time fending off the unwanted attentions of the man running the leather stall next door. He kept telling me he had several mansions and a two hundred foot swimming pool and wondered if I would like to go swimming with him. It got tedious in the end and when he started rumbling on about how he'd tucked his several millions away as investments I managed to escape by saying 'good heavens is that the time? School's about to finish and all my hundreds of children will wonder where I am.'
The Old Boy selling plants opposite caught my eye, grinned and raised his eyebrows. He'd made me laugh earlier by coming over and frowning at the extremely loud vegetable seller who was giving us all headaches by yelling at the top of his voice: 'special offer ladies! Two luverly blueberries, two luverly raspberries AND two luverly big juicy strawberries, all for six quid! Can't do fairer than that, girls, now can I?
Bloody hell! (said the old boy) six quid for six berries? I call that steep, I do. 
'Punnets' said the vegetable seller, sourly. 'Obviously, it's six punnets.'

I took some moths with me because I had one amazing one I've never seen before, but I'm going to tease you with that for a while longer and show you on another day, because instead of New Moths, today we have Part Two of Moth Quiz (and a couple of butterflies thrown in for good measure).

Concentrate, and tell me honestly how you all did. Good Luck! (scroll down for answers at the bottom...)



3 (hint: this is a 'small' flutter)

4 (hint- it has another word for 'green' in its name)




8 and 9



Right, after all that Hard Work, here is some well-deserved Relaxation by way of flowers currently blooming in our garden....

Field Scabious about to flower

Field Scabious




Oops! Forgotten what this one is! Any ideas?

Cosmea (grown from seed this year and just starting to flower)


Here is a Conundrum for you. This plant was pretending to be Greater Knapweed, which it obviously isn't. But can anyone tell me what it is, please? I am stumped. It's not very tall, about 12 inches?
*UPDATE- thanks to i-spot I now know this is a Schizanthus, or Poor Man's Orchid, also known as Angel Wings or Butterfly Flower

Mystery Plant

Mystery Plant. Close-up on flower, which is lovely, but not Knapweed!







I'll leave you with a Little Present- a pudding that tastes divine and looks like a million dollars, but actually only takes seconds to make and is therefore an easy-peasy winner for Impressive Dinner Party Fodder...

1. Take some strawberries and raspberries (or blueberries if you prefer), wash and shake excess water off.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk up a pot of double cream so it's just starting to thicken.

3. Stir in a pot of natural yogurt to the cream mix.

4. Add some vanilla extract to taste.

5. Add the fruit and stir gently till each berry is covered.

6. Tip mixture into a nice bowl and sprinkle liberally with brown sugar.

7. Put in the fridge to chill for an hour or two, by which time the sugar will have melted.

8. Serve and eat, Delicious!

Fruit covered in cream and yogurt mix

With the brown sugar sprinkled on top

A couple of hours later and it's ready to eat- all the sugar has liquified.

 Answers To The Quiz:

1. Elephant Hawk Moth
2. Common Blue
3. Small Blue
4. Light Emerald
5. Common White Wave
6. Clouded Border
7. Blood Vein
8. White Ermine
9. Buff Ermine
10. Buff-Tip
11. Cinnabar

Have a great evening all,

I'm off for a run, and then some crisps and a Gin...

CT :-)


  1. Hello CT!! I also begin comments etc with an apology for being so absent from blogging! I got 7 in your quiz - I obviously need to gen up! I enjoyed this post - amusing account of your day! Some people obviously have a lack of sense of humour! Lovely flower photos :)

    I hope you and all your family are well! :) x

    1. Hey Lou :-)

      How are you my girl? Lovely to hear from you- I was only thinking about you the other day and wondering how your job is going- hope all is well? I'm starting water vole surveys this weekend and really hoping to see some voles- I think you have done these before, or am I getting muddled? Re the moths and flutters 7 is a very respectable score, I think you have set the bar Quite High :- )
      Anyway, REALLY lovely to hear from you. Hope your mum is well too. Keep in touch- would love to hear what you've been up to wildlife-trust wise and also how Bracken is doing too xx

    2. I am well! Mum is too :) Wildlife Trust work is still great - so nice to be outdoors and seeing new things! Fab that you are starting WV surveys - I spent my summer last year doing them and will be spending this year doing similar! Who are you doing it with? How is your course going?! I probably won't have time to go back through previous posts! Everytime I see a moth I think of you :) just bought a lovely moth book - super!! Bracken is still being a teenager! Good sometimes but very naughty the rest of the time! Hope Poppy and Ted are still best chums :) xx

    3. Ted and Pops are really well. Don't worry about trying to read all the old posts, you'll be there years! Everyone is fine here :-) Glad to hear all is well with you, your mum and the lovely Bracken. Will have a read of your latest post tomorrow. So pleased you are loving your job xx

    4. ps course is fab, now off for the summer. WV surveys are for the NT x

  2. A strong six!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased with myself!! I know that I shouldn't say it, but I am!! I was sort of close with the first two butterflies, but not close enough to award any points, so I am going with six!!!! No sticky twiggy jobs this time around!!! Can you tell that I am overexcited!!!!! xx

    1. Well done!!! I am very proud of you :-) 6 is excellent (and it sounds like it could easily have been more). And those two flutters were tough, both being blues. You'll be at full marks before you know it xx

  3. I recognised them all, but only managed to name 6!! Must try harder!! Gorgeous flower photos, sorry can't help with the mystery plant, its lovely though.

    1. Well done!! 6 is excellent :-) Especially when moths are things you don't get to see every day. Yes that mystery flower is a conundrum indeed, the flower itself is quite orchid-like but the leaves aren't.... x

  4. Hoorah I got 7 out of 11, I'm doing better. :-)

    Pud sounds good but I've been dolloping honey on top of strawbs and greek yoghurt, that's the slightly healthier version of yours!

    The first 'what is this' plant is Sweet William I think (Dianthus something). I have no idea what the mystery plant is but it is very unusual and pretty looking. And I love your ranunculus, lovely photos of it!

    1. Excellent! I love honey but it doesn't always like me :-(

      Thanks re plants, Sweet William, of course! I have a huge bunch of it growing by the pond :-) Still trying to track down the mystery plant, think I'll have to put it on i spot x

  5. Lovely moth, butterfly and flower photos :) Won't tell you my quiz score as its not really fair on others as I moth trap too!! :) The pudding looks delicious - will be trying that recipe out. Thanks for sharing it :)

    1. Yes, I wasn't expecting you to play :-) I suspect you could correct me on any I'd miss-labelled!

      Welcome re pud, it's a definite winner :-)


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