Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Chaffinches and Bumblefoot

This is an unpleasant-looking bacterial or fungal (couldn't find a consensus on this but if any of you know different please correct me) infection that affects the feet of finches, and for some reason female chaffinches in particular.

I know about it only because I spotted one of the female chaffinches in our garden a few weeks ago with what looked like a clump of bird seed stuck to her right foot. Having had a look through the binos I realised it wasn't something she'd trodden on as I'd first thought, but a growth on her actual foot. Remarkably, it doesn't seem to bother her and she hops about feeding and moving quite happily and can fly without impediment too. It just looks awful.


So what with Bumble (as we've taken to calling the little chaffinch) and Poppet (our dunnock with the wasted leg), I feel we are fast becoming a refuge for birds with unwell legs and feet! At least they know they can come here and always find an easy source of food, which is important in this current cold snap.




  1. Thank you or calling over to going gently....
    Nice to meet you and Daniel Craig of course

  2. Your blog is great John, always makes me chuckle. I'll pass on your regards to DC!

  3. Hello CT,
    Thank you for becoming my latest follower and introducing me to your blog. It has taken me some time to read through all your posts but they were lovely, with some stories that really made me chuckle - especially the bee and the fishing!
    Having a westie too I can share your despair of their favourite occupation of rolling in poo!
    Sarah x

  4. Hi Sarah, thanks for your lovely comments. Ted disgraced himself yesterday by vanishing and then refusing to come back when called. I only knew where he was because Anemone (pony) was watching him across the field. Westies have a "in my own good time" approach to life I always think! CTx


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