Saturday, 6 April 2013

Missing family dog- presumed stolen

This isn't a great post to have to write but I am hoping someone somewhere may come across her and be able to help.

At around 6am this morning my parents in law put their adored springer spaniel out in the garden of their house in Lockerley village in Hampshire for a pee, and when they called her 10mins later she'd vanished.
The garden is well fenced and she's not usually one to get out and wander, so the assumption is she's been stolen. 
Needless to say they are beside themselves with worry. As they are in their eighties we are very concerned about the effect the loss of their beloved dog will have on them.

Kipper is a ten year old black and white spayed female springer spaniel, she is microchipped and of a nervous nature. I can't get a pic on here at the present time but will do so as soon as possible.

Springers, as working dogs and breeding dogs, are being stolen in large numbers from Hampshire at the moment - we assume its the same all round the country. We also know they can get transported miles from where they've been stolen so would HUGELY appreciate everyone who reads this blog to please please keep your eyes open and if you see a dog matching Kipper's description get in touch through the comments page here, or phone Hampshire police, who have been informed.

I'll keep you updated with any further news.

Thanks everyone.

CT x


  1. Oh no! This is awful, I find this sort of story so terribly upsetting, it will worry me terribly. I am so very sorry for your parents, I know they will be devastated. Sadly, I have read this is happening. Can these evil people not realise it is like having your child taken...

    I do so hope you have good news for us very soon. Make sure you contact the local paper as soon as possible, the more people on the lookout the better.

  2. The local paper is an excellent idea SB thank you. It is just awful- everyone is very upset. Thanks for your kind words. I think anyone who keeps/ cares about animals finds this sort of thing very hard to comprehend. CT x


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