Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ted's Diary

Saturday, March 1st 2014

We were off early with mum and dad to inspect the sheep on the Down. I don't get too close to these horned monsters ever since one of them head butted me. Mum had forgotten to bring our leads, so I was appalled to discover I would be carried across the road. Can you imagine my mortification? And in front of Other Dogs too. I mean, for goodness sake, I am five!
I managed to endure the embarrassment and made sure I ran off in as manly a way as I could muster as soon as I was placed back on the ground. I think I made a pretty good job of it, until, that is, Poppy took off and overtook me! What on earth has happened? Why is she suddenly faster than me? It's not right.

Sunday, March 2nd 2014
We didn't go to Salisbury with our humans which I was Quite Glad about, because I don't much like crowds and Poppy is a nuisance with them, bouncing up and licking everyone and generally drawing attention to herself. I prefer to sit in a quiet pub corner with a pint and a packet of pork scratchings and watch the world go by.
So we stayed at home and I fell asleep in my basket (which Poppy has chewed half the bottom out of. Mum keeps promising me a new one, but nothing has materialised yet). When they got back it was raining and Dad suddenly and inexplicably announced he was taking us out for a walk. I raised my eyebrows at him and told him it was raining, but he ignored me and said 'come on Ted, it'll be fun!' He put on our leads and took us out round the overgrown vineyards. The first bit was essentially OK, but then he made us walk through a patch of brambles, which was horrid. It's alright for him- he doesn't have woolly fur that snags and catches in everything, or pads that sting when prickles get stuck in them and neither is he bramble height.
I think mum realised I hadn't enjoyed it as much as squirt, (who has taken to bouncing about like a lunatic after walks and jumping on my head which makes me growl) because she gave me a small piece of cheese when I got back by way of a consolation prize for Bravery In The Face Of Brambles. I suppose I was sitting looking pretty dejected by my fire, drying off and pulling thorns out of my feet.

It was a small piece of cheese because there has been Much Discussion About My Weight in recent days. This has happened since I came back from being weighed at the vets last week in preparation for my worming pill and the nurse told mum I had put on 2.5 kilos since last time (whenever that time was). Now dad is calling me a cylinder which I don't think is very nice. I blame Poppy- her puppy food is both fattening and moorish and available, plus it is exhausting looking after her all the time and I get hungry.

Monday, March 3rd 2014
Guess what? Mum took us back round that beepin' vineyard place again this morning! I went along with it until we reached the bramble patch when I sat down and told her Very Firmly there was Absolutely No Way I was walking through that lot again. I've only just all the thorns out from yesterday, for pity's sake!

Mum turned round and we went the other way.

I'd barely got through the door when we got home before Poppy started barking and growling and launching herself at me. It was All Too Much. Even though the sky had gone black and it was hailing, I asked to go outside. Mum said 'are you sure Teddy?' and when I nodded she opened the door and I took myself off to the Greenhouse. Luckily, it was open so I sat inside it for half an hour looking at the plants and refusing to come out.

I've never done this before but it was a great refuge and one I think I might use again. Mum, however, got so worried she rang Granny to ask whether my best Westie pal and cousin Dougal had ever done anything similar. Granny said yes, he goes and sits on the sofa in the hallway when his puppy Dylan is being a nuisance and growls at him if he comes too close. She told mum I probably just wanted a break from Poppy for a while. Thank goodness Granny speaks dog so much better than mum does.

I remained in the greenhouse for well over half an hour until I felt I'd made my point. Then, feeling more relaxed (but also because I could tell she was worried by the way she kept looking at me - she'd even phoned dad in an important meeting in London to say I was in the greenhouse and refusing to come out), I went back indoors and sat with mum for a while, with my paw on her knee to make her feel better. 

Dougal texted on his mum's I Phone later to see whether I'd come out of the Greenhouse and to ask if I was feeling better. We don't have I Phones here (although we do have smart phones) and Dougal and I often text each other if we've had one of those days with our puppies.

Doug says that although I Phones are Smart, the keypad is too small for furry paws, which is why he sent two messages by mistake and the first one made no sense at all. This was a relief, because to start with I thought his puppy Dylan had driven him to drink in the mid-afternoon.

Tuesday, March 4th 2014
As a Special Treat to cheer me up after yesterday, mum announced that we were going for a walk with Oscar and his puppy Lucie round the Mottisfont estate. First, she took some pictures of the flood defences that are still in place outside Oscar's house, then she went in to Oscar's house (the one that got flooded) and took some pictures of the nest the robins made in the downstairs loo while all the flooding was going on...

Finally, when the mums had stopped chatting (which took forever and which I thought was pointless, because there was plenty of time to chat on the walk, wasn't there for heaven's sake?), we all got into our cars and set off for Mottisfont.

We had Great Fun running along the track sniffing things and generally all chasing Poppy....

Me, Having Fun

Mum said I should include a picture of the place we went walking through (I have no idea why this should be interesting - I'd much rather have shown a picture of a nice patch of grass containing Interesting Smells...)

It was all going well until we came to a ginormous lake right across the track...


I really don't like water, and Poppy is small and could drown easily, so Auntie K and mum picked us both up and carried us through. This was a tad embarrassing, but it was only Lucie and Oscar who saw so it wasn't as bad as (for example) being carried across a road in front of a load of strange dogs.

Mum stopped to take pictures of tree things further on because she is obsessed with them at the moment...

Willow Bark (apparently)

A Willow Tree
And then, something terrible happened! 

Lucie went missing!

The mum's called and called and whistled and whistled but she had totally disappeared. Auntie K thought she'd found her stuck in the river, but that was only Oscar. Poppy thought she'd seen her up a tree, but that was only a squirrel.

