Friday, 13 September 2013

Useful And Otherwise Things That I Have Done This Week

1. Stocked up on woolly jumpers
2. Put a blanket on the bed because I was cold
3. Took the blanket off the bed because I was hot
4. Rescued a butterfly from a hungry spider
5. Rescued a moth from a hungry spider
6. Didn't rescue a fly from a hungry spider
7. Realised that now LLoyds and TSB have merged (or whatever it is they've done) I have to drive 10 miles instead of 3 to visit my bank :-(
8. Thought about moving all the bank accounts to the one 3 miles away as no one consulted me as to whether I wanted to drive the 7 extra miles or not and I don't
9. Listened to a fascinating prog on the radio about the negative impact noise pollution in the World's Oceans is having on Whales
10. Arranged to drop two pairs of long-outgrown childrens' walking boots to my friend Lou, whose small people are considerably smaller than ours
11. Failed to find any new winter boots for going to college and other places in :-(
12. Tried on every pair of waterproof walking boots Cotswold Camping had to offer and they all hurt the back of my ankles so came away with nothing :-(
13. Dragged my son out of bed EVERY DAY with increasingly dire threats of impending computer removal doom as a direct consequence of Not Getting Up On Time (worked, to a degree)
14. Got woken up at midnight by my son telling me a Wolf Spider (shiver) had just run over his face (quadruple shiver moving swiftly towards Having A Fit)
15. Been EXTREMELY brave and shooed the spider out of aforementioned son's bedroom
16. Made copious quantities of cranberry ice lollies in molds of various shapes every night
17. Witnessed copious quantities of ice lollies being devoured between 3.30pm and 9pm
18. Helped my son learn 13 spellings (the night before they were due) with only mild success
19. Took Ted for an introduction to the college's kennels, where he will stay during the day while I am studying
20. Survived on chicken, rice and carrots all week in an effort to restore health and vitality to a compromised digestion
21. Rescued some flowers from Ruby who had fixed her beady eye on them
22. Been shouted at by Cleo for tardy production of breakfast fish
23. Taken some hilarious pictures of a pigeon having a bath in the rain (more on that tomorrow) and of the hens staring at a rabbit
24. Been woken up on the hour every hour by a snoring husband (Grrrrrr)
25. Got my Tax Return in (yay!) and received a repayment of tax (triple yay!)
26. Bought new socks
27. Drunk lots of warm water
28. Discovered the overtaxed digestion doesn't complain at consumption of crisps and red wine in the evening (phew!)
29. Enjoyed watching Robert Peston (who is a candidate for my next TV boyfriend. It's either him or Damien Lewis, I haven't decided yet) doing his programme on the history of shopping (more interesting than it sounds)
30. Discovered seared tuna is a merciful alternative to baked chicken
31. Discovered that rice noodles, contrary to expectations, are in fact Nice To Eat
32. Watched Wipers Times and found it brilliant and inspiring
33. Made a hair appointment for next week
34. Fell asleep on the sofa at half past three in the afternoon
35. Didn't buy a new bra in Marks because as usual all the bra elves had hidden my size
36. Got the giggles at a Thoroughly Inappropriate Moment and then couldn't stop
37. Wondered why someone I met had a Very Fierce Persona and a handshake that was as floppy as custard
38. Read lots of wonderful blogs, which make me smile/ introduce me to new and interesting things/ allow me to see beautiful places I wouldn't ordinarily/ make me think/ inspire me/ make me feel happy
39. Stood and stared out at the rain thinking it was about time really
40. Enjoyed the onset of Autumn and the darkening evenings with the sole exception of Cold Hands
41. Finished one book and started another
42. Arranged for my mum and sister to come over for lunch next week
43. Got irrationally angry with a fly who persisted, despite regular and pretty accurate swiping, on sitting on my computer just where the corner of my eye could see him
44. Learnt that if I am tired, the best thing is to sit down for half an hour instead of forcing myself to keep going which is what I normally do and ending up crashing out later
45. Endured five mornings and five afternoons of school trips listening to Capital Radio and then switching to Radio 4 as soon as L got out, which made me realise I am getting old
46. Had a conversation with someone and realised afterwards I had no idea what we'd been saying
47. Talked to the Sainsburys delivery man about fishing
48. Realised Downton is about to start again at the end of Sept
49. Watched Strictly on the IPAD
50. Learnt that series 3 of Call The Midwife is currently being made
51. Begun re-watching Life On Mars
52. And finally, fell about laughing when my husband missed the opportunity to shout "Planck!" at Jeremy Paxman as he has been doing for years in the belief it is bound to be the answer one day, only for this to be that moment.

