Saturday, 8 February 2014

An Update On The Floods In Romsey, Bad News For Mr & Mrs M, And Poppy Gets More Than She Bargained When For Checking The Sheep

M and I went into town this morning to see how our friends, Mr & Mrs M were doing. They'd been up feeding the pump every two hours during the night and at around 10 this morning I had a text from Mrs M to say that they were fighting a losing battle. The water had surged and come into their house. Luckily, they'd had time to raise the furniture on bricks and get what they could upstairs.

We parked up near the school and walked down as the roads are now closed. This is the sight that greeted us when we turned in at their gate...

Even though I knew it would be bad, seeing my dear friend's house like this still got to me and I burst into tears. Luckily, M was there with a big hug, and then I cried again when Mrs M opened the door. We've know each other for years and in many ways she is like a sister to me, so it was truly horrible to see her home under several inches of water. She looked utterly exhausted, hardly surprising given that they've both been up since 3am on Friday morning trying to save their house. The one small crumb of comfort is that the water inside the house is clean.

This is quite an event for Romsonians- we're not really used to flooding on this scale, and lots of folk were out with their cameras. The local kids, of course, all think it's enormous fun, and local news crews have also been out getting footage.


M walking down to the Bradbeers building

Bicycles are the mode of transport in flood-struck Romsey at the moment

Daisies submerged on Mrs M's lawn

Fishlake Meadows Road is closed

 The water meadows on the left of Fishlake have now come right across the road, as they were threatening to do yesterday. We have several friends who live on the estate to the right and are just praying that the water doesn't rise and further and that they will all be OK.

Water pouring off the fields onto Greatbridge road

Submerged road under several inches of water

This is the same shot I took of the sandbags yesterday. The water has now breached them and gone into the house, forcing the elderly lady who lives here to leave her home.

Budds Lane

Me walking carefully along the flooded road. The water is flowing like a river down here with a fairly strong current that tugs at your boots. Not Very Nice on the whole.

Greatbridge Road

Not any more....

Too fast?

Hard to see where the ditch is and where the road is now

Greatbridge, looking down towards World Of Water which is an island at present. Emergency trucks were rescuing stuck cars there

On Fishlake Meadows Road the water is nearly over my wellies.This is as far as we could go without getting wet toes.

Looking up Budds Lane towards Greatbridge

Greatbridge Road, closed at the railway bridge

The petrol station (featured on South Today news last night) is flooded as well

More rescue trucks working

A river flows down what was the road

Submerged Daphs

Watching me, watching you.....

Almost over the tops of M's boots....

Life has to go on. Two stalwart ladies rescuing their bin
M reliably informs me that the wind (which is currently adding insult to injury by howling and whipping up the water like waves on the sea) is going to reach a peak tonight, but we have more rain forecast next week. Last night, the Environment Agency were issuing warnings that the River Test in Romsey would burst its banks this morning down near Sadler's Mill. I am hoping and praying that Mr & Mrs M's house has seen the worst of it and that none of our other friends in town suffer the same thing. We have two spare beds here and could be finding ourselves with house guests otherwise....

After all that, we felt in need of some fresh air that didn't involve wading through a welly-full of water, so took the dogs up on the Down to check the sheep. They have been getting a wee bit skinny but are now on extra rations and are looking much better for it. 

Pops got more than she bargained for when one of the silly ewes ran straight between her and her dad (aiming for the feed she could see the others scoffing on the ground), got tangled up in Pop's lead, panicked, took off, and dragged Poppy with her, sending her head over heels several times. She yelped, and it was one of those awful awful moments when you can't do a single thing except hold your breath and pray frantically that she wouldn't be hurt. She is so tiny that a sheep foot on her little body does not bare thinking about. The ewe dragged her some distance before it mercifully got free and Pops was able to get up, with a wild and frightened look on her little face and come shakily back to us.
I picked her up and gave her a cuddle - she climbed on to my shoulder (as far away from the sheep as she could possibly get) and subjected them to a Very Intense Stare. After a few moments of reassurance she seemed absolutely fine and raced off after Teddy. 
Because she has had an Upsetting Experience today, I have forgiven her for the eating of cat poo she did with great relish yesterday, despite knowing that it is a Wrong Thing To Do. Yuk. Dogs can be soooo disgusting, can't they? I forgot to tell M until after she'd licked his face as a hello when he came back from work.....

You hear all these horror stories about dogs being shot for worrying and killing sheep, but so far on the down its 2-0 to the sheep: first Betty head-butted Ted when he got in the way of the bucket of nuts, and now Pops has been tumbled-dried by Gladys. I shall be watching those girls far more carefully with my poor dogs in future.

Gladys, the dog bowler-overer

Pops and Ted with dad

Bettty, the head-butter

Some of the Wiltshire Long Horn flock

View from the Down

A sad Yew Tree Casualty of the recent storms

Wishing you all well until next time, when hopefully the blog will be full of better news.

