Saturday, 15 February 2014

Three Emergency Services In One Day, and My God Teddy! What Have You Done To Your Face????

More rain yesterday (25mm according to the New Rain Gauge) has pulsated the floods through Romsey yet again. We took the boys (who have yet to see it) down to Sadler's Mill next the River Test and found that the path we walked on quite happily last weekend has now disappeared beneath several inches of water....

It is doing a good job of eroding what is left of the path as it pours off the fields on the left into the river on the right....

 While we were there, the army turned up (emergency service Number 1) ....

And then the Fire Service shortly after (emergency service Number 2)....

This poor house situated on the edge of the river was barricaded with sandbags, which are a common sight around Romsey these days...

After that we went to have a look at Greatbridge, which, until yesterday, was drivable as far as the Duke's Head pub. Today, we were met with a police cordon (emergency service Number 3) across the road long before that and a nice policeman told us we wouldn't be able to get through as the army were working ahead. We parked up and went to have a look on foot instead....

The river is on the left and the field (on the right) is just discernible by the fence line, which is not far off being covered by the flood water. It must be several feet deep here.

Sandbags holding the water back from flooding across the road
More sandbags, and they were working, for now....

More flooded fields
Soggy and Defeated Sandbags

Environment Agency Landy

Flooded lane with trees that have come down
Wouldn't fancy walking along here at present!
A bit further on and we came to the army, who were waiting for a delivery of sand before filling up yet more bags and positioning them beside the road.While waiting, the officers were improvising a game of cricket, while the squaddies sat in the coach. I think I'd rather have been playing cricket myself....

They were nice lads; friendly, helpful, polite (and handsome, which I find is always a boon) and joked about me working for the Sun when I asked if it would be OK to take a pic for the blog. Poppy also fell in love with them and tried to run off with their tennis ball, which they thought was very funny (they would probably have been less amused had I told them about her current bottom-related problem, but I decided that was probably too much information to share).

 The kit for filling sandbags was interesting, as was the industrial quantity of equipment....

Huge number of spades
Sand Hoppers
Things for putting beneath the sand hoppers to transfer the sand from the shutes into the bags (so now you know how it's done)

Sandbag-related kit
You may remember last weekend's shots of the floods taken from Green Hill? Where, here is the same shot taken this afternoon. The water has covered nearly all the meadows now....

All this rain may not be great for humans, but there are some people around who are enjoying it....

On the way home I thought I spotted some Redwings in a field, so we pulled over to see. Sure enough, they were Redwings, although the camera wasn't very co-operative about the photo. I got talking to the Groundsman of the place who came up to see what I was doing and turned out to be a bird enthusiast too, and we had a great chat about all the birds that he'd seen recently, including a breeding pair of Stonechats, Bullfinches and some Bramblings....

Back home and the garden birds continue to do well...

A damp Dunnock

Handsome Great Tit

The mysterious Marsh-Willow Tit



MWT and Blue Tit


I asked at college, and apparently, the only definitive way to distinguish Marsh from Willow Tits is by their call, so I am after downloading an app onto my mobile so I can play their songs and work out who it is we have in the garden (I say I'm downloading it, what I mean is I shall get L to do it for me because I am not remotely mobile-phone-savvy).

A weekend of pictures wouldn't be complete without a visit to the sheep, who were all in fine fettle and managed not to tumble-dry Pops either, which, all things considered, was a bonus...



The View from the Down
And finally (assuming you are still there after so many pictures), I shall leave you with some photographs of our VERY naughty dog, who was busy digging holes in the compost this morning, doubtless after rats (or possibly Samantha Helvetica- remember the grass snake from last summer who gave me and M heart-failure the first time we spotted her? I think she may be hibernating in the compost, in which case the dogs are banned from digging in it).....

Compost-exploration... OK, not so bad....

OMG!!!! What HAVE you done to your face Ted?
May well you look embarrassed Mr Dog!

Yes, it doesn't look any better from that angle either

And even partially dried-out it's still horrendous
Yes Poppy, you may have a clean face but the same certainly can't currently be said for your other end, so I wouldn't gloat too much if I were you
Wishing you all a peaceful evening.

CT :-)


  1. Good grief - the floods are horrendous. I imagine the rain has added to all the extra groundwater and the river has nowhere else to go but sideways! I hope that lovely old house escaped a drenching.