Hope you've all had an equally good week and now have a restful/ enjoyable weekend.

CT :-)


  1. What a busy week, I'd need a holiday after all that I think !

  2. I DO need a holiday. Somewhere hot, with blue seas and bluer skies and white sands and very few people and no noise that isn't from nature and houses made of twigs and banana leaves where extremely large cocktails with umbrellas in them are available in copious quantities at the drop of a hat.....Sigh.

  3. You have had a very busy week. I'm glad it's not just me that can never find a bra in my size! I have been meaning to watch the programme about the history of shopping. I will have to make sure I do now!
    Hope you have more of a restful weekend!
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah :-)
      Bra shopping is always a Universal Disaster Area - they NEVER have my size! The shopping prog is very interesting and worth a go for sure. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. A marvellously insightful and reflective list that encompasses the full range of The Life Of The Modern Day Woman.

    Well done, that woman! May the Blessing of Many Brassieres of An Appropriate Size Be Upon You.

    1. Why, thank you kind Lady M :-)

      Have a word with the elves that nick those brassiere things and your blessings may well carry fruit x

  5. And it's still only Tuesday??? ;)
    No. 24 is the pits. Sympathies.

    1. I would sew a tennis ball into the back of his PJ's only he doesn't wear them. Perhaps I could sew one into the mattress? :-)

  6. Crikey!! Number 1 reminded me I need to get my winter suitcase down from the loft and exchange the clothes in there for summer ones, so I will too have all my woolly jumpers!(I only have a little wardrobe - definitely not too many clothes!)

    And with regards to number 31 - I too like rice noodles and was surprised at this! :)

    1. You can guarantee if you put your summer clothes away the temperature will boil up :-)

  7. HI CT You forgot 53 about taking the time to write the list!!! Now regarding umber 13. This is normal in mmost homes however my daughter wasfed up telling her son to get a mve on before going to school adn he had to catch the one adn only bus so one day she decided to say NOTHING. I mean, NOTHING. She didn;t tell her son about her decision to warn him. She found it extremely difficult adn I think she might have even had to hold her tongue!! anyway, it worked. She explainedafterwards to him, that from now one, HE was responsible to getting up adn out to school without all the yelling. This should work for you but you do have to button your lips TIGHT.

    1. I like no 53!

      I have been deliberating with doing just what your daughter did - I think it's a brilliant idea, my only worry would be that L wouldn't be remotely bothered about missing school and would just carry on sleeping!

  8. Walking boots are a pain - No.12 I'm just the same as you they all hurt my feet. I eventually found a pair of Salomon Ortholite boots which feel like fluffy soft clouds wrapped around my feet...oooh! Loved the History Of Shopping. And 24,post man flu, there has been plenty of this.

    1. I'll check those boots out, thank you :-)

      Hope the snoring improves!

  9. Sounds like an exhausting week!!! Regularly have problems with number 24 too :(

    BTW keep meaning to say I made your blackberry icecream - thanks so much for posting the recipe it was delicious :) All gone now - need to collect some more blackberries :)

    1. Why is it men more than women who snore so loudly and so often?

      SO pleased you enjoyed the ice cream. It's dead easy to make and always really tasty :-)


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