Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What Items Best Sum Up Your Life?

Today I bought two things which I think say pretty much everything a stranger would need to know about my life at this time.

1. Wool.
In varying stages of orange (ish) ready for Knitting Into My Blanket

2. Steel Toe-Capped Boots.
For Not Getting My Feet Squished By Falling Trees When Coppicing.
I'm thinking these will look particularly fetching when coupled with the new Bright Red mini from M&S (that's skirt, rather than car. I haven't quite reached the stage of matching my clothes to my car's paintwork but it may only be a matter of time). 

Anyway, this got me wondering: what two items would you choose to best sum up your life?

My day today went like this:

1. Wake up at 4am and remain awake until getting up at 6
2. Make various packed lunches and eat breakfast
3. Kiss my husband goodbye as he was off to Welwyn Garden City (which I can't say unless it's in a very drawly American accent- apologies to any Lovely American People reading this)
4. Take a very surprised Teddy out for a walk at 7.30 so he would be OK at home until I got back this afternoon (this is unheard of and he was immediately Very Suspicious About What It All Meant)  
5. Get L out of bed (pretty good today- minimal stick and only a small amount of carrot)
6. Leave the house on time (a Major Achievement and one which should, by rights, have been heralded by trumpets playing triumphantly as we drove out the drive)
7. Drop L at school
8. Get to college half an hour early and use the time to begin to find my way around
9. Go through a seemingly endless routine of Admin, Computery Stuff, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Guff (my favourite of which was (as presented by some second year students) "ALWAYS wear steel capped boots, a hard hat and goggles when using a mattock." I refer you all to this photograph of my boys taken this summer while they were digging out the pond. I point your attention in particular at the Mattock in the hands of an Untrained Eleven Year Old and also in Quite Close Proximity to two pairs of nude feet, which as well as not wearing steel toes, are plainly also not wearing anything at all. I hardly need add that there wasn't a hard hat or a pair of goggles in sight, and LOOK! We all survived the experience, got a pond at the end of it and are fine). 


 I can see I am going to struggle with the H&S aspect of the course. I do not like Nonsense Health & Safety. I grew up galloping fast horses bareback around the countryside and getting stuck in trees for heaven's sake (not stuck in trees on horses- that was just me climbing too high and then panicking) and now I'm not allowed to mend a river bank without first assessing the percentage likelihood of the experience causing me to drown. And who was ever stupid enough to run their finger down the front of a sharpened blade to check it for cutting ability? (apart from me, of course).

10. Drive to Scats during my lunch break to buy aforementioned boots and a pair of gloves to prevent Splinters Occuring
11. Finish Risk Assessments ("if near a fire don't fall in it or you will burn")
12. Collect L from school and go home
13. Go out for a much-needed run (1.5 miles)
14. Have a bath
15. See my friend Lu who dropped in to collect some walking boots
16. Put the washing on 
17. Type up this blog
18. Bring the Sainsburys shopping delivery in and discuss fishing (again) with our friendly delivery man
19. Hang the washing out upstairs
20. Drink a Glass of Wine  (still to come)
21. Cook and eat bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans, bangers and chips for supper (still to do)
22. Watch Life On Mars and do some knitting (later on)
23. Drink a mug of warm water
24. Go To Bed (if I haven't already fallen asleep on the sofa)

I'll leave you with some beautiful yellow roses my Kind Husband bought me as a Good Luck You Are Starting Uni (again) present...

Our Apple tree, which is groaning with fruit...

And the Delphs, which are looking magnificent in their Blue Towers in the pot on the patio, which I am enjoying every time I step outside...

Hope all is well with all of you?

Wishing you all a Tremendously Peaceful Evening Filled With Many Lovely Things 

A Tired CT :-) 


  1. I'm thinking of those helpful little suggestions you get on Amazon i.e. 'Customers who bought this, also bought THIS..'
    Knitting wool and steel capped boots? Ummm..

    1. Marvellous! D'you think it would hopelessly confuse people? :-)

  2. A dripping Paramo coat sums me up. It's almost permanently hanging in the airing cupboard and smells horrible from getting wet and dry so often.

    GORGEOUS roses you lucky thing!

    1. It is funny to stop and think about your life as seen through the objects you use most often isn't it? Hope Dartmoor has Bucked Up weather-wise by now :-)

  3. I had to smile at the health & safety, a world gone mad. I'm not sure which two items would sum me up; but if there were several wellies would have to be in there somewhere.
    The roses are beautiful and it's lovely to see such a good apple crop this year, isn't it?

    1. It's the course tutors I feel most sorry for- a really nice group of down to earth, outdoorsy, intelligent people who have to go through this rubbish before every single practical in case some little twerp falls over, hurts themselves and tries to sue the ass off the college. Grrrr :-(

      Wellies would be up there for me too :-)

  4. Oh dear the dreaded Health and Safety - am amazed anything gets done in this country today with H&S obsession!!!

    Hard to pick 2 items that would sum me up (probably need a dozen!!) but books and bins would be near the top of the list :)

    Like the new wool - good luck with the blanket. Still haven't started mine although did a dozen rows of the scarf last night whilst watching the recorded GBBO episode.

    1. We can thank America and it's litigation culture for H&S I think :-(

      Am curious about the bins??

      I also started a scarf yesterday, with some GORGEOUS coffee and cream flecked wool. I suspect this will now side-track me away from the blanket...sigh :-)

  5. Great post CT. Very pretty roses too...well done hubby! I always seem to be doing No 16 on your list, but much prefer No 20. A pair of messy jeans with dog paw prints, my camera and an assortment of hair clips would sum me up I suppose. I really like the wool colours-the last three go beautifully together.

    1. Yes he's been well trained has M :-)

      Agree totally about No 20, and I see we live in the same world as far as everything getting covered in dog prints and hair forever falling in your eyes is concerned.

      The orange wools are gorgeous, just need to get on with the squares and see how they look all together :-)

  6. What a thoughtful hubby! Full marks to him! Great coloured balls of wool! nice and bright :) Your health and safety mockery was highly amusing! It is ridiculous sometimes! It is often not implemented in correct settings and too highly in others. I am amazed that you fit so much into your days and still have time to blog! Very impressive :)

    1. He is pretty good isn't he? :-)

      I agree totally about H&S being over performed in some areas and under performed in others. It's a good idea applied all wrong :-(


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