Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dartmoor: Day 4: Habitat Surveying In The Rain At Bellever Tor, Goblin's Gold And Selfie Night In The Pub.....

The week flashed by, as they always do when you're doing something Interesting And Fun. Our last full day was a habitat survey up on Bellever Tor, which is an ancient Bronze Age site on the moor.

It rained.

Well, it had stayed dry all week so by the law of averages we were due a soggy day.

We were looking at species present, management techniques currently in use and what we would do with the site if we were running it. An interesting if wet exercise. The headache had also turned into a sore throat by then, and Em's knees filled with fluid and hurt her, plus I got a call from L's school while I was in the only mobile phone signal spot on Dartmoor to tell me he wasn't well and could I come and collect him? Not very easily, I said, being that I was 200 miles away in the middle of a wet and misty moor. Gran came to the rescue and somehow managed to get a text through to let me know all was fine.....

Bronze Age Settlement and Field System site.

Bellever Tor

Conifer plantation. The central band of pale grasses covers and protects the Bronze Age Field System Archeology

Heathers growing on the Moor

Lichen on the rocks

Meadow Pipit

Mist descending

My Ecology Daughters, Sash and Em :-)

After lunch we had an ID test which went OK, then before supper I went for a walk down by the river and through the forest...

Bellever Village
Old and New Bridges across the river

Grey Wagtail

Lichen on the wall

Maidenhair Spleenwort growing in the wall

Male Siskin


Dave being an Intrepid Ecologist and looking for.....

....Goblin's Gold, otherwise known as Luminous Moss (Schistostega pennata). You can just about see it glowing bright green in the darkness under the rock. Great Stuff.

Tiny stone bridge over the river

Dry Stone Wall along the field and lane boundary


Yellow Lichen growing on the barn wall

Bellever Youth Hostel

The light changed as I was heading back and the sun returned, making it Perfect For Photography....

Beech trees growing on an old stone wall

After supper we headed down to the pub for our last night. The pictures get worse, so if you are of a Nervous Disposition, best look away now. They serve as ample warning of why it is never a Good Idea to leave your Surface unlocked and open on a table, within reach of several hearty and drunken ecologists all in possession of amply-developed senses of humour.....
Postbridge and Happy Matt
Cal and the Ginormous Pub Dog (model for the hound of the Baskervilles perchance?)

Pub Selfie Number 1

The less said the better....

Pool, at which it was generally acknowledged that I am Rubbish...

James and the Girls

Hanging spoons off your face is a competitive sport these days... Cara and Emily managed five each :-)

Cal and Ben, looking sensible (but don't let that fool you)
Me and Matt

Pub Selfie Number 2

Pub Selfie Number 3

One more post to go and I'll have caught up....

Hope you're all enjoying these :-)


  1. Replies
    1. They make me laugh every time I look at them... x

  2. I went into Bellever Forest by mistake when I got lost last Saturday!

    1. I thought it was lovely...but then I think all Dartmoor is beautiful :-)


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