Tuesday, 29 October 2013

To Friendship, and The Garden In Autumn

Yesterday was a Wonky Sort Of Day for me. I sort of lost my way and Got Stuck. It was one of those "can't see the woods for the trees" days. Thankfully I don't get many of them, and when they do happen, however unsettling they are, it's generally for a good reason and ultimately results in the way ahead being cleared. It was, I think, the culmination of several days of restlessness and change, and it interests me that it coincided with all that windy weather, which, as I have said before, does not suit me. It was turbulent yesterday, inside and out.

Anyhoo, I have Denise to thank for clearing my head for me, and so, in the Best Tradition Of Friendship, I have penned her this little ditty. She is Proof (if any were needed) that you don't need to physically meet someone for them to become Important in your life. Everyone should have a Denise (although I've laid claim to her now, so you'll have to find your own). I'm also going to extend the poem's dedication to encompass all of you whose blogs I read and who are kind enough to comment regularly on this one. You have all enriched my life over the past few months and I consider you all my Friends, so the ditty is also for Em, Lou, Margaret, Christa, Kate, David, Martin, Jess, Wendy, Sarah, Caroline and Suzie (and anyone else I have left off by accident).

I have a great Blogging Pal,
Denise is her name.
When I am feeling wonky,
She helps me to feel sane.

When I've got in a muddle and
Can't see the woods for the trees,
She sends me Words Of Common Sense
And an over-the-ether Squeeze.

This ditty is by way of thanks
Bound up in rhyming letter,
Because my head is feeling clear
And my heart is feeling better X

 Right-o, on to Other Things.

This is what is looks like here today:

 Blue sky! Blue sky! Hooray!

I have been Out In The Garden Looking At Things, and found a surprising amount considering it is Autumn and the nights are Drawing In and the weather is Cooling Down and the air is Getting Damp.

Sun-Sparkled Acer
Bamboo For Boys (the energy in this plant relates to young male folk. Our lads certainly couldn't get enough of bamboo when they were little and are still drawn to it now)  

Johnson's Blue

A solitary blueberry, ignored by mice and squirrels
Any Thoughts? Not a Crane Fly I don't think - the wings look too small.
Common Fleabane seed heads
Old Man's Beard
Clematis seed head (also known as Old Man's Beard!)
The Moon
 Guard Duty beside the wellies
Caterpillar (?) pupa on the window sill

M's Kale, which has performed a Miraculous Recovery after being decimated by caterpillars this summer
M's Leeks
My Sorrel, which I share with the Fat Green Beetle I showed you the other day. There is plenty of it to go around so I don't begrudge her, especially as she looks pregnant at the moment.

An accidentally sun-dried tomato (this would be worth a fortune in Waitrose. Perhaps if I washed it...?)
Willow Bark (from which aspirin (ish) cometh)
The Fire Pit. It transpires that boys aged eleven and twelve are Quite Willing to leave their computers and Go Outside to get come Fresh Air if there is the Promise Of Fire somewhere in the equation.
A Single Quince left on the tree. I can't help but think that it looks like a Fat Green Bottom wedged between the branches,
"I spy the lady in the house"

Hope you've enjoyed all of those on this beautiful sunny and at last (more or less) mercifully wind-free day. 

We are pondering the idea of getting a puppy. I have broached the subject with L, who thinks it's great, and tomorrow will run it by F and J when they arrive (I'm not expecting Enormous Resistance). I also tentatively suggested it to My Beloved this morning just as he was getting ready to cycle to work (good timing I thought- his mind is more than half-occupied with work-readiness therefore he'll probably say yes without thinking too much about it) and surprisingly (all joking aside) he is happy to discuss the matter, so we'll see. I think a Small Dog would work, that way Ted would remain In Charge and also wouldn't be flattened, which wouldn't be Very Nice. Cleo (puss cat) will be APPALLED so I haven't said anything to her about it yet. Mind you, she'd be more appalled if we were thinking of getting another cat, so maybe I should explain it that way? It's by no means certain, and I blame my friend Mrs M who texted me last week so say they are getting one. 

In the mean time I'll leave you with some pictures of The Faithful Hound, who (as usual) accompanied me on my Garden Perambulations this morning, and then sat down to enjoy the sun.

