Monday, 2 December 2013

Mrs M's Puppy Lucie, A Walk Through The Wetlands and Berry Cheesecake Yum!

I've had one of those days.

I've been rushed off my feet but couldn't really tell you what I've done. I've got through masses of stuff but none of it has been particularly interesting. Useful, yes. Noteworthy in a blog sense- no. A bit like M and I finishing all our Christmas cards complete with Essential Round Robin Insert yesterday (WHAT? I hear you cry. And yes, it is unheard of for us to be so organised. It probably means they'll now sit in a pile all neatly bound up inside a rubber band on the welsh dresser forgotten about and unposted until January).

L had an inset day today so his mate Josh came over. I breathed a pretty enormous sigh of relief because it was a close call between Josh and the friend who says "I know" to everything you say to him. You'll remember him? He's the one who wound me up well and truly last time by constantly pestering Poppy and scoffing pizza without asking, and then not saying 'thank you' when he went home. 
He excelled himself last night by commenting on a conversation L and I were having about L's Ipod Touch which had gone walk about. I forget Skype is there sometimes. Anyway, I won't go into details, suffice to say the comment was neither helpful nor particularly respectful and sent me into paroxsyms of murderous thoughts which fortunately couldn't be easily realised because he was in his own house several miles away and not in mine. L offered me one of his advent chocolates in the shape of a heart this morning without being prompted, which means I must have been Very Grumpy Indeed.

L and Josh hung out on the xbox happily killing each other for most of the day, apart from two hours when they were forced to emerge from their curtain-drawn foetid-like den into daylight and partake of Healthy Exercise in the form of a Brisk Walk round our local wetlands. They looked like nothing so much as two Vampire Children, but the comparison backfired on me by delighting L who proceeded to wear it like a badge of honour.

Ted was pleased about the walk as it meant seeing his best mate Oscar and also gave him the opportunity to prove that he is Not Frightened Of Swans. This particular Cob (from the Middle English Cobbe meaning the leader of a group, in case you were wondering) got the better of him in rather spectacular form the last time they met. The whole thing was a rather embarrassing episode for Ted who'd made a big deal of staring the swan down only to run away with a worried look on his face when it hissed and glided over the water towards him. I fear that today's encounter has done little to mend his injured pride.

Anyhoo, the wetlands were looking starkly beautiful on what turned out to be a Rather Dull Day....

Ted's Arch Enemy

OMG! There are THREE of the strange white hissy floaty things!

Run Away fast after Oscar.....
When we got back to Mrs M's house I thought it was about time I got some pictures of and introduced you to the latest member of their Clan....

Meet Lucie
Puppys are indeed In The Air at the moment.

As are trips to the V.E.T.

Pops went a fortnight ago for her jab, and then Clee (who never goes from one year to the next) had to have trip for an impacted claw. I felt terrible when I realised how bad it was- actually growing into the back of her leg. But the V.E.T (a lovely bubbly chap- not TVBF material perhaps but I think he is my Favourite Vet nevertheless. And talking of which, what on earth has happened to Damien Lewis in this season's Homeland? One can only hope he gets better quickly) told me it wasn't an uncommon condition in older cats because they can't pull the old claw out and make way for the new. He said they generally don't give an indication of the problem and there was no heat/ swelling/ hopping about etc. Anyway, he weighed her and announced she had put weight on since her last visit (several years ago) which surprised him. I think it must be all those fish suppers.

I brought the revolting claw home to show M (V.E.T was delighted when I asked him to put it in a bag so I could show my husband) and I thought I'd share it with you all too. 

Whilst impressive, it is also, frankly, Quite Disgusting, so perhaps if you're eating supper (or about to) Look Away Now....

Ewwwwwwwwww. Cleos' MONSTER CLAW

Poppy and Ted continue well. Pops has grown HUGELY in the last fortnight. She's off to the V.E.T tomorrow for her second jab, after which she'll be able to Roam Abroad with us (heaven help us- she's a girl with a mind of her own).