    Brilliant photos of all that is going on. The sandbag hopper is impressive :-)

    As for the Compost Dog - what an example to set LOL. Hope he didn`t smell too awful!

    1. I chatted to a few people in town and everyone is saying they've never seen anything like it. Water, water everywhere...

      I rather enjoyed seeing all the kit the army uses, and the lads were lovely, very polite and friendly.

      And as for that naughty dog- he really should know better. It's mostly gone now and luckily only smelt of earth, so not too awful. Rounded off my week nicely! :-)

  2. Poppy is growing up so fast! Great pics of floods, if there can be such a thing. Good to be back but am struggling to get round everybody's blogs. x

    1. She is getting bigger- was weighed yesterday whilst at the v-e-t's and has put on weight. Glad your internet is holding on! x

  3. Great photos of a horrible event; that poor house looks very vulnerable. The birds are all lovely, I've still hardly seen any Redwings this winter, unless they are buried in amongst the distant Fieldfare flocks. And Ted does look in such a state, but there is so much mud everywhere here at the moment I'm just becoming used to seeing it. Harry is certainly is coming back from his walks with it up his legs, in his fur etc etc.

    1. I fear it is vulnerable, but on the other hand, it's been there for centuries so presumably has weathered similar things before.

      Those were my first Redwings this year- I was very excited and the lovely groundsman was equally chuffed at having them- he said there was a flock of 50. Lucky them.

      Yes, naughty dog, he really does need a bath now.... :-)

  4. Hope your friends are okay! Glad the emergency people were about, at least that is some help. As for your two little ones and their faces in those final photos...oh boy...get those poo bags ready I say!!!! lol

    1. Mrs M emailed yesterday to say she thought the water would be back in again after all that rain. Hoping it's the last significant fall for a while, but there is so much water everywhere it's going to take ages to subside.

      And as for those puppies- Ted should know better and Pop's tum is (fingers crossed) settling down, which is something!

  5. I enjoyed seeing around bits of Romsey again. Some bits I even vaguely remember! (It's been a long time). The flooding is horrendous, but it looks like you are having help now - they even mentioned Romsey on the news the other night! There's Fame.

    As for Compost - I'm sure it's very good for the complexion - or something!

    1. Poor old Romsey is really suffering. There seem to be armed forces popping up all over the place! It's quite dramatic really.

      I'll pass on the compost as moisturiser and cleanser thought to Ted- I'm sure he'll be relieved to hear it :-)

  6. I am with Bovey Belle on this one - when I saw Ted's face I immediately thought, 'Well, there is a dog threatened by the youth of a puppy and he is trying out a mud pack!' I reckon within 24 hours he will come out in spots where all the impurities have been drawn from his body by compost heat, then 24 hours after that he will have the youthful softness of skin to match Poppy's ! He will be GLOWING!

    1. Does that mean we can expect more mucky faces over the summer? He made us both roar with laughter, which, by the look on his face, wasn't the intention. BTW- completely forgot to say that I hope FBM is fully recovered from her op- sounded like she bounced back rather too quickly! xx

    2. I think FBM recovered from her op about 30 seconds after waking from the anaesthetic. Made no difference to her whatsoever and all she has to show for it (aside from lack of uterus and ovaries, lucky girl) is a shaved patch of fur sporting 2 shiny lilac stitches which Andy may, or may not get around to taking out, in which case I shall threaten to do so with my embroidery scissors which should galvanise him into action with the proper stitch remover gadget!

  7. Amazing photos of the floods - gosh they look bad :( At least help has arrived! Feel so sorry for all the people badly affected by floods, high tides, strong winds and power cuts - must be awful. I hope the situation hasn't got worse at your friends house in Romsey.

    1. I think better weather is forecast this week. I've never seen it like this before- impressive and astonishing all wrapped into one. Mrs M's house is flooded again, at a higher level. There is nothing you can do except wait it out and put it all back together again when you can x

  8. It is very interesting to see all of the sandbag filling equipment! I am so glad that we have all these amazing people to do this work, it makes such a difference, and I am glad that you could highlight their work. xx

  9. Tough job filling sandbags I imagine and it must make the locals feel as if they are not entirely forgotten. Terrible floods, we had a lot of flooding on Friday and many roads were blocked but Hubby managed to get home ok from work.
    Naughty naughty Teddy-at least it didn't smell, but with a dirty face like that my dog would not have been allowed in the house!
    Love to see the garden birds-still not a soul on my feeders.


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