Note the New Hair Do (and rather narrow tail- I think I took too much off it because it now resembles a pointy stick more than a tail. Oops)

"Ponds exist so that Thirsty Dogs can drink when they want to"

Wishing you all a good Rest Of The Day, and.....Remember your friends XX


  1. HI CT Well I am honoured that you have put pen to paper and come up with a poem for us. Many thanks. I really laughed at the blue shot and I also loved the 'green bottom'!! Now the sun dried tomatoes shot is great and the 1st old man's bead looks like a monster. Love it. That's looks like a cheeky Robin. Your dog is lovely however do you need another one?

    1. You are most welcome Margaret, and thanks for being a chum and posting all those wonderful seascape pictures :-)

      The question of need re the pup is a good one, and it is exactly what my husband said to me this morning. I just have a sort-of feeling that there may be a pup waiting for us, and usually when those feelings come it is for a reason. We're not in any rush- if it happens, it happens. I'll keep you posted....

  2. Awwww...crazy lady! 'Twas an honour and a pleasure to help you un-wonkify.

    Favourite pics today - the Robin, Teddy in the sun, and most bizarrely, the sun dried tomato. Made me laugh out loud, Lord knows why.

    I hope your puppy finds you as easily as FBM found me! X

    1. I'm going to sell that tomato to Waitrose, or if they should fail to be interested, Fortnum and Masons. I shall thusly make my fortune and retire :-) X

  3. Glad you are having a better day today. Lovely seeing the blue sky and lovely pictures from your garden and lots of Teddy too, the tail will soon grow! I have been stuck in an office most of the time and haven't been able to appreciate it.
    Thank you too for your friendship and poem. it is always enjoyable to pop over and visit you.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah. And thanks for all your fantastic seaside photos, between you and Margaret I get my fill of the sea even when I can't physically be there :-)

  4. I loved the poem - thank you for it. I always look forward to reading your posts, CT - they do make me smile.
    Love the Robin and Teddy in the sun and on guard duty. If you feel a new puppy is right for you, I'm sure you'll find the perfect one.

    1. And I love reading your posts too. So many of the things you find fascinating and love about life I do too. I met a patterdale x irish terrier today and fell in love with him, so maybe something along those lines would be right for us. We'll see.

  5. Crikey, almost looks like summer over your way. Ted is looking tres smart. And I do love a robin.

    1. I know: make the most of it, I thought, it might be the last time the sun shines till next May! :-)

  6. Thanks so much for the poem and your friendship CT :) I always enjoy reading your posts - they make me smile :)

    Love the autumnal photos from your garden - the robin is beautiful :)

    1. And thank you for yours too Caroline, I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the lovely photos of the places you visit too. And guess what? I had a fantastic moth visitor this morning- you'll be able to guess who. More on that later... x

  7. What a lovely post CT, I too consider you and other blogging pals good friends, so thank you for the poem you so kindly wrote for us!

    I'm glad that you aren't feeling so wonky! It has been lovely weather here too which we have been making the most of!

    Super old man's beard photo and I love the pic of Teddy sitting by the door and wellies! Our kale too has had another growth spurt and we had some on Sunday. Mum found 3 small white caterpillars and we managed not to eat them, thank goodness!

    I'm sure Ted will love to have puppy company! I look forward to hearing about any further news! x

    1. Thanks Lou :-) I am very glad the blogosphere has linked us all together. I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you have photographed, and hearing how Bracken and your mum are getting on. It feels a bit like family, in a strange sort of way! X

  8. I think Em from Dartmoor Ramblings should take your sun dried tom to her local greengrocers, after the beef tomatoes incident I'm sure it'd be the talk of Chagford!
    Lovely poem CT, glad to hear you are thing clearly again.
    Puppy.....what a lot of work though especially with your studies. Cleo will never forgive you, but I hope Teddy will.

    1. Great idea about the Tom :-)

      I think Ted would like a playmate to keep him company while I'm studying, but you are right about Cleo- she will be apoplectic!

  9. Love the poem/ditty - blogging is a revelation isn't it? Thank you. Brilliant set of photos as ever CT and I'm looking forward to the photos winging my way too!


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