She is not allowed in the kitchen, hence the barricade. I'm thinking it won't be long before she learns how to jump over it....

 She has also be banned from Ted's basket by the Main Fire...

I sleep in the basket. Your place is half on the carpet, half on the cold hearth stone of the fireplace.

Apparently, the only exception to this is when you have an Injured Paw. But this is Cancelled Out if you have been indulging in a spot of Unwarranted Beard Tugging, after which you are not allowed in Ted's bed AT ALL....

This rule applies no matter how endearing and adoring you endeavour to make yourself appear...

I'm off to have my bones manipulated by my friend Mandy in Bournemouth tomorrow (sounds worse than it is). And then a Day To Recuperate on Wednesday (which will be needed, believe you me. My skeleton currently resembles a load of old twigs that have been placed in a bag and given a Good Shake).

I won't leave you with that Happy Thought. Instead, here is the cheesecake I made over the weekend which M and I have been Merrily Stuffing ourselves with for the last two days in preparation for over-eating at Christmas. 
I know it looks as if a bag of berries have been Upended Unceremoniously over a plate (and To Be Fair, that isn't entirely inaccurate as a description) but nevertheless it was yummy. 

Mincemeat making on Weds. I'm off to buy Copious Quantities of Brandy and dried raisins tomorrow- if, that is, I can ever persuade Poppy to let go of my slippers for long enough to Make Good My Escape. This isn't Easy To Perform when your only pair of feet are contained within aforementioned slippers and a Small Puppy is overly attached to them).

Wishing you all a peaceful evening.

CT x


  1. Oh the joys of youngsters in the house, good luck with that one! lol

    1. I was wondering why I was feeling so knackered, then remembered we've had a house full of teenagers for the last three or four weekends....Roll on Christmas!

  2. I love Poppy's pleading look over the barricade. She's looking even more gorgeous as she grows older, although I had to smile at Teddy banning her from the bed while she curls around the edge.
    I hadn't thought about how you correct a child when you can hear and see him but he isn't in the house. Modern technology is throwing up all sorts of new dilemmas for parents.
    I love all the berries on your cheesecake. Delicious!

    1. Pops has that look down to a 't' and whistles whenever she wants to get your attention. I'm completely in love with her.

      Skype is a problem- it's like having someone else in your house but invisibly. Most of the time it's a great tool allowing the kids to hook up together easily, but every now and then.... :-(

  3. So many endearing puppies - love the photos of Lucie and Poppy and Ted, of course :)

    That claw of Cleo's looks like something that came from a T Rex :) !!

    1. Are the puppies having a broody effect?! Our vet's receptionist now has two!!

      Poor Cleo- I felt terrible, but it's healed up nicely and she seems fine :-)

  4. There are a lot of puppies about - lots in our local park at the weekend but none as cute as Poppy.

    As you know, my hubbie is a V.E.T and he has removed some horrid things from dogs and cats over the years - cassette tape, needles and thread, babies' dummies, golf balls, rocks, socks and pants and (I shall whisper this one), hanky panky toys ( if you get my gist!) He says it is always a treat to return those to the animal's owner!

    1. A Dog is for Christmas, d'you think? Hopefully not.

      My mind is boggling at that list of Andy's. I'll bet said owners were a bit pink round the gills at the return of the chewed-up hanky panky toys!! x

  5. Ah glad to see Poppy and Ted are finding their boundaries. She's a cutie alright. Love the swan pictures and Ted has every right to be frightened-he's so little they are so big! That child sounds horrid-what must his parents be like.

    1. I'll have to watch Ted around swans- they move a good deal faster on water than he expects and peck from one of them would be much worse than our old hen who used to peck him on the nose when he was an impertinent pup :-)

      You won't be surprised to hear that the boy's parents leave him on his own for much of the time. No one there to guide him. I do feel sorry for him but at 13 you're also old enough to remember to say please and thank you and should know not to cheek your friend's parents. Grrrr :-(


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