Keep safe all,

CT x


  1. So sorry that your friends have lost the battle with flood water! Awful for them. Your photo of the submerged daisies says it all! I hope it doesn`t last long, although we seem to be in for more of the same next week.

    Lovely to see the sheep being so brave and showing that they have minds of their own!

    1. Hmm, I'm not so sure about the sheep being brave- those girls don't seem in the least bit worried about the dogs, as long as there are nuts in a bucket on offer! :-)

      Yes, praying the rain eases off too :-)

  2. I am so sorry about your friends house, it is amazing that they defended it for so long and at least they were able to use the time their actions gave them to hopefully move as many of their possessions as they could out of harms way. It is of no consolation to them probably, but please make sure that they know that others are thinking of them and those who have suffered similar fates. I do so hope that they are able to recover from this and make their home lovely again. xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Amy. I will make sure they are passed on and I know that they will help. Luckily, they are a positive and practical pair and I know once the initial shock has worn off they will be thinking about the opportunities this brings for re-vamping the inside of the house. x

  3. I''m sorry to read this too. I hope it stays CLEAN water! I'm off to phone one of my Aged Aunties to make sure everyone is OK.

    It's so nice to see Romsey and environs again. It's been so long since I was last there.

    1. The Test is a chalk river so hopefully that helps- not so much mud etc and no sign of anything terrible like sewage mixed up in it. Hope your Aunties are OK. I'll post some happier pics of Romsey for you when the water goes down! :-)

  4. Dreadful outcome for Mr and Mrs M. I just hope they can get the clean up done soon and something can be done to make sure it can't happen again.

    1. I was awake a lot last night wondering whether they were OK, so it was tremendously upsetting to get the text this morning saying the water had come in. You just feel so helpless.However, they have lots of good friends who will all pull together once the waters are down to help them get things straight again.
      Have been thinking of you in these high winds and hoping you are OK too- what a winter we are having. x

  5. This flooding is horrendous - I feel for your friends with their flooded house and hope it won't get any worse. Awful awful it is indeed. I would have cried too.

    As for young Poppy....oh my! so glad she was alright after the sheep lead issue. Poor little girl. Give her a hug from me.

    Fingers crossed for the people flooded there. My relatives are okay, but I intend phoning tomorrow to check up on them.

    1. I've never experienced anything like it- it all just came up so quickly.
      Have passed your hug on to Pops, who says thank you very much, and she is not so keen on being friends with sheep now as she once was. On the whole she thinks she prefers people and dogs. We've had friends over for supper tonight and she's had lots of cuddles so is feeling better :-)

      Hoping your rellies are OK. CT x

  6. One feels so useless in all this rain. The Medway here in Maidstone has burst again, and people who were thinking they were about to return to their homes for the first time since Christmas are once more flooded. It is horrible and depressing and I wish all strength to your friends to get them through this time. Xx

    1. Useless is the word- what can you do, other than offer practical help when the time is right? I was worried about you, having heard that parts of Kent were under water. Hopefully your house isn't in any immediate danger? xx

  7. The floods in Romsey look truly horrendous - I am so sorry that, despite all their valiant efforts, the flood water has entered your friends' house :(
    I so hope conditions improve for them soon.

    Loved your sheep photos and relieved to hear Poppy wasn't hurt.

    1. It was a miserable day yesterday, for sure :-(

      Poppy is absolutely fine today, bouncing around and wagging her tail at everyone, so hopefully no long-term effects. x

  8. Oh that's just terrible CT, I'm very sorry for your friends situation. At least the water is clean so far.
    I am certain that we have had weather like this before-somewhere in the past, maybe a long time ago, but this flooding is the cause of man and his affect on the environment, too many houses, old sewage systems etc and just not enough money being spent to look after our rivers and waterways-it's all just left until it goes wrong!
    Poor Pops, I glad she was only shaken and not hurt-poor little love.

    1. It's been pretty horrendous here. Nature does find a way of balancing out and we have had three drought summers, and as you say, land management hasn't worked and needs to be changed. Planting more trees to soak up excess water would be a good start. I'm sure after the last two months the powers that be will be having a good hard think about how to improve things. Let's hope it doesn't happen in this way again.
      Big relief re Pops- it was a horrid moment x

  9. That is a terrible situation for your friends to be in. I hope things get better for them soon - please pass on my best wishes for them. There's horrendous flooding in so many areas now - so many people must be in despair across the country.
    Poor Poppy. No wonder she was shaken, but she sounds as though she bounces back very quickly.

    1. Thanks Wendy, I'll make sure they see all the kind comments- I know it will help them to know others are thinking of them and wishing them well.
      And as for Pops, all I can say is: thank goodness JRs are tough little buggers! x

  10. Hi

    I work for a magazine called Forecourt Trader and we would like to use your picture of the flooded petrol station. Please could you let me know whether this is OK and how you would like the picture credited.

    1. Hi there,
      Yes, that's fine. Just credit it to the blog address.

  11. So sorry to hear about your friend's house :( I can't imagine how awful it must be. Glad that Poppy was only shaken and not hurt. x


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