Thursday, 7 November 2013

Russells, Robins, Roosting Moths and Knitting (OK, I couldn't think of how to describe knitting with an R).

I blame Mrs Massey.

If she hadn't told me two weeks ago they were getting a New Puppy, the thought would never have entered my head. The same thing happened when I got my Landrover - a month later Mrs M drove over to see me in her new jeep. As it is, the Puppy Question has niggled away at me for the past fortnight and as a result I have found some scruffy JR pups not far from here and we are off to see them on Sunday.

They do look An Awful Lot like the picture I've had in my head these past couple of weeks....

M has been a sweetheart about the whole thing and says a new dog would be a lovely thing for the family. We've lost several Important Family Members this year (feathered, hairy and furry) which has left us feeling Quite Depleted, so a new puppy will do something to restore the balance. M takes Ted out on marathon training runs and has done since he was Quite Small, but at almost five years old T is starting to slow on the longer runs, and I have no doubt the new pup will fill those shoes amply, JRs being tough little buggers. I shall let you know after the weekend.

Yesterday was Practical Day at college.

It rained.

Although not all day.

Just enough to get Very Wet at the Very Beginning.

Our job was to add the wire to the posts we had prepared previously, and I have to say by the end of it we were all Pretty Chuffed with the results. The line of posts was neat and straight, the pig wire in the right place and at the right level, and no one nailed their fingers to the barbed wire.

I took the camera but realised once there that someone had removed the card. I would have suspected Sean and Andy except I checked it before they'd even seen it. Therefore, sadly do I not only have No Pictures of our Wonderful And Impressive Fence to show you, I also don't have any of my Poster Boys this week (next week, just you wait...).

UPDATE- I Just remembered I took some on the mobile, so here is my own bit of fence. Note the Excellent Nailing In of the wire...

M (who has been at a meeting in Welwyn Garden City- queue my annoying American accent)  entertained me with an Amusing Tale about one of his colleagues when he got back this evening. This man (54) is planning to write a book describing the footloose and fancy free years before his marriage. I won't go into detail, but suffice to say it would be a rival to 50 Shades and is based on Personal Experience (ooooh).
This chap regaled M and his colleagues with a tale of his journey home from work last night which involved his being Elated because he was Absolutely Convinced he'd pulled a 35 year old (which in real terms meant he'd sat next to an attractive younger lady who made Polite Conversation in response to his Continual Barrage Of Questions to her for the duration of the journey, and then promptly forgot him the second she got off the train....).
I remember this well from being at uni the first time round. My male friends would chat a girl up and then, just because she hadn't told them where to get off and had even perhaps smiled at them, they were convinced it was a conquest. It seems some things never change....

As a counter to all that Male Ego, here is the framed pic of the fantastic drawing Em did of Teddy, which now sits in our sitting room (appropriately). If we do get a new pup I shall be asking Em for a drawing of her too....

This Herald Moth first appeared in our bedroom a few nights ago. It's only the second Herald I've seen all year and this one is a Rather Splendid Specimen, leaving me to believe he/ she is Recently Hatched. They do hibernate inside from November onwards so I am hopeful he/ she has decided to sleep in our room. Gorgeous, don't you think?

To finish off with, a couple of Domestic Related Items for you to be Inspired By. Firstly, I picked this card up from Waitrose a while back but haven't got round to making the veggies lasagne yet. Everyone is home this weekend, so this is going to be Tomorrow Night's Supper (with the cunning addition of bacon, as you'll see from my untidy scrawl on the top)

It occurs to me that We've all been A Bit Silent on the Knitting Front recently. We had a flourish a few weeks back when October hit and then Nothing Since, so I thought I'd Start The Ball Rolling Again with this.... Spot the deliberate mistake 2/3 of the way down (I ran out of the lovely chocolate coloured wool and had to make do with a less nice greyish variety. Still, it is warm and I don't really mind too much. I can always hide the bottom bit inside a coat or wrap it round my neck until I can't breath). 

This was a knit one row, purl one row effort and I rather like the effect (even if I did switch round for the last section by mistake. This was because Damien Lewis had suddenly appeared on the tele and as we know he is TVBF until CM returns in the new Peaky Blinders next year. That was a Desperately Unfair thing to do to a girl when she's trying to concentrate on her knitting. And talking of which- What On Earth did Handsome Rugby Player Ben think he was doing dancing topless on Strictly last weekend? I hardly knitted a stitch for the entire duration as a result).

