Monday, 4 November 2013

December Moths In November

Apologies for the unreasonably prolific blog posts of recent days- I don't know what's got into me. I expect they'll tail off once college starts again on Wednesday.

I put the moth box out last night, having failed to pay any attention whatsoever to the forecast and only noticed how heavy the rain had got when M came in soaked to the skin and muttering darkly about having had to wrap several layers of plastic haylage sacks round the plugs in order to protect them from the wet.

I've not had the box out in the rain before so I reasoned it was a good test, but it occurred to me that there was probably also zero chance of any moths being out in the deluge. While moths will fly in rain, they (sensibly) tend to avoid the kind of Insistent Fat Drops that can fell them and so make flying impossible.

It was therefore Quite A Surprise to find several, including two new species, asleep on the egg boxes when I went down to bring them in at 8 this morning. There were several Red-Green Carpets of differing hues, a couple of November Moths, a Blair's Shoulder Knot (always strikes me as being  Rakish Looking), a Chestnut who did a Very Convincing 'you've killed me, ahhhhh!' as he fell off the egg box and onto my slipper, two Yellow Line Quakers (new) and two December Moths (also new, as well as fluffy and a Bit Gorgeous, which is why there are three photos of them). 

December Moth

December Moth, head on (Suzie, I hope you like the Furriness, it's been a while)

Sunlit December Moth
The Underside of a Chestnut Moth who played dead Very Convincingly

Same moth, still playing dead.....
Oh Look, it turns out I'm Absolutely Fine and Not Remotely Dead....
Blair's Shoulder Knot
A somewhat faded and rather see-through back lit November Moth
The first of two Red-Green Carpet moths, demonstrating how the depth of their colour can vary
A second and much darker version of the Red-Green Carpet
Setaceous (hairy) Hebrew Character
My final New Species for today - the Yellow Line Quaker. This takes my annual tally of moths species to 313)

I'm off to give Ted a bath. He went out in the rain last night and I made the mistake of stroking him when he came back in. I'm still trying to get the smell off my hand. Lord knows how he does it, because I'd swear he hasn't been rolling in anything, either toward or untoward. I think he's just the sort of dog who naturally attracts smells. My sister commented on how yellow he is looking last night, and for a dog who is supposed to be white that is Probably Not A Good Thing. He hasn't yet reached the stage of making small children cry and adult's eyes water when he goes past them, but it can't be long now.
If we do get a puppy I think it had better be brown or dark grey. It won't stop the smell but at least you won't be able to see it sitting on the coat lying in wait for an unsuspecting hand.

I've got an assignment to write for college before the end of the month. I finished one this morning, a test one, which means it doesn't count for final marks but will return with constructive criticism. So, one down, one to go. I also sent L off with my completed R.E. homework safely tucked up in a bag  with the instruction: 'please be careful with my homework!' wringing in his ears. He won't of course, because he is a boy and boys rarely apply care and consideration to their homework, especially if they haven't actually done it themselves. I fully expect it to return mangled with the tin foil torn and the candle hanging off at a rakish angle this evening. 

Tonight we are being interviewed about our views on Global Warming for Geography Homework. This should have by rights been done during half term, but of course it hasn't been. L needs three interviewees, which means he'll either have to phone someone as F and J went off last night, or else Ted will have to stand in and pretend to be a human. It won't be the first time a Mr T West-Highland has submitted answers to a questionnaire. I foresee an interesting Parent's Evening...

Wishing you all a peaceful evening. I am looking forward to settling down with stilton and rocket steak and new potatoes, a big glass of wine and Downton.....

CT :-)

PS- I see Peaky Blinders has been commissioned for a second series which will air next year, so Mr C M was a good choice for the TVBF after all. Until then I am back on Damien Lewis and glued to Homeland every Sunday. I thought I'd been uber casual leaving three episodes of Blinders on the digibox but M has spotted them. I won't repeat what he calls them, suffice to say it starts with P, has four letters and ends with N.....


  1. In case you need any contributions to the Geography Homework, here are the votes from the Malarkey Crowd:

    Tybalt said he definitely felt global warming last night when he had his tush pressed against a radiator.

    Phoebe said she likes Global Warming, but only the toffee flavoured variety.

    Flora Bijou Mybug says does knocking over the cat fountain and flooding the kitchen floor count?

    Primrose says she is all for it provided it doesn't boil her eggs; Daisy says she is, too, especially as she is sans plumage at the mo.

    And Andy says there is no such thing as Global Warming - it is properly called Climate Change and until the Geography Homework rectifies this blazing error, he cannot possibly contribute to the debate. He is a pedant.

    And I say it was bloomin' windy around my ears during the afternoon walk around the park today. Ear muffs here I come.

    1. Well now, of course Mr Denise is Quite Right, it should more properly be called 'Climate Change,' however, I won't repeat this to L as he'll take it as a bonafide excuse to down tools and not do the homework.
      Of course, it is just possible that the Geography Teacher is one step ahead, and has set the title to see who comes back saying: "Missss, there's no such thing as Global Warming..." X

  2. The December moth is lovely with that gorgeous fur. Good luck with all that homework. I love the idea of Ted being interviewed on Global Warming.

    1. It is a beautiful moth, very chocolatey.

      Ted is thinking out his answers as I type...!

  3. I was admiring the December Moth in the first image, thinking how lovely and furry it looked and then got to image 2, oh I did indeed give a little squeak of delight.
    Some dogs are much smellier than others-just the way they are.
    I was wondering what you were doing without PB. Did you know people are running tours of the PB areas in Birmingham see

    1. It was the first thing I thought when I saw it- 'Oh! Suzie will LOVE this furry little moth' and you did :-)

      Yes, had heard about the PB tour. If CM was giving it I'd be there like a shot!

  4. I should have put the comment about winter moths on here! I hadn't seen this when I typed it! I don't think you should blame Teddy about smells, I think it must be a westie thing, Daisy is much the same.
    Sarah x

    1. That is reassuring Sarah, I shall let him know. He has been in the bath this afternoon and is now squeaky clean (for all of a handful of seconds...!) :-)

  5. You're still trapping a nice selection of moths CT - love the December Moth (one of my favourites) :)

    I put my trap out last week (one last chance of MdJ??? - not to be :) All I got was one Light Brown Apple Moth!!

    1. If you can bear it I think you'd be amazed at what you'd get in a Robinson. A bit "ouchy" parting with the cash, but I'd say it has definitely been worth it. Very few escapees! :-)

  6. Glued to Homeland too! This series seems to have returned to the brilliance of the first one. Much as I loved Peaky Blinders, I felt it ended really well and I'm not sure how they're going to top it....we'll see.

    Love the December Moth. It looks more like a furry rodent!

    1. Yes- I wasn't at all sure until it turned out carrie was working for saul all along- brilliant!
      I loved blinders too (and not just for Mr CM). Fascinating social history about a time which just hasn't been tapped in to until now.

  7. Lovely Dec moth! It is great that you are still getting new species!! Glad to hear you got your homework done! Good luck with your assignment and getting enough interviewees for L! I do not miss the days of homework!

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? Presumably all that fluff is to keep them warm :-)

      I don't mind the essays- it's L's homework that gets me!


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