Monday, 29 April 2013

The Aftermath of the Birthday Party and Videos of the Blackcaps on the feeders

Well, we survived the dinner party. M was post-too-much-whiskey-grey-and-orange-looking and feeling rather fragile for most of yesterday, much to the boys' delight as it meant dad wasn't up to going on a long walk through the woods as previously threatened. I was smugly hangover-free, although I have discovered my ability to stay up dancing after midnight and not need to go to bed at nine o'clock the following evening has deserted me completely. 

The floor by the dinner table next morning was an interesting shade of sparkly silver - copious quantities of glitter was shed by various fairies, and I'm still finding the odd wand along with bits of wings in unexpected locations about the house. 

Ted tore off his hot pink feather boa collar in disgust as soon as he'd said hello to the guests and could make good his escape. I later found it mauled behind the sofa - it looked like the particularly violent death scene of a strange and lurid bird. He took some of the feathers outside and left them in the garden. Half have disappeared and I've been giggling over the thought that several nests are now probably lined with bright pink feathers!

The theme of the party (which was to celebrate my 40th) was magical creatures and I had planned initially to go as a fairy (something to do with not having done enough dressing up as a child probably) but my husband stole my costume so I ended up as an imp. It was largely agreed that M carried off the fluorescent pink footless tights, blue tutu, silver earrings, wings and shocking pink wig well (possibly better than I would have done), so I didn't mind.

A crowd of our friends headed over from the nearest town in a shared taxi. They'd neglected to warn the driver they were going to a fancy dress party so quite what the poor man thought when he arrived to pick them up I don't know. In the end we had an invisible man, a six foot dwarf, a haggis who looked a lot like a brown cow, a Paul Daniels with his lovely assistant Debbie McGee, a witch and three brightly coloured fairies, not including M and I. Apparently the taxi driver didn't say a word when he drove round to pick them all up. Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time in rural Hampshire and he's just used to it. On the other hand I expect he had a good old laugh when he got back to taxi HQ and told them what he'd just witnessed.

Slightly against my better judgement, here are some photos for you to giggle or shake your head sadly over.

Colourful lot aren't we?

Right, on to more sensible things...

Ted (who was microchipped yesterday at a "Pooches in the Park" event run by the Dog's Trust, an experience he did not enjoy) and I have just got back from a lovely walk through the bluebell woods near Mottisfont Abbey. There were a few bells out but mostly the woods were a carpet of white and dusky pink anemones. I'm looking forward to the blue coming in the next few weeks.
When I got home the Blackcaps and our Woodpecker were enjoying the fat balls and I managed to get some videos. Here they are...


  1. Hi CT, Ooh, that was fun :-) I'd been so looking forward to this post and kept wondering about the the hangover situation yesterday ;-) Everyone looked great. The six foot 'dwarf' made me laugh as did the haggis/brown cow...although I didnt quite get the magical creature connection, maybe a unicorn might have worked better, I hope haggis/brown cow isn't insulted if they read that! I thought Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee was clever 'outside the box' thinking.

    I was desperately trying to make out what you gave them to eat, nosy I know but always fascinating, well it is to me. So glad you all had a good time :-)

    Great videos! Those fat balls are certainly popular.

  2. The haggis connection is to do with the spoof myth that haggis are wild creatures (took me a while to figure that one out too!). We had a great time Val it was huge fun. I cooked tuna pasta bake in two huge dishes with a big bowl of salad (sorrel from the garden) and french bread, then did a really easy pudding which is basically blueberries, raspberries and strawberries mixed with double cream (lightly whipped) and natural yogurt, bung it in a dish, sprinkle brown sugar liberally over the top and stick in the fridge for 3-4 hours or so. The sugar melts and the whole thing is sublime but looks and tastes like it took ages. Then we had cheese boards and port. The girls went off to dance while the boys got the whiskey and cigars out...fatal, hence M's monster hangover! CT x

  3. Your party looked great fun and you all looked fabulous! I imagine you're right about Ted's pink feathers, they will probably end up in several different local nests. It's lovely seeing the Blackcaps and the Woodpecker; they're certainly tucking into those fat balls.

    1. Thanks Wendy it was great fun. A terrible thing happened this evening though- the boy blackcap flew into our bedroom window and was stunned on the ground for a good 15 mins. I feared the worst but he eventually got up. Just keeping everything crossed that I see him as normal tomorrow. Couldn't believe it, of all the birds for such a thing to happen to.

  4. Great fun! A birthday properly celebrated.

    Woodpeckers are such messy eaters. When ours turns up a whole flock of ground feeders congregate underneath.

    1. I love the symbiotic relationship wildlife has. The nuthatches are the best examples of that in action here- even the hens wait under the feeders when a nuthatch is eating!


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