Friday, 27 September 2013

Moth Post

It's been a while but I haven't forgotten them. 

The Moth Box was out last night and this morning yielded a very different haul than in recent days. Gone are the Flames and Setaceous Hebrew Characters who have dominated over the past month and in their place have arrived the darkly handsome in a Gothic sort of way Black Rustics, the males of which flash bright white underwings when irritated. There were 11 of these beauties in the box this morning, along with 12 Large Yellow Underwings and 26 Lunar Underwings, the latter in two distinct colourations, dark and light, which made IDing them an exercise in frustration and a certain amount of bewilderment.

There were 75 moths in the box in total, with 14 different species 7 of which were new, taking my total this year to 296 - tantalisingly close to my target of 300. I am fairly confident that we'll get there now.

I brought the box in at 6.30am and overnight temperatures were hovering around the 11 degree mark. I think it was overcast, but won't swear to this. Here they are...

 Dusky Thorn

A Sallow beside a leaf demonstrating their fantastic camouflage

An exotic visitor to the box last night - a Dark Sword Grass, an immigrant come over from the Continent. Amazing to think this little moth has flown across the sea!

The alluring Black Rustic

An Inquisitive Soul

A very pale version of a Lunar Underwing

The delicate-looking Light Emerald

A Large Yellow Underwing sitting beside a Caddisfly

Grey Pine Carpet, a new one for me this year

Agriphila Geniculea, a micro moth and another New Species for me

The Snout, amply demonstrating why he is so-called

There were three sleepy waspy people in the box, all of whom came out docile and not stinging or attacking my moths.

The Sallow (new one for me)

A darker marked Sallow

Another Sallow, to demonstrate the subtle differences in markings these moths can have

Sallow head-on

A third Sallow, again darker than the previous ones


Sallow side-on

And last but by no means least, this beautiful Red-Green Carpet, my final New Species for today.

Just as a footnote and completely unconnected to moths, I thought I would mention that I've been swimming today (the first time since the lurker/stalker episode) and Lo! No lurker/stalker was present in the pool (or if he was he's decided I am a Lost Cause and has moved on to lurking/ stalking someone else). I swam my 20 lengths and rinsed off the pool water free of encumbrances in the form of chubby bald overly-persistent men in trunks. Phew!

Wishing you all a good weekend,

CT :-)


  1. Some lovely moths there CT - so envious of the Sallows (none ever trapped here). My trap is dominated at the moment by the LYU's and Lunar Underwings and strangely Setaceous Hebrew Characters have just arrived here. Black Rustics this week too - one of my all time favourites :)

    Glad the lurker has moved on!! :) Have a great weekend :)

    1. I love comparing our moth lists- so interesting to see the regional differences. I know there have been Vestals and Large Ranunculuses (ranunculi??) in Oxfordshire this week, both of which I would love to get here so am keeping my finger's crossed.
      Technically, because of our close proximity to the Isle of Wight (a matter of a handful of miles from us), I suppose we should get the migrants sooner than you? V interested to hear you're only just getting the SHCs, I've been inundated with them here for a few weeks (50 or so per outing) but only 2 in the box today. The Yellow Underwings seem to do well everywhere! I LOVE the black rustics too- there is just something about them, unlike any other moth I've seen so far.
      Have a lovely weekend- will you post your moths over the weekend? Am looking forward to seeing what your new ones are :-)

  2. What a lovely collection, the Sallow head on is fab. I love the way you have shown the camouflage markings against the leaf..brilliant moths!

    1. Thanks Suze :-)

      I thought the Sallow beside the leaf showed its camo perfectly - clever things, moths.

  3. I'm rather taken with the black rustic. It looks like it's dressed in exquisite black lace.

    1. It had a similar effect on me. Jet black, quite unlike any of the other moths. Darkly mysterious....

  4. Love the camouflage shot and the red green carpet is a treat!

    1. The red-green looked quite dark until I took him into the light, I got quite a shock when all the green streaks were revealed.

  5. I love the camouflage photo too, and the black rustic does look very striking. The Red Green Carpet is beautiful as well.
    I'm glad your wasps were docile.
    Hopefully you'll have a few more warm nights yet to see many more moths this year.

    1. The leaf was in my car and at first glance I thought it was a Sallow, which made me realise just how perfect their camo is. Clever old nature.

  6. I am amazed that moths are still out and about, given how chill it is in the air these days. We have a sudden glut of spiders in the greenhouse who enjoy making webs across the door way for me to walk into every morning when I collect tomatoes.

    V.glad to hear the swimming pool stalker has vanished and that your last swim was unemcumbered by social anxieties. Selfishly, I am also relieved that you didn't take my advice vis a vis the taser, as I can't be doing with unexpected visits from police officers arresting me for inciting affray.

    Now, what I want to know is, is your in-depth moth knowledge going to come in handy at your university course?

    1. Don't worry blogging chum I wouldn't have given you up to the police for any taser-related advice.

      I am not a spider fan. The enormous wolf versions (they that wear hobnailed boots and growl when they see you) are invading here at present, along with the stripy tigery versions who lay in wait in the middle of their webs on my flowers :-(

      Hoping to amaze and astound my lecturers with moth knowledge- unfortunately, the lepidopterist expert has just left, but will return for the odd guest lecture so maybe I can learn some new moth-type-things from him.

      PS- you have been quiet this week, is all well? X

    2. I am fine...the week just got away with me. I don't want to swear but...OFSTED! Thank you for your concern, dear heart! X

  7. Some moth names describe that moth so well! Red-green carpet is very pretty! I have seen some amazing moth caterpillars recently. Photos on the next blog post :) Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I am nearly caught up with reading your posts and others too! but as quickly as I do catch up, I'm behind again! x

    1. Bless you for catching up so diligently- it's very kind of you to read them all and I know you are a busy lady :-)

    2. I wouldn't want to miss one!! :)


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