Thursday, 14 March 2013

Views of the sky

These were taken a couple of evenings ago. I was very struck by the contrast between sky and trees.

Some good news on the bird-front after the unfortunate pigeon-strike episode- the Siskins are back.

And I also saw our very shy woodpecker briefly this morning. He has a sixth sense about the camera and was gone the second I'd snapped this through the kitchen window...

Other garden friends are less publicity-shy.
We currently have five robins in the garden. In recent days they have begun to divide their time between dive-bombing one another and posturing with their heads up and back. I am certain this means they can feel Spring coming even if the weather feels differently.   

I thought this Blue Tit was being very ingenious, holding onto the wire from one feeder to get at the coconuts hanging from the other. The coconuts stuffed with fat and mealworms have quickly become the meal of choice in our garden, so much so that everyone now pretty much shuns the fat balls altogether. 

The Long Tailed Tit was actually pecking at the coconut threads, presumably for nesting material. The birds have been very clever and discovered M's stash of hanging-baskets for tomatoes and been busy removing the material from the inside which presumably has ended up in various nests locally. While he loves the birds, he is a bit un-chuffed by their blatant destruction of his baskets linings and had threatened to hide them in the Greenhouse. I think he must have forgotten because the baskets are still there. I am keeping judiciously silent....

I heard the frogs singing two nights ago when it was a bit less arctic here, but all was silent again last night- it had dipped down to -3 and they very sensibly have remained tucked up in their muddy beds. 


At least it's beautiful today. My hands didn't feel like they had a thousand hot knives stabbing in to them when I spent time with Neems this morning as they have the previous three of four days. She was in a sweet mood- she's been very grumpy recently and has refused to talk to me without her ears pinned to the back of her head. I like to think her renewed love for her mother was down to a return of sunshine and warmth as she followed me round the field "helping" muck out, nuzzling and blowing in my hair, but I'm afraid the truth is far simpler and more prosaic- it is love born of polos. She always knows when I've got them in a pocket and follows you around being very sweet and friendly until she's had a couple, then she goes back to her hay and ignores you completely.

She had a nice brush today and looked lovely by the end of it- a burnished golden pony in the sun, if a bit dusty in places. She also picked up her feet beautifully, all important learning for a young pony.



  1. The sunset looks so beautiful through the branches of those tree. Sorry you have had been unsuccessful with getting a new pony. I'm keep my fingers crossed for you.I will try ang get a photo of Daisy over the weekend she is not been keen of photos - I have to catch her unaware! Love to Ted!
    Sarah x

  2. Go with your gut. I should never have gone for Trigger in the first place; much as I love him, I went against my gut because I was so desperate to have a horse back in my life having lost mine so suddenly. I really admire your wisdom in changing your mind and not being embarrassed to say no. You'll find the perfect companion I'm sure. x

    1. I've done that before too and lived to regret it. It's been a turbulent three years with horses here one way or another (except for Neems) and I've got to the point where if it isn't completely right for me I just won't take it on. It's too big an investment financially, emotionally and practically, and too stressful to sort out when it goes wrong. Goodness I think old age must be finally drumming some sense into me!
      Siskins fab, I really love them. New to the garden last year, huge flock, very noisy, now venturing into the garden from the trees in the vineyard. Girls are dottier than the boys, very pretty markings, will try and get pic of one to post.

  3. PS....very envious of your Siskins!

  4. Beautiful woodpecker! The long tailed tits are relative newcomers to our garden, but they are so sweet.

    Love the tree photos too.

    1. The LTT's had a tough time last year according to BTO and RSPB, so it's great you've got them too. I counted 14 on the feeder a couple of weeks ago! Cheeky chappies.


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