Friday, 26 July 2013

The Secret Life Of Gardens

Today's post is a simple one, dedicated to the secret life of gardens.



Common Fleabane


Lavender (above)
Lady's Mantle flowers (below)
Lady's Mantle leaves just opening (below)
Wood (below)

Black Eyed Susan flower about to open (below)

Exploratory tendril from a squash plant (below)

Sunflower (below)
Sunflower head side on view (below)

Close up on Sunflower head
Poached Egg Plant (below)
Everlasting Sweet Pea (below)
Marguerite (below)
Self Heal (below)
A nettle outlined by the sun (below)
Faithful Hound

There is a Springwatch Guide to Butterflies and Moths on BBC 2 at 9pm tonight, until then, here are a selection of moths from last night.

Sallow Kitten

Garden Tiger

Silver Y

Pebble Prominent

Pale Prominent

Poplar Hawkmoth

Lesser Broad-Barred Yellow Underwing (taken from underneath)

Privet Hawkmoth

Privet Hawk

Privet Hawk

Privet Hawk


  1. Oooooh...what great macro photos! So many lovely images here CT well done. You are right there are so many beautiful things around us. Love the moth names ..again! The pale prominent looks like a piece of wood-amazing. I had a six spotted burnet flying around the patio this morning-I would never have know that without your moth posts :)

    1. Excellent! I'm so pleased my moth posts have been useful. The Springwatch prog tonight should be interesting.

      Am v pleased with the way the pics came out- just messing around with and enjoying trying out the macro features on the camera really so it was nice they worked as well as they did. Sunshine helps I think :-)

  2. A great series of shots CT, you certainly have a beautiful and nature filled garden :-) Superb moths as well and I really like the Sallow Kitten & Privet Hawk-moth !

    1. Thanks David. The garden is at its best this time of the year for sure :-)

      The Sallow Kitten is a beautiful moth, I've only had it once before, as is the Privet Hawk, a real beauty and very friendly.

  3. I have to say that Ted is rather lovely. Dramatic ears. I love dramatic ears. X

    I shall be watching the moth prog on telly tonight - I shall be hoping to utilise my new found, although embryonic, moth knowledge and impress Andy by saying things like, 'Oh yes, well that's a lesser scarlet furry chequered bumball. They're almost extinct, don't you know.'

    1. Would you believe the wretched digibox failed to record the moth prog!!!!! We were out at a friend's and got back to discover the pitiful and abject failure of said machine. I nearly threw it out the window, but then discovered there's a repeat today so all is not lost.

      Hope you got some expert analysis and commentary in last night. I think someone should now name a moth the "lesser scarlet furry chequered bumball." M has suggested the "wibbling boathook" as another possibility should names ever run dry.

  4. HI CT Your close up shots of both flowers and insects is stunning. Some of those Moths look angry and I love the link in the last one. The Ladybug (if that's what it is) looks like you have varnished it!! I would never think of photographing a Blackberry close up (until now!!) Great work. Have a great weekend.

    1. I'm pretty pleased with the way the pics came out. The camera is coping well with everything I throw at it! It's great what you can find just by looking closely at small things. It gives you a different sense of perspective :-)

  5. Great macro photos CT - really like the nettle one. Some lovely moths too - you'll enjoy the Butterfly prog when you watch the repeat - I thought it was very good :)

    1. I liked the nettle one too- sun always makes a photo look better I reckon :-)

      Looking forward to watching the prog later...

  6. More tremendous shots :)I think a lot of people would be surprised what they might find if they looked carefully at things right on their doorstep!

    1. Just shows - you don't need a huge space to find nature :-)


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