Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Birds in the garden

We've had Redwings, Thrushes and Lapwings at the yard. I didn't have the camera with me sadly but hopefully they'll be back again when I do. Both the Green and Greater Spotted varieries of woodpecker have been in the garden, although the Green stays in the front part and doesn't visit the feeder. Here's the Greater Spotted looking thoughtful,

possibly because he'd seen this cheeky chappy making his way towards the bird table...

I counted SIX Robins in the back garden (usually there are only three). They scrapped with each other so much virtually no one had a chance to actually settle down and eat anything.

The male chaffinch sat in the apple tree pretending to be a Bullfinch.I got all excited and it was only when I studied the photo closely on the computer I realised who he was.

Our four blue tits are all safe and sound and managing to find enough energy to stave off the cold.

Best of all though is the return of the long-tailed tits who had a difficult year in 2012. It's great to have them back. I counted seven on the fatballs, half the number who used to come to the garden in 2011.

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