Thursday, 29 August 2013

Frosted Orange Moth, Migrant Hawker Dragonfly, Brimstone, Comma, Silver Washed Fritillary & Speckled Wood Butterflies

Back to mothing with a vengeance now, to make the most of the remaining weather before winter is upon us and all the moths vanish (more or less).

This is Orange moth time, and today I had one in the box I have wanted to see ever since I first saw a picture of it in my Moth Bible. The Frosted Orange. What a marvelously evocative name. For anyone who thinks moths are dull, one look at the incredible patterns on this moth should persuade you otherwise. I could look at it all day (and have been, in between taking L for a hair cut, searching through the school's lost property box for a single missing spiked football boot and stocking up on pens and paper for the new term). The little moth has been fast asleep safe and contented in its box all day, affording ample opportunities for admiration.

The Frosted Orange was the only new species in the box, apart from one I haven't yet ID'd. If anyone knows what this is please shout: *Update, I think it may be a slightly worn Flounced Rustic

Other lovelies include this beautiful Pebble Hooktip

A near-perfect Blood Vein with its delicate blush of pale pink

A lovely splash of yellow from this Canary-Shouldered Thorn

A delicate light emerald, freshly hatched

A Large Broad-Barred Yellow Underwing

A Lesser Swallow Prominent

A striking Copper Underwing

A Tawny-Barred Angle

One of several Square Spot Rustics

This last moth, the Angles Shades, is another of my all-time favourites and one I don't see very often. I think it has only visited once before, although its smaller cousin, the Small Angle Shades, is a more frequent guest. I think its wings are amazing and look like a softly draped cape. The darker colours on it are greens and blush pinks- beautiful.

Angle Shades side view

I'll leave you with some shots I took earlier this week in one of our local woodlands. There is a large buddleia along the path the butterflies love, but on this particular day a different visitor landed on a flower and stayed there sunbathing long enough for me to get some pictures. He/ she is a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly.

Also on the buddleia was this beautiful female Brimstone butterfly, newly hatched by the look of her.

This particular wood has a lot of Silver Washed Fritillaries living there. The one in the picture below is bit ragged and worn and has lost a fair bit of his wings.

Another Silver Washed Fritillary, taken on the same buddleia

A perfect Comma busy feeding on the flowers

And an equally perfect Speckled Wood resting on some fern.

I haven't forgotten the caterpillar/ pupa/ newly emerged White butterfly post. When time permits I will get round to putting the post together, although I may leave it now until all the Large Whites have hatched so we have a complete picture from start to finish.

Wishing you all a good evening. Golden sunlight here...



  1. Beautiful evening here too CT. Great collection of moths and butterflies-some are in terrific condition.

    1. The new generation moths have all hatched over the past few days and are in pristine condition- its a great opportunity to see them at their best :-)

  2. Lovely photos of the moths and butterflies. I still haven't seen a Silver Washed Fritillary and probably won't see one this year now - so I'm enjoying your photos of them!

    1. I'm not sure I'd ever seen them before this summer. It's lovely to know of a place where you're reasonably certain to find them. If you ever find yourself coming this way email me before and I'll send you directions! :-)

  3. Loved the Frosted Orange - really beautiful and sadly another species I have never seen here :( Haven't trapped an Angle Shades yet this year either. Will put out the trap tonight - not had time to run it again since last weekend.

    Love the flutters and dragons too :)

    1. I was so chuffed about the Frosted Orange- had wanted to see one for absolutely ages. And the Angle Shades is a lovely one too. Fingers crossed you get both before Autumn.

  4. I love seeing all the moths that frequent your garden! The hooktip is my fave of this post :)

    Migrant hawkers are fab, they swarm in fantastic numbers in the woodlands around us.

    1. The hooktip is an amazing shape and the patterns close up are gorgeous :-)


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