BTW, in case you are interested, this is Quite Thick wool knitted on 20mm needles, which I have Fallen In  Love With because you can whip off a longish scarf in one evening (more or less). You can tell what everyone's getting in my family for Christmas, no?

And talking of which, I have today ordered our Christmas Turkey from college, where they have been raising them. It will be ready to collect on Dec 23rd. How organised am I?  You'll either be Dead Impressed or Utterly Appalled that I have also got a basket beneath our bed FULL of labelled (if not yet wrapped) crimble presents.  And the crimble cards I ordered from Em (fab pics she has taken of Dartmoor in snowy weather) also arrived today, to go with the 90-odd I bought from Smiths last week. I was going to make them this year but then realised I actually Couldn't Face It on top of everything else I am currently doing.

I am SO organised that all I have left to do is shop for the kids (L, wavering between a couple of games for the X-Box and a Playstation with no apparent concept of the difference in price which amounts to, ooh, about 350 quid!, F, who never comes up with any suggestions at all and J (who turns 18 in Dec too) who announced the other day she doesn't like jewellery, which leaves me A Bit Flummoxed, so any suggestions on that score would be Most Welcome. I suggested to M I could just find her a new boyfriend as the current one doesn't seem to be up to much judging from the lack of Together Time over half term, but for some reason he wasn't very happy about me scrutinising every young man I meet for BF potential. Can't think why....).

On that note I'll leave you with a pic of my Lovely Robin (whom I never tire of looking at), who posed Very Obligingly on the coconut halves for his photo in the rain a couple of days ago.

Hope everyone is well?

CT x


  1. Lucky you with that lovely Herald. I keep umming and erring about stopping trapping but ten some unexpected arrival such as this turns up. So on we go.

    1. I know- it's a beauty isn't it? The best markings, really sharp and clear. And just flew in through the window!

      I'm going to keep going until the end of the year- I'm very curious to see what we get in the cold months. And then next year I'll start from Jan first and go through to Dec 31st so I have a whole year's worth of data. I'll miss your blog if you decide to down tools for the season :-)

  2. I'm waiting for Ems sketch of Griffin to come back from the picture framers-can't wait. The moth is beautiful. I was a Red Admiral again yesterday. I've bought a mini xmas pudding for hubby from Waitrose and Ems cards-so that's a start.
    Love the pretty Robin on the coconut, I only seem to attract magpies and crows, but the little fat balls do better for robins and blue tits.

    1. I haven't seen any butterflies for weeks, but the garden birds are definitely starting to return.

  3. Love the Herald moth CT - another one I've failed to trap here :( A lot of rain overnight recently so haven't trapped again.

    Haven't done too much knitting recently - STILL working on the autumnal Dr Who type scarf. Plans for blanket have been upset by son announcing he definitely doesn't want it on his bed as he prefers his fleecy throw! I had thought a single blanket would have been quicker than a double!! I must try larger needles although knit one purl one is a bit time consuming! And yes I got rather distracted during last week's Strictly too :)

    Totally disorganised here re: Christmas. Sorry can't help with ideas for daughter as I have huge problems knowing what to buy Emily. She never seems to like my surprises :( so tend to stick to a list she gives me - clothes, shoes, and yet more clothes and shoes!!

    1. The Herald is lovely- unusual shape and colours. I'm going to put the box out tonight as it's been in all week.

      I suspect money for clothes will be the fall-back position for J. I also wondered about a nice watch- it would be nice to get her something lasting for her 18th.

  4. Sorry forgot to mention - I Love Em's drawing of Teddy - it is superb :)

  5. I must have missed this post! I looked at one more recent and realised I had obviously missed something with regards to puppy! Great bit of fencing there CT! What a lovely moth the herald looks! I have started yet more knitting projects and definitely haven't finished any yet! Due to the fact I was 18 four years ago, I should probably be an expert on what you could get J! But I don't know what to suggest - think I have changed quite a bit in those 4 years. This Christmas top of my list will be work gloves and work trousers for all things conservationy!

    1. Would like to see your knitting projects- for inspiration :-)

      I reckon there's a big difference between 18 and 22, although it doesn't sound much. Work gloves and trousers are my kind of present list too! x


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