In the end my mum took me and Poppy back through the fields and along the lane to where we'd left the cars thinking perhaps Lucie had gone that way. A nice lady in a car pulled over and said she'd seen a dog in the road ahead, so we had to jog all the way back to the cars (well, I trotted sensibly while Poppy scampered all over the place going twelve times as far as everyone else because she is silly) and then two men in a land rover stopped and said they'd a brown dog up ahead by our cars.

So luckily we found her OK. She was very scared. Her collar had come off and she was soaking wet and shivering and quite a lot frightened. She didn't want mum to talk to her: she wanted to tell me and Poppy all about it first, so mum waited quietly until she'd finished talking to us then Lucie looked at mum and wagged her tail and let mum give her a cuddle and tell she was alright and that her mum was on the way. And my mum put her in the boot of our car and telephoned Auntie K to say Lucie was safe and Auntie K was mightily relieved.

While we were waiting for Oscar and Auntie K to come, mum heard some birds in the hedges of the sort we don't get at home, so we had to go and look for them and she decided they were Goldcrests, which apparently are tiny wee, but as they aren't pigeons or squirrels I wasn't much interested. Then she saw a Kestrel (again, not a pigeon or a squirrel but a Fierce Bird with fast wings and a sharp beak) and then she saw some Pied Wagtails. 

She really wasn't getting the whole 'not a squirrel or a pigeon' thing was she? Luckily, just as she was about to drag us off to stare into more hedges for more birds that weren't squirrels or pigeons, Auntie K and Oscar arrived and Lucie was wrapped in a blanket and taken home, safe after her adventure. I expect she'll be telling all her friends about it for days....Mum said it has nudged her to get Poppy data-tagged, which brought out the cold shivers in me, because when I was data-tagged it felt like a ten inch sword was used to put the wretched thing in and I squeaked really loudly. I don't think I'll tell Poppy this, because although she winds me up she is my little sister and I do love her really.

Well, that's about it from here for today, except that mum says I have to tell you that we've got a New Bird in the garden (sorry about this- she is as mad about birds as she is about trees, and I don't think there's much hope of it passing because she's been like this since before I was born). She spotted him when we got back from the walk. He's a Coal Tit apparently and she's very excited he is here because she hasn't seen one in our garden for a year. She's hoping he'll come back with some friends to she can get some better pictures...

Also, here is one of Bumble and her Poorly Foot, which looks to be spreading up her poor leg...

A Long Tailed Tit....

And finally, here is something you will need to be able to identify if you want to join the 'Pigeon Watcher's Club' that I set up with Dougal last summer. If any of you dogs (or cats) out there want to join, feel free. It's a very simple club, not at all onerous and it doesn't have heavy membership fees or any paperwork at all. All you have to do to be a member is to watch pigeons wherever you see them- in your garden, in a park, out on walks. It's a very absorbing hobby- the hours really fly by when you do it. So remember, this is what you have to look out for and stare at when you find one....

Good Luck!

Love From Ted x


  1. Loved the post , seeing everyone romping in the rain water .
    The last photo of the pigeon is entirely marvelous, great detail !

    1. Thank you Willow. Do you think your dogs would like to join the pigeon watchers club? Are American pigeons different to British ones? Only if they are then they'd need a new photo. Love from Ted x

  2. Brilliant!

    Poor Lucie looks quite woebegone, all wrapped up in her towel after her Adventure :-)

    My dog doesn`t see too well now but would be happy to sniff out a pigeon instead of watching......

    1. That's great DW- the more the merrier and as you know, us dogs have tremendous noses so the PWC (Pigeon Watchers Club) will be expanded to incorporate the PSC (Pigeon Sniffers Club). Recruitment is going better than I'd hoped.....Ted :-)

  3. Poor Lucie! Ted is such a sweetie. xx

    1. Thank you Em. We all thought Lucie had been very clever to go back to the cars, especially as she'd never been on that walk before. Love Ted x

  4. I love that photo of Ted having fun! Harry would be very concerned about Ted's moment in the greenhouse and about Lucie's drama. He's also due for his annual visit to the vet so he'll be weighed and we'll see...he doesn't look that much heavier but if he is - it may be a reduction of treats here for a while!

    1. Tell Harry from me that he should be weighed in private and no one but the nurse should know his weight, that way there would be no reduction in treat numbers. Ted x

  5. I'm very pleased that Lucie was okay after her adventure. It's such a worry when things like that happen, hopefully not too often :-)

    1. One adventure we could all have done without :-)

  6. Poor Ted taking refuge in the greenhouse! So glad Lucie was found safe, she looks so forlorn. Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah :-) It's been a much more peaceful and less fraught day today, largely because we had a long walk across the fields this morning which tired Poppy out so she had no energy left to jump on me! Hope Daisy is well? Love Ted x

  7. Poor Lucie - glad she was found safe - it must have been a worrying time :( Poor Ted too - glad he's found a refuge where he can escape from Poppy's exuberance!! :)

    1. Very worrying and an enormous relief to find her safe back with the cars. The greenhouse has not been used as a refuge since- I am hoping that by taking pops out on longer walks she will be quieter and therefore less annoying to Ted!

  8. Glad everyone got home safely. And pigeons, I agree, are absorbing to watch.

    And a hasty note to remind you there will be a link box for Tree Following posts on Loose and Leafy tomorrow (March 7th). It'll stay open for seven days.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Lucy. I shall be following an oak :-)

  9. Lovely post-I couldn't read it before-sorry. So glad you found Lucie-people are so nice about lost dogs aren't they.

    1. I completely understand. Hope you are OK x


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