Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Quince Blossom in the garden, Ted Hair Cut Mark II, and Swimming in the River

It's been a busy and lovely bank holiday weekend but I have now come down with a nasty Strep Throat which is making me feel like poo and more or less keeping me bed-ridden- and with all this lovely weather too. Arghh it's not fair!

So I'm cheering myself up with these pictures of blossom and our local river in it's spring/ summer beauty.

These pics were taken in our garden. I've tried cooking with the quinces when autumn comes but have had no success. If anyone has any tips I'd be pleased to hear them. The cherries don't last long enough to do anything with once the birds have spotted them!

Ted's been very hot in the recent warm weather and was beginning to look a tad disreputable too, so it was time for another hair cut. I do believe he gets more laid back each time we do it. This time he just lay down on the step and I was even able to take his collar off so I could tidy up round his neck and face. Amazing lad.

 L had a friend over yesterday and we took the  boys to our local river which is a particularly beautiful chalk river. They hunted fishes and river creatures, paddled and swam. It's a gorgeous place a bit off the beaten track so only the locals know it is there. Perfect on a warm bank holiday afternoon. Ted is uncertain about water on the whole so tends to remain on the edges, this has been the case ever since he was a small pup and waded confidently in to this very river on his first visit to it, only to get stuck on a shingle bank in the centre where he froze, panicking, and had to be carried back to the bank. He's never forgotten it and neither have we- the memory makes me smile every time. Poor, woebegone pup.

Fish and assorted rivery creatures....

The boys exploring....

A Basset Hound Teddy made friends with....

Going to see what Dad has found...


 Finally, I am pleased to report that the new nyger seed feeder purchased earlier in the week has passed muster with it's four most important clients. Both the Siskins and the Goldfinches tell me it works well, now I've actually taken the paper off the middle that was covering up all the eating holes....!! They have also let it be known that they are prepared to put up with the cheap plastic appearance of the thing because the feeding tray that catches all the otherwise dropped seeds at the base is a useful innovation.


  1. Lovely bird pictures! We never get Goldfinches up this high unfortunately. About two miles down the road, yes, but not here!

    VERY impressed with Ted; Snippet would leave home I think! I do a bit here and there with scissors. His fur is pretty forgiving of my barbering skills.

    Glad you had a lovely weekend. x

  2. Great pics of some sunny days. Sorry to hear about your throat, hope you're better soon. Ted looks very relaxed in the sun - and very good during his haircut. We don't get cherries on our tree either for the same reason!

  3. We have been enjoying the blossom too. Daisy is due another haircut too! Hope you are feeling better. What an idyllic spot you have close to you, without all the crowds too1
    Sarah x

    1. I expect she'll look smarter than Teddy- I've a feeling our clippers are a tad blunt, he looked a bit tufty by the end (I haven't told him).
      Yes, the river is stunning, we're really lucky to have it so close by. More blossom out today too, this time our apple tree. It's such a lovely time of year. CT x

  4. Hope you're feeling better.. sorry for the late response. Here it's been my computer that is sick and I've only got it back today